GAIA LUNA GARDEN: January Thaw 2013 (Kay Pere)

Uploaded by kajoules on 13.01.2013

Hi! I'm Kay Pere.
and i'm outside on a january day in mystic connecticut
and we're having a generator an eternity time to show you around the garden she
what it looks like in winter minutes no snow and
okay there were starting right in front of the Art Barn.
implanted their is nighttime recruiting or work sc
and that and
winter by themselves i don't think that there is genuine it's just too cold
i do you compare to compost bins to chop box
refugees from our food
and uh... early this when he is the
it pilots
didn't get cleaned up last spring
and the blueberry collections
and then take a locking
the hoses this fall and head
then to think that
took attention at interactions so i think a lot of the cleanup don't have to
have time
here we had
and pecans
the fifteen and tune
the gates gonna get fixed it simply click and shes
matches it
they keep the animals down
there's a big
bucket of water
have to get them to take up to host park we couldn't make
and ten dead
let's look at the garden anthem interesting part
i had a cage they could go for it
the and
there was the first thing
and it kept the animals you eating until then
the colds killed often
italian parsley and
and one
ruined thanh phan plan
they remains
and antennas where the squash vines
and they're doing
that fell down the in hurricane
in september
used to have me
but tickets cautioned her that you can see the fruit trees
and the attic and wicked
meters square
tickle grand i'm not gonna step inside the garden and
look at it too much time time
is the center kennedy
latest embankment
interesting natural object
mccartney is arranged as a thorn calendar
the and
this story
the season standards sitting
at north
think that there's a quite large bytes done in the middle
anitha japan sedating get planted this summer because there is distractions
and analyst and sitting at the week
to market wearing winter
we just randy declining
and the seasons
heading towards brain
will come
and walking around the perimeter here
blunder it it's going to put up to finish the sardar
wants to be done
cosmos plans that were tom huge
hispanic intercontinental atop that incidents seven eighty tom
this beautiful
smoothens this year
and every too
the tiny fish but jake
east reason heading into the third year here
because this one is the key spent by their it went by the way it's an extreme
easter planted last spring
me too
and cherry trees
and pain over on the other side
is saying
uh... apparent apple trees in the heart to see
teapot richmond
phuket in phuket
don't thank you
that instead margarine
a greek oregano another name for it
can be harvested this to me
okay ten planet
connecting air are and
most leave program
it's going to cv's and having interesting spring
knowledge been coming up but since then
cleanup in chance planning to gene
and hear it
uh... init there's strawberries that i didn't get
and didn't get the strong onto this trough the fed
i suppose it's still a chance to do that in a stall and maybe they'll make it to
you mention the fact that in
and here
beginning to apple chief
he said that
one thing that big dear god
and they got into the garden a few weeks to go in a new bolt-on fiennes a summit
branch inspect i think the cheese eastman
and they didn't girdle consented to be okay
on decent mean
do you think that's a little and at that animal cages to put up the plane s
than it ever want than beastie to get
who want to clean up for the spring
and nine
art peng
since the kind you can hear children playing in the other yarder
lengthen and big day for it
thanks for stopping by three fifteen
and it cannot
it's making the pilot seeking
but he and
they come back a camera
thinks anything