Recipe - Kanda Gadda Cutlet Recipe With English Subtitles

Uploaded by recipe on 29.11.2012

Hi! Welcome to Aha Emi Ruchi!
I'm making Kanda Cutlet
Ingredients required to make Kanda Cutlet
Yam, Onions, Bengal Gram, Curry Leaves, Coriander, Ginger Garlic Paste, Gram Flour, Corn Flour, Garam Masala, Lemons, Salt, Chilli Powder, Oil
Boil the yam and them mash it up
First cut the yam and add butter milk, salt and turmeric to it, clean the yam with these ingredients.
Add butter milk, salt and turmeric to the cut yam pieces and them boil it
By using these ingredients to clean and then boil in, we can remove the irritation associated with yam.
Take the boiled and mashed yam into a mixing bowl
Add the boiled bengal gram
Add some chopped onions, green chillies, curry leaves and coriander
Add some ginger garlic paste and 2 tbsp of coconut powder
Add 3 spoons of gram flour and 1 spoon of corn flour
Add some red chilli powder and some salt as required
Add some garam masala
Mix the ingredients together
Squeeze a lemon into the mixture
Meanwhile take a pan and heat some oil for deep frying
Make patties with the mixed dough
Fry the patties
Frr them to a golden crisp