Caring for Dry Skin

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>> KATHY: Welcome to BioBalance Healthcast. I’m Dr. Kathy Maupin.
>> BRETT: And I’m Brett Newcomb. And today our program is occurring in response to a
broadcast that Kathy actually did on a local TV station with Christine Buck in which they
were discussing skin care treatments and skin care issues. And I think it’s relevant because
most people who know about Kathy know about Kathy because of her work in hormone replacement.
But she is actually the Medical Director of a company that produces skin care products
and she’s done a lot of research and knows a lot of science about different treatment
strategies and issues regarding skin care. Today we’re going to focus on just one part
of what she knows; treatments for dry skin. >> KATHY: And, it’s winter and it’s what
we all have to come up against if we’re past the acne stage usually we have to deal
with it. >> BRETT: I certainly am.
>> KATHY: Yea, anybody after 40 will generally have to deal with dry skin in the winter time
because the humidity goes down when the temperature goes down outside and then we turn the heat
on and then we’re dried out all day long we can’t drink enough water.
>> BRETT: Our homes are sealed so tightly and then the furnaces run and they dry the
moisture out of the air and so then that does affect the condition of our skin.
>> KATHY: I have a vaporizer by my bed at night so my skin doesn’t get totally dried
out through the night. Moisturizers are awesome but they don’t have the ability to counteract
all of the drying. >> BRETT: No because you have nasal issues
from too much dryness. But for the surface of the skin in these conditions, especially
these times of the year when the weather conditions cause us to stay in more and there’s so
much dry heat, what do you recommend for people that have dry skin problems anyway?
>> KATHY: I think you always should have a routine. That’s kind of a given with skin
care you should always perform the routine day and night even if you fall asleep on the
couch you should get up before you go to bed. Wash your face with a creamy kind of face
wash. Because if you use anything other than that, anything other than a face wash that
is for dry skin, then you’re going to be putting alcohol on your face and drying it
out more and that’s something that you just don’t want to do. It makes it much more
difficult to come back from that no matter what moisturizer you use.
>> BRETT: That’s adding insult to injury. If you use an alcohol based wash.
>> KATHY: Yes, if you have normal skin and you have alcohol in your wash and you move
to winter and you have dry skin, you have to change your face wash. It has to be something
that actually keeps the moisture in your skin but takes the dirt off. It gets rid of any
debris that is on your face, any dead cells. >> BRETT: So you’re focusing on washing
your face as a routine behavior in preparation for going to bed at night or getting up in
the morning. But do you have the same concerns about taking a bath or a shower. Do you have
to use a product different from what you do for the face?
>> KATHY: Moisturizing soap is always helpful in the shower for your body.
>> BRETT: So they do make those? >> KATHY: I don’t make those.
>> BRETT: So we won’t talk about that. >> KATHY: No but Oil of Olay creamy winter
formula. Those kind of things for the rest of your body are always a good idea so you
don’t get dried out all over. I have some other ideas that we’ll deal with at the
very end. But after washing your face, I never understood what a toner was for until I started
working with the medical director at Helena Andre, as the medical director. And I thought
“oh yea, it makes your skin feel good.” But if you look at the cotton pad that you
use, after you’ve washed your face and you look at that, it’s dark, it has more dirt
on it. So you’ve opened the pores and you’ve cleaned off all of the dead skin and the dirt
that was a little too deep for just the face wash. So it preps your skin for the other
treatments that you may need to put on your skin after that.
>> BRETT: You can see me thinking. >> KATHY: I see you thinking, I can almost
hear your thinking. >> BRETT: So what about women who put on makeup.
I can hear what you are saying about a guy who doesn’t do a lot of those kinds of things
and he needs to clean his face and he needs a certain kind of wash for dry skin. But do
guys need toner too? Or is this more just for what women need because they slather on
different kinds of stuff? >> KATHY: No. If you wore no makeup at all,
I don’t wear foundation ever and I still need it because the environmental pollution
has all kinds of stuff. >> BRETT: So this is not just a makeup cleansing
routine at the end of the night? >> KATHY: No. You don’t even have to wear
make up in order to do this. This is just to keep your skin healthy. It’s like people
wash their hair. You have to keep your face washed more often.
>> BRETT: So It’s about health not cosmetics. >> KATHY: It’s about both. Because when
you’re healthy you’re beautiful. And when your skin’s healthy you’re beautiful.
>> BRETT: Nice segway. Okay. >> KATHY: It is. So we use the toner to prep
the skin and if you don’t have any other issues if, you don’t want to use any other
help for your skin. The next thing you would do is to put a moisturizer on. And interestingly
enough moisturizers are not meant to go into your skin and moisturize. They are meant to
put a mask over your skin so that all the moisture you produce in your skin at night
is held in, or during the day. And it does protect you from the external sun and all
of the other particles in the air. It does protect your skin from that. But most of what
moisturizers are doing is holding your own moisture in, which means you have to drink
a lot of water. So you should always be hydrated. >> BRETT: You have to generate the moisture
to be hydrated. >> KATHY: If you’re dehydrated no moisturizer
is going to condition your skin and make it look beautiful. So you have to drink the water.
>> BRETT: So it’s kind of like polyurethane you put a coating on the skin that exists
but the skin that exists is what you have. >> KATHY: Or like Vaseline or something like
that. Most of us don’t want to have Vaseline gooey stuff all over our pillows. And honestly
that wouldn’t work badly but I have a great collagen cream that works awesome and when
you take it off your skin is really soft, and really moist and then you just put on
a different moisturizer, revitalizing cream, for the day.
>> BRETT: When I was a kid my mom used to put this stuff on her face at night that looked
nightmarish. >> KATHY: Ponds Cold Crème.
>> BRETT: Ponds Cold Crème that’s what it was or Oil of Olay or something.
>> KATHY: That’s all we had. Ponds Cold cCème oroil of Olay.
>> BRETT: And that was for moisturizing? Well I didn’t know. I just thought it was pretty
horrific with those big rollers. >> KATHY: I think we’ve progressed, I hope,
from that. But you know the Ponds Cold Crème was a great sealer for moisture, but we hadn’t
even talked about this but do you know why Oil of Olay, our mothers all used it?
>> BRETT: No. >> KATHY: Because in the beginning, Oil of
Olay it had estrogen in it. And it made our skin look better. Estrogen inside, whether
you take it my pellets or patch or whatever works to make your skin softer and clearer,
but also applying estrogen to your face does that. But it wasn’t considered a drug issue
then and so they had to take it out. And we still use Oil of Olay it still is a good product
without it. But it was a miraculous product with it. And I offer some estrodial, estriol
powder to put into moisturizers. That actually does penetrate into the skin and then does
help heal the skin and make it look younger, less of the little marks and crinkles, smile
crinkles. So it did work. It’s now a drug so we can’t do that anymore. But that’s
why everybody loves Oil of Olay even now. >> BRETT: Wow, I did not know that.
>> KATHY: So if that’s all you need then those three steps are all you need. But most
of us need eye gel and have some eye gel morning and night. But before you go to sleep it’s
very important that we use a different product on the skin around the eye. Because it’s
thinner. It’s a different type of skin. So you have to use a different eye makeup
remover or eye cleanser and we have one that has the same pH as tears. So it doesn’t
irritate, it’s very hypoallergenic. That’s for cleaning your eyes. For keeping your eyes
healthy, without circles, without puffiness, you need to have a good eye gel and that requires
that your eye gel, you should look at your contents in your eye gel, has Vitamin K for
the circles to stop the dark circles, and it has Arnica to stop the puffiness. Those
two ingredients are essential to decreasing the circles around your eyes.
>> BRETT: So how does it stop the puffiness? Does it dry?
>> KATHY: It dries but not in the way, there are other things that are much cheaper than
arnica to use to dry it, arnica basically doesn’t dehydrate and take the water it.
It basically moves the lymph. It takes the lymph fluid out from around your eye and mobilizes
that. We use it in our cellulite serum as well. So it’s very good at moving fluid
that’s right under the skin and your lymph vasculature is right under the skin.
>> BRETT: Okay so I have to ask this because I don’t know. No because I’m being stupid.
>> KATHY: Because you want to stump me. >> BRETT: No, is this something that you recommend
for men as well as for women? Because I tend to think of these products and I suspect that
many men do in terms of things women need to do so that they look beautiful and all
of that. And men don’t worry about that quite as much. But it’s not just about looking
beautiful. It’s about being healthy and looking better because you are healthy. And
so you would recommend that men follow these protocols as well?
>> KATHY: Yes I do. >> BRETT: And do you find a lot of men do?
>> KATHY: No, not a lot actually. I have a men’s line that has the three basic products
for men’s skin. But they usually don’t put moisturizer on and in general they should.
And toner, they don’t even understand what toner’s for. But after shave lotion is kind
of like toner. SO people who shave kind of get the dead skin off with that. But it’s
not ideal. But shaving makes men’s faces look better because you’re exfoliating.
Every time you shave you’re taking off dead skin.
>> BRETT: With a razor blade. Here scrape that off.
>> KATHY: Really but it’s not supposed to hit the skin but you’re just barely hitting
the dead skin which is on top. So that’s not a bad exfoliator. That’s one of the
reasons why men look better longer and they have testosterone longer.
>> BRETT: And some of the shaving creams are marketed as moisturizing shaving creams.
>> KATHY: Right, that’s right. And women steal them to use on our legs. There are a
couple of other products that might help you if you have dry skin. And one of them is Vitamin
C Serum. And I like to put as many active ingredients in one product as I can. So this
is something that goes into your skin, it is actually absorbed into your skin. And if
you put a lot of active ingredients in something you don’t have to buy three or four products
for putting it on after the toner before the moisturizer. So this is the stage in between
if you have special problems, if you have wrinkles, if you have brown spots. If you
just have kind of dry dull skin, then the Vitamin C is what you need to put on in between
the toner and the moisturizer. And then the moisturizer holds it in on your skin which
is awfully of nice. So it actually heals the skin and Vitamin C heals us when we take it
orally as well. But on your skin it works beautifully. Now we can get to the body.
>> BRETT: Before we do that. I had one other question that just occurred to me. What about
smoking? If you have dry skin and you smoke are you not like tanning your skin over the
ears? Does this affect that or help that? >> KATHY: I know you tan your fingers, they
usually turn colors. And generally, smoking is just so bad because it makes you hypoxic.
The last thing you need is no oxygen to your skin. It’s just a set up for having wrinkles
and bad skin your whole life, because you’re not able to heal as fast when you smoke, you’re
not able to regenerate dead skin, and it takes all of the moisture out of your skin. Most
smokers have really bad lines over their lips and then they have really deep wrinkles, and
kind of a thicker more tan skin. I mean just a thicker skin that doesn’t look good.
>> BRETT: Tanned in a sense of leather tan not in the sense of sun tanning.
>> KATHY: Yes, not sun tanning. But in any case that’s usually what heavy smokers have
to deal with. They need to stop smoking. >> BRETT: I wasn’t intending to go there.
>> KATHY: If you do all these things and you still smoke, I mean really, that seems kind
of ridiculous to me. >> BRETT: Kind of putting out a house fire
with a Dixie cup. >> KATHY: That’s kind of true. So that’s
kind of a given in my world that smoking is going to complicate everything and make you
look older and I’m trying to make me people look and feel younger and be healthier.
>> BRETT: Alright well let’s move, sorry I digressed.
>> KATHY: We’ve already talked about body care. But body care requires both cleansing,
and not cleansing too often. We all take showers once a day but every time you take a shower
you remove oil from your skin and you need oil on your skin to get through your day.
So if you’re taking a shower every day you need to replenish your skin with a moisturizer
that will actually protect your skin and give it some of the oil back. So we have a.
>> BRETT: And again my wife does that every day, I never do. I think it’s a male/female
thing. >> KATHY: Men have more oil in general, even
when they have dry skin. And it may be you have more oil in your skin you don’t notice
it flaking off and getting dry. But we don’t have as much oil in our skin ever as you guys
and once we get past menopause then it’s worse. And so it’s visible. So you may have
something in going on with your elbows, your knees. Now that’s usually built up dry skin
and doing this whole process will help with that. I have a body conditioner but it also
helps exfoliate dead skin. So you put that all over. I even have some women that put
it on your heals because it exfoliates the dead skin on their feet. It is really a very
good way to keep moisture in and exfoliate dead skin cells off.
>> BRETT: So message ladies is if your husband leaves little piles of dead skin when he walks
across the bathroom floor make sure you get him to use a moisturizer.
>> KATHY: And if you really want to know what a toner does, then clean someone else’s
back with a toner. Even though maybe they step right out of the shower you will get
so much dark dead skin off their back because that’s some place we can’t scrub.
>> BRETT: And the force of the water in the shower just won’t really remove it.
>> KATHY: But you’re using soap, that’s not what’s going to get all those dead skin
cells off. So the toner is very useful for that too.
>> BRETT: So these are recommendations for the treatment of dry skin. There are other
issues that are involved with oily skin and intermediate skin. And Kathy has a broader
range of products for other things as well that are a result of this side interest and
expertise of hers. So in upcoming podcasts we may be talking about some of those as well.
If you have questions about skin care concerns you can contact Kathy directly.
>> KATHY: At or you can send an email to
Or you can call the office at 314.993.0963. >> BRETT: And you can always reach me at
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