Honey and Clover (English-subbed) 5.5

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TKA Subbers Translator: Amanda Timer/Editor: SwtAznAngel530 http://iswakfansubs.blogspot.com/
Until the end of time I like you.
This is the last class before your graduation.
Your graduation project; everyone has worked hard, the results are spectacular.
I hope you can maintain such creativity.
I also hope that I may be able to see each of your actual work soon.
Class dismissed.
Thank you Teacher.
San Ji, Zhen Shan
I have handed your designs to Chen Chuan to take a look.
He was impressed.
I hope that you are able to see him On the 28th, 3pm in the afternoon
Bring your design to him in his office for an interview.
Chen Chuan! Is that for real?!
Thank you Teacher!
Keep it up!
Thank you Teacher
Wow! I can’t imagine.
Zhen Shan, we have been classmates and housemates for five years.
Now, we're going to work together in Chen Chuan’s firm?
His firm topped the ranking last year.
I must rush back and search for the design of Duo Gong Neng Sports Centre that I did last year .
The theatre design that you did last term, I am sure they will like it.
What’s wrong?
I am rushing off to work.
Please take my model back home for me.
-Thank you Bye -Zhen…Zhen Shan
Such great news. Does he have to pretend to be cool about it?
I’m back
Sen Tian
Wow! Are we eating meat today?
Zhen Shan and San Ji are due to have their interview with Chen Chuan’s firm.
San Ji is giving us a treat.
That’s great.
It’s always great to have meat but if they do not pass the interview, do we have to vomit it all out?
We won’t.
Sen Tian, go wash the vegetables.
Four-eyes, why are you talking to me like that? Are you talking to your mom? Don’t be all arrogant just because you are giving a treat.
Where’s my slave?
He has a guest in his room
He has a guest?
TKA Subbers Translator: Amanda Timer/Editor: SwtAznAngel530 http://iswakfansubs.blogspot.com/
He has a guest?
Zhu Ben
Your work is very pretty.
Compared to my dad, I still have a long way to go.
My dad has done train miniatures of all the trains in the last 100 years.
But your dad does not necessarily know how to do Rococo
therefore, Ben is the best!
Zhu Ben
Bring the vegetables and start the fire.
But I am showing Xiao Yu the Rococo miniatures.
What a novice.
Mom asked you to start a fire, You better start a fire.
Xiao Yu, You take a look.
I am going to start the fire. I will be back soon.
Hurry up!
TKA Subbers Translator: Amanda Timer/Editor: SwtAznAngel530 http://iswakfansubs.blogspot.com/
Little Mouse
If you ask me to do this for you
I will make it a thousand times better.
Really? What is it? What are you going to make for me?
Angkor Wat
I don’t want it.
Fairy-tale City of Cappadocia.
I’ve never heard of it. I don’t want it.
I’m going to look for Zhu Ben.
Then Egypt…Egypt’s Temple of Abu Simbel?
Zhu Ben, let me help you.
Can we continue making Rococo later?
The brain capacity of a mouse is really small.
These are the world’s most amazing sights yet you don't know them.
No No
Whatever you make, I do not want it.
Little Mouse, give me a bowl.
Hey, the wine is here.
Ya Gong, let me help you.
It’s alright, I can carry them myself
Why haven't we seen you for such a long time?
Ah Chuan
That day about the confession,
I am really sorry.
I really like you
Our feelings for each other ever since we were young are like buddies.
If buddies get into a relationship, its like incest.
Yes, incest.
Therefore, I’m really sorry.
Ya Gong
You are not at fault.
I know you really like Zhen Shan
You knowing that I like you, I am contented with that.
Don’t mind it too much.
I still prefer the Ya Gong of old;
that Ya Gong is cute
and there is no need to be awkward.
TKA Subbers Translator: Amanda Timer/Editor: SwtAznAngel530 http://iswakfansubs.blogspot.com/
Why is Zhen Shan not back yet?
That’s because he is still persisting with that Coffee Girl.
It is well past his work hours, I’ll give him a call.
Zhu Ben, there's no need.
Today’s treat is mine.
Make sure everyone is well fed.
If it isn’t enough, buy some more!
My beloved Four-Eyes! I love you
Let me give you a kiss
Senior, you are acting cool now. Won’t you regret this when you get sober tomorrow?
I won’t, I am so happy.
Today, my work finally gets recognition.
While walking, I simply bought a scratch card.
One scratch and I got prize money of $8,000
What? $8,000?!
Only $8,000; Why are you so happy?
Xiao Yu
The Christmas raffle that Ah Xiu got
had a prize of $10,000
He told me to act normally and not to tell anyone.
Are you telling me the two raffle tickets I brought for Christmas got a prize of $10,000?
That’s right
Where is Teacher Xiu Si?
Stop shaking. Speak.
You don’t know?
Hua Xiu Si, Give me back my $10,000.
Teacher, give me back my money. Give me back my raffle ticket.
Raffle ticket?
What raffle ticket?
I drew that ticket. It is mine.
That’s not right. The ones I wanted to give you are these two instead.
Let me exchange these with you.
No such thing.
-Here -I don’t care
If you don’t give it back to me, I will sue you . See you in court.
No one goes to court for a mere $10,000.
There is! Me!
Give me my money! Return it to me! I don’t care! Return me!
Hua Xiu Si
What are you doing?
Nothing. It’s just a student.
That’s right, we are just wrestling.
Screaming and shouting in school for nothing. Shouting like a debt collector. What are you up to?
Have the debt collectors painted your gates? This is ridiculous!
No wonder all these years you are still unmarried
and no one wants you.
De Da Shi
You say one thing but mean the other.
That’s right. Shameless! Men always say one thing but mean the other.
You came back to school but why did you not come to my office for a visit?
I know that some words are difficult to say in front of other people.
Why don’t we speak in private?
What do we have to talk about? Ah?
Should we speak about how you mistreat the teachers?
Or your indifference to the students?
Or speak about my own lucky escape?
Many years ago, I was lucky.
Your gentle woolly sheep clothing could not deceive me.
You sure have a lot of pride.
You told the students
up to now, you have not forgotten me
and you took the opportunity of the school festival
told the students
to give me this confession cup