Accessory Geeks compares the Motorola Charm vs Blackberry Curve

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 27.08.2010

Hey guys this is john with the
What I’m gonna offer today is our new motorola charm.
We’re gonna over the actual design of the phone and the form factor
Kinda give you a little overview of what it is..
So here with you, we have the Motorola charm in the carbonate color. 4 00:00:31,411 --> 00:00:35,111 And it’s about comparable to a blackberry.
Here’s my blackberry curve 8900 pretty much the same size give it or take it’s a little thicker.. a little wider..
There about the same size thickness wide so it’s not too much of a difference.
And one the notable things with the Motorola charm is it’s keyboard.
I know a lot of people might actually like the feel of the keyboard.
And although it is pretty solid because the keyboards or the keys are raised and it do offer pretty good tactical feel to it..
I don’t see it being comparable to a blackberry keyboard.
I’ve been using the curve for quite some time now.
And just the responsiveness of the keys.. the feedback that they gave me it.. it has more click.
I prefer that over the charm which is more kinda squishy feel doesn’t really snap back at you like the blackberry curve does.
The only other difference from the charm and the curve is we have this backtrack which is used by the Motorola.
It's kinda like.. You can compared it to magic mouse by apple so it kinda give you a little overview of how it works.
Gonna switch this on
If I was to go into our home and as you can see have it in the back.
It works kinda like a scrolling wheel. It’s pretty nifty. It also depends on how you holding the phone.
If you actually gona use it for the touch screen purpose.
Then holding it with your index finger on the back might be little awkward while using the touchscreen at the same time.
Obviously if your using the touch screen you probably holding this more like this..
And if you using the track pad you might hold it a little higher.
Just you can kind a get a good feel for it. That conclude kinda basic overview of the form factor on the Motorola charm.
And we’ll get back to you with some more videos.