Milano Shopping 2:Montenapoleone Outlet (part 2)

Uploaded by LucyAndTwinsVoyage on 09.05.2012

The second itinerary introduced concerns Montenapoleone, the most fashion area
take the yellow tube line and get out at Montenapoleone stop
in via Montenapoleone N 26th you'll find Eldorado stock house
Inside you will find accessories, bags, shoes, clothes..
of brand such Lanvin, Doce and Gabbana, Stella Mc Carney, Cavalli
At the end of the streat Montenapoleone corner to San Babila Place
turn left, and left again you will find "Kilo FASCION"
the music is so high that you can't go wrong!
there's the man and woman departement
you will find the most popular griffe as Cavalli, John Galliano..
the store is called "KiloFASCION" as "Kg" because the clothes are sold by the wight
in the same area
there's DT Intrend of "Diffusione tessile" copany
the mood is more classic and formal, the main brand are Max Mara and Max and Co.
the top items are jacket, coats, formal suits, dress...
infact if we look for something to go to the office or work
we usually chose this outlet!
just outside Milano there's some cool Outlet you might like it
to reach them, "Zani Viaggi" travel agency has organized Bus service
the stops is in front of the agency in "via Foro Buonaparte"
the bus for FoxTown leave at 2PM and get back at 8PM
for Serravalle depart at 10 am and the return is at 6.30 PM
the tickets cost 20 euro for both
In FoxTown you will find more exclusive brand, instead in Serravalle not only, there's more offer of any kind of brand.
what we love of Serravalle Outlet is walking through these small fashion house.. seems to be in a small city!
Look! there's another cool idea to save with fashion brand ;)
Milan during the seasonal sales becomes as an huge OUTLET!
in winter the sale starts from January and for the summer season from July
the sales season lasts approximately 60 days
Remember! you will find more curiosity in the info box down the video ;)
it written down links to our FB page
and website of all the outlet, where you can find
time tables or any info you might need :)
If you notice some cool Outlet or place! Let us Know! ;)
we can go there for you, and telling you about ours opinion :)
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