Megaman Lego Stop-motion Battle

Uploaded by princeword on 19.10.2010

So growing up as a kid, two of my favorite things was to build Lego
and to play Megaman on the NES This video is gonna comprise
both of them so
this is my version of
Megaman built in Lego
So essentially what I did for this video was that I built Megaman
in all these different poses
depending on if he jumps, if he shoots or if he jumps and shoots.
and animated him in stop-motion frame by frame on the timeline so every
movement he does is controlled frame by frame. The cats are obviously filmed on
location here and all of the
the enemies and the background, the weird stuff that aren't the cats but
graphical they've been done in photoshop so there's been no screenshots of the game itself.
It's all been recreated in photoshop and final cut afterwards
The music in the boss presentation as well as when he gets the
weapon at the very end are all loops created in Garageband. Music in the stage
and the boss are music made by Nathan Wills, a youtuber: paradigma is his
youtube name and he has something called free track friday where he lets you use
some of his music if you credit him so if you want to use some of the
music he's doing, then head on to his page thanks so much for watching my
Lego Megaman video
There will be a new video on sunday, a very special video for that day
until then and until next time I'll see you there. Bye