East of Eden, 51회,EP51, #08

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Thank you.
I'm delighted to pass on your regards to Lee Dong-wook.
I'll send my wife to the Prime Minister's residence sometime.
You think so?
Of course...
a marriage between Lee Dong-wook and the Prime Minister's daughter
would be cause for a national holiday!
Right, right... Is that so?
Of course. Goodbye for now.
You know how many calls that makes today?
We can't ignore the invitations. You've got to get involved.
All the best people want to meet our Lee Dong-wook.
That the only reason you called me here?
The only reason? You know what an opportunity this is?
I know that Ji-hyun will finally learn just how terrifying you really are.
What does that mean?
You made it sound like Ji-hyun and Dong-wook might be together.
Now you're shopping him around for an influential marriage.
I suppose I am.
After all, what high society wants, high society gets.
Dong-wook's a hero now, so we're obligated to help him.
You've been planning this for him all along.
You used Ji-hyun, let her believe Dong-wook would replace Myung-hoon.
Replace Myung-hoon? That's just silly.
Acting like you love Ji-hyun and Tae-ho, that was just more of your lies.
That was no lie. I loved them both. I still DO.
It's just that with Dong-wook as our son, I've had to re-think my priorities.
That right?
I suppose you'll "re-think" how Ji-hyun and Tae-ho
are suddenly more trouble than they're worth.
Maybe that's why you're standing by and watching while SHE endures a tax audit.
Am I wrong?
The tax audit thing is nothing to worry about.
Pay the back taxes, maybe a little extra to sweeten the deal, and it's done.
You'll stand behind that?
Of course.
If there's evidence of tax evasion, naturally I'll accept responsibility.
But since that's not the case,
it's Ji-hyun's job as manager of the hotel to deal with it.
And let HER get dragged through the mud, huh?
I've already made arrangements for he to extricate herself at the proper time.
I know you better than that. Time comes, you'll feed her to the wolves.
She's smarter than you think.
And to be blunt, I suspect Ji-hyun knows she's not good enough for Dong-wook.
He deserves a girl from a better family.
You're a devil. A wicked evil devil.
Great, I'm a devil. Fine. Now if you're done with your tantrum...
go pay your respects to the Prime Minister's wife.
Let her see what a great mother you are.
'Ji-hyun, I'm sorry that you have to take the heat for Shin Tae-hwan.'
'If the tax audit leads to an indictment, you'll end up taking the blame for him.'
It's mommy. C'mon daddy!
Daddy's here, see?
It's so neat, both of you together.
Daddy, c'mere!
Mommy, I'm sad.
I didn't get to go to Grandpa's memorial thing so I'm sad.
I understand, sweetie.
Let's got get yummies with daddy! I'm hungry.
Daddy, let's get yummies together. I'm soooo hungry.
Good. Let's go.
There you go. Dig in.
I just came from the National Tax Service.
I'm sure you know they've had a file on Taesung for a long time.
You should be ready.
I'm told that as manager of the hotel, it's my responsibility.
You can't let him walk all over you.
What, should I call a press conference? Or have some people "take care of it?"
You seem to fit right in with Dong-chul's way of doing things.
I don't fit anywhere.
- I think of my family and... - Your NEW family, you mean?
Quit whining in front of the child.
I think...
Sorry, Tae-ho.
Sorry, Tae-ho.
Mom, why're you both always sorry?
How about more love, less sorries?
Is it my fault? You can tell me though.
I'll sit in the car.
You think the DA will call me in for questioning?
I know I'm repeating myself, but don't let Shin Tae-hwan use you.
What makes you think he is?
It's the way he is. And don't look to Dong-wook for help.
He won't risk his honor for anyone.
How do you know? How can you be so sure?
I just do. That's how it'll happen.