Blackberry 6.0 WES 2010 Roundup

Uploaded by danageplane on 29.04.2010

but if you tune in and to damage for twenty dot com
%uh so too do the %uh cat
%uh an update on was twenty two and wireless
electric symposium
%uh so this is the blackberry how it's basically from one is as you well know
about three
%uh so what we've got here basically %ah mikell has reduced his keynote speech introduced
like the six
went on with down
well one on of the the you know up world downloads
%uh what else did you talk though %uh I
talked about you know day in opa locka lips of course of that from this stuff you know
and so he talked a bit of all this six point go religious of liberty jury and indeed when
temperatures for a last five-point no
and to a
yeah in Iraq and the cabinet on the five point of got away for six so what you'd rather is
not to always six
which was announced
for the last quarter of this year
rather the next quarter so
that would be between we just came into the second quarter century
so some time after June
the for
so between June and October you'll see
the last six point of being released
%uh also yet that see the in Paul summer watch for black very smart phones side inaction
actually running and everything
and this time around for they've only real to show us like toledo places and things
%uh but
the guys over from impulse
%uh have
nick the cut units ready for pre order he actual to free up your hands dot com the two
hundred forty nine dollars US
%uh for this have heard of it what it is
real simple little watch
that %uh uses wanted to
and polls in your notifications for a blackberry you know you got some answers
by three ministers windows live things like that
and %uh I mostly you
you know read the message on your wrist instead of
I'm a political act itself here at nearby a walk in
down the street you know and things and hinders task and you know what kind of check by there
just wasn't important
check your in polls more watching seasons were poor black period
colonel also hui
of were in full on
karol three G
there's a launch video
and %uh some comparison videos of it with with
what from a character in there
yeah according to commission of cracker he treated that %uh
%uh everybody in there that had in ninety seven hundred is talking
there are millions which to the me
the pearl three G 'cause it's apparently lake
but again ninety seven hundred packed into sizable world so the place looks three it
to offer a system since we're in the running beautifully on it
just a smaller form factor so it looks really cool
and of those who have the ball ninety six fifty
hey don't understand this
unless they're amalgamated all bolts into world home I don't know why they did this
%uh I understand that
bold is like the premium line up that phone
by their is a difference between the two who were in the bowl
now a lot of north America needs you're still realize this but
the point of the who were
these you can go anywhere in the world and it's going to work for you to world home
where is the boldest it's not a world full of to lead work on certain networks
I don't know why the film malcolm he did it into the store and and especially
the the fact that the tumor is essentially to say it with a new tour is essentially
as fast it's a memory in everything as the bold ninety seven hundred correct me if I'm
but %uh yes
basically the same device six up the two worlds home
and it's got a little bit different form factor it looks
you know some more similar to the
%uh %uh except it's got a track that now
so is it really doesn't make sense to me that they're using ninety six
to easing ninety six fifty
%um %um
and calling it a bold
because of anything it's a more defensible so issued a public and ninety seven fifty
or something
just my opinion on that
but %uh yeah
that's pretty much it for the the was twenty two and this year so check at the videos there
if there's %uh video the keynote speech
those feel free to things I've talked with here is simply there's again operating six
point no
intel's or launch pro three G in the ninety six fifty there
so go and check that out