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Come, Ismail Baig.
Hashim you here -Its natures charm, welcome.
Praise to God.
Praise to God.
Praise to God. - Greetings from Karwa Barshe Hashim to wise man.
Please come.
Today my friends, in caliph of desert have come to pray.
Arrived again to trouble wise men.
Ask what do you want. -Ohh respected..
..have come with lot of expectation from Bukhara city.
Please have mercy, I've only one desire.
My house should be illuminated.
I want to pray for a son.
Take, take this.
You cannot become a barrier of this light.
He himself will have to face life challenges.
He can also be blown off.
No, please don't say like this.
Will say, will surely say.
Its extreme fast.
The storm of love is extreme fast.
It can even break giant like trees as soft clay pots.
Breaks like soft clay pots.
Take away this.
Even you had to come at this time?
Can't you hear what I'm saying?
It's soft clay, move it, move it..
The wind will break every thing.
Flood will flow every thing.
You'll remain empty hand.
Go, go away.
Save it, go.
One gets his desire fulfilled, other goes empty handed.
This isn't justice, holy man.
Please bless me too.
Have You heard, he's requesting justice?
Now You say, what do I do?
Games You play, I be the audience?
Its ok, I'll bless him
Take this.
You'll be blessed with a "lovely" baby girl.
She'll speak with her eyes and will talk with fingers.
Stranger will come.
Will descent like snow caped mountain.
His feet marks will grow flowers on sand.
Trumpets will be blown in the heavens.
But the earth will cry..
Tears? -This is the destiny, this is the destiny..
This is the destiny.
God is great, God is great.
God is great.
God is great.
God is great.
Greetings to Karwa Barshe Hashim.
Your supplications are heard, holy man.
Gujra village's Kulla Porters daughters have reached puberty.
This is her maiden hand made pottery.
So the fingers have stared speaking.
Very good.
The message has been dispatched.
Now it should be taken to its destination.
Hashim where are you leaving for -Bukhara.
This is too a destiny.
Oh God.
Give this to the first thirsty person you find in Bukhara.
My dear friends.
This competition is arranged for Mirza Izzat Baig's ..
20th birthday.
The courage you show in the battle fields..
The same courage you'll have to show in this Buzkazi.
Whoever wins this competition will be rewarded..
This Arab horse from Mr. Ismail Baig.
Whoever brings this sheep first at Ismail Bhai..
Will be rewarded with this prize.
Well done my son.
Well done my brave son -Thanks father.
Mom, Hashim uncle.
I'll come.
Greetings, how are you uncle.
Congratulation son.
What is in this, is it water?
Yes water -Give it to me I'm too thirsty.
Hashim, what is this?
"I'll call your name from the Chenab rivers bank"
"come here, near the river bank"
"I'll call your name from the Chenab rivers bank"
"come here, near the river bank"
"There are some people who never meet"
"There are some people who never meet"
"There some flowers which never blossom"
"The world might wipe our name"
"Come here, near the river bank"
"I'll call your name from the Chenab rivers bank"
"Come here, near the river bank"
Ismail Baig, here is Izzat.
Izzat, izzat.
What has happen to you?
Where is she.
No one is here except you.
She was with me, here.
My son, are you drunk?
No, even the liquor will loose its charm after seeing her.
What is this mystery?
If you can't see anything in my eyes..
You see in this water container.
Nothing is in it, are you gone mad?
Ismail Baig nothing has happened to him, you come with me.
This isn't mere a water container, its a message.
He'll have to go.
Destiny cannot be wiped with tears.
If you asks for happiness, you've to take sorrow also.
Promise me, you'll never tell him these secrets.
I'll remain quiet, till its possible.
But understand this.
You can't fight the storm with a mere particle.
You still didn't sleep -I don't feel like sleeping.
Whenever I close my eyes, someone calls me and wakes me up.
Go and lye down, you'll fall asleep.
No uncle, please tell me.
Whose picture was there on the water of clay jug. -Listen son.. would be your imagination, you cannot paint pictures on water.
You know everything uncle, I heard everything.
I know I've to go somewhere, but don't know where I've to go.
You serve the group of peoples.
Won't you serve me.
Won't you show me the way.
Don't force me.
Your father is my friend of mine.
And your mother is like sister to me.
I m afraid if I open the secrets.
Then it might break the chain of relation and I can't do this.
No uncle, please take me along.
I've lost my sleep, patience, rest.
Even I want to come.
How do you say, you'll leave us and go.
We've only son, only son.
Don't leave me, don't go anywhere.
I m helpless mother.
I'll go mad, if I'll not go.
No, someone must have done magic on you.
Or else why would you talk like dis.
Oh my God.
Please say something.
What has happened to him.
What has happened to my son.
There's no magic Bano, its his destiny.
Its our destiny too.
My son, you can go, may God bless you.
Is my journey very far.
What if its near also.
Every journey starts with new way.
Please tell me uncle, where I've to reach.
No need to inform now.
Sooner you'll reach to that door. Whose waiting for you to knock.
Salamat bring water.
Salamat. -Yes sir.
Don't give her water..
..if her it will bad if her stomach will blow.
Salamat, give water.
Stop -Yes mam.
Salamat! -Yes sir.
You idiot, I'll not give you water in the entire journey.
Tonight we'll have to take shelter here.
Have got from water fall.
Please sir give me to -Get lost.
You fool, you robbed water.
I had told you..'ll not get one drop of water also, get lost from here.
Water -Salamat.
The robbers won't get to eat food also.
Stupid fool.
Take drink water. -Water.
Ohh boy, don't give him water.
Slaves aren't thirsty -He's thirsty, but its his punishment.
Do you know the cost of water.
More than one slave.
Wot is the cost of slave -100 dinar.
But while traveling, its equivalent to camel.
Have you gone nuts, if you'll sell him, what will we do?
Listen what is the cost of this buffalo.
I've paid 2000 dinar to her father.
Do you want -Take 1000 dinar.
Wot are you doing -Shut up.
Not for buffalo, its for your slave and donkey.
Agreed -Understood.
You're free.
Look there uncle.
He seems dacoit zarahs prisoner.
Come on let's leave faster -What are you saying uncle.
One man is dying, and we should ignore him.
We'll be killed if we try to help him.
Don't be fool, we cannot stop caravan for you.
You all can leave, I m going to help that poor man.
Think no one amongst us will help you.
I m with you my boss.
Come back.
Stop them.
Drink water.
Call the soldiers of caravan.
You were trespassers, but very never stopped you.
But today helping enemies' you've provoked me.
No one will remain alive from your caravan.
I've freed your prisoner.
And I alone is responsible for it.
Inform your boss, if he's brave.
Then let him fight alone with me.
Whoever wins, will decide for this man.
You're a women -So what happened.
Pick up the sword, I say pick up.
I don't pick sword on women.
I respect your braveness, you young man.
And lend a friends hand.
Thank you.
Take this prisoner, I free him.
But remember, Jabru isn't capable of being your friend.
Salamat take him along -Yes boss.
Do you know why did Zara punish me -Why.
Because I was aware of the secrets cos of which..
..Zarina was forced to become a dacoit.
If I wud have revealed those secrets at that time.. Zarina would not hate me. She would have been obliged to me.
But why did you remain silent.
Today also, I cannot reveal that secret .
But God knows reason of me being silent.
God will pardon me.
Ok, thank you so much.
Do you reside in this area -Yes behind that mountain.
But before I'll go to holy shrine.
Cos of whom I was saved by you.
A very holy & good thought.
Please do pray for me too.
Sure, with joined hands will pray.
This life is in your custody.
Whenever you require, just ask for it, my friend.
Put my tent here.
Uncle -Yes son, -Why did you put tent so early.
There's a long time for night.
We don't need to be in hurry now my son.
We're near to our destination.
Will spend tonight here, and will move in the morning.
We just need to cross this river for your destination.
Is it, why dint you inform me earlier..
..that we've almost reached.
Reason I know you, you're very stubborn child.
You'll cry to reach right now itself over there.
Gujra, I've to reach Gujra.
Uncle, I can't wait more, please excuse me.
May God keep us safe, I'll also move along uncle.
It happened wot I said, ok you can leave.
Will meet on my return from Lahore.
Ohh its blessings of God.
At least from today won't have to see our face.
Son of hippo. -Ohh get lost.
Feed him dry fruit. -Wait.
Why are you behind him.
Come on Salamat, will touch the sand of that land.
On which my love steps.
Will touch that water and put in my eyes.
In which she sees her reflection.
"I will come to your house."
"I will come to your house."
"Or else will this beauty drown and die"
"Cant sleep, I m in your thoughts, day and night"
"Please come, beauty of Chenab"
"Beauty calls your name from Chenab river"
"Please come, beauty of Chenab"
Salamat, look she's going.
Help, I m drowning.
I'm coming.
If you don't know to swim..
..then wot were you doing in this lake.
Was drowning. -But why?
Cause I don't know to swim.
Tell me the truth, why were you drowning.
Can't swim, hence was drowning.
Ok, tell me at least from where you were drowning
Too much.
Too far, now it seems, have got to the sea shore.
God bless you, m Salamat.
And me Salamati.
Ok, but no.
I mean my name is Salamat.
And mine is Salamati.
Salamat Salamati, Salamat Salamati.
May God bless the pairs.
Are you from this village -Yes.
Ok, meaning we can meet again.
Tell me, wot work do you've here.
Have come to find someone. -Whom.
Can't say, reason I myself don't know.
If you require any help.
My brother Noora will be available in the market of this village.
Has his own shop, you can meet him.
Will meet again.
Salamat got Salamati.
Market, Noora, come on.
You don't worry sir, my brother in law stays here.
He has his shop somewhere here only .
Sir, I found his shop, please come.
Salamati, we've arrived.
Who is that?
Sucking sugarcane.
Salamati, move inside.
Go inside I say.
Tell me, what’s the matter.
May God bless you, talk with respect.
Merchant from Bukhara, has come in your shop.
Please come king, what should I show ?
Clay pots, earthen vessel, what do you want.
Can you show us the path. -Path?
You can never this vessel here in Gujra.
Heard there's a craftsman named Tula stays in this village.
His daughter makes beautiful earthen pots.
I want to buy entire goods from his shop, will I get it.
Come after few months..
..goods and craftsmen, you'll find them here only.
I want it today only.
100 200 1000
Will pay you whatever you say.
What are you looking at my face standing here..
..come on let's leave now only.
Salamati, please take care of the shop my sister.
I'll be back, come king, please come.
What should I praise him, he's different craftsmen.
He makes one pots and break other 10.
The artist needs to be perfect.
Can any mature man can do this.
Come from here.
Please come.
Even the daughter is like father.
She paint leaves and flowers on the earthen vessel.
If small mistake, she throws it.
Look at that, sir.
Same like father.
Mends and breaks, mends and breaks, mends and breaks.
We've reached to destination.
Tulla uncle.
Tar nation.
Please don't curse, please come sir.
Tulla uncle, at least see whom I've come with.
They're the one, whom you were waiting since ages.
What are you looking at, call for some beverages.
He's a big merchant from Bukhara.
He'll buy your entire goods.
Please come..
..the entire house will be available for people like you.
Please tell me, what do you want to see first.
Want to see everything which belongs to this house.
Yes, please come.
Please come.
God bless you.. gave such a big merchant to this uncle Tulla.
Should have decide your commission.
Commission, on what.
In profit, and what else.
You bought Mirza here. -Oh yes.
Look at this jug.
In this the water will always remain cold.
This flower vase.
Look at the color of it.
Very beautiful.
Look at this, need to decorate it.
And have a look at this too.
Unique piece it's.
Look at this, need to color it.
Same like that.
Can I've a look at that -Yes why not.
Please bring that over here daughter.
"God has made you with love"
"God has made you with love"
"God also must have been in love"
Malkani has arrived.
Daughter, please take care of the guest, I'll be back.
Sonis, mother, make jaggery syrup.
Will you not take care of sonis in law.
No, that's not required, won't stay here for long.
How do I tell you Tulla.
God forbid, is any bad news?
Is Jabru fine.
Before some days.
Jabru was returning from Khadan.
Dacoits attacked on their way.
They beat everyone, and took Jabru to Zara.
Zara took Jabru.
Oh my God.
My daughter's would be husband.
Don't be dishearten.
Our daughters luck is good.
She would be lucky for someone else.
But for us she's bad omen.
Malkani, if you want to break this relation..
..then you can do it with your wish.
But dare not call my daughter that way.
After engagement her would be husband is trapped.
I didn't ask for this relation, you had pleaded.
You said.
Mud of these vessels made by you arrives from our village.
You said we should strengthen our relation more.
Why not make Soni and Jabru get married.
I agreed for the respect and happiness of this village,
And now you.
May you get someone else.
If God wills, will definitely get.
Please bring the gifts given by them.
Want to give back the gifts, but from where can we return.
Everything got used in business.
What are you saying we don't even have 100 rs.
If I would have had, then why would I say no.
Now what will happen.
My respect will go.
Whoever gets to know, will spit on it.
How can I say Malkani -Can you listen to me.
Yes you, did you see the goods?
Yes, which I dint even in my dream.
Take these 500 Rs, token for goods.
500 Rs.
Son, you've bought us.
Sonis mother, take this money.
And throw it on Malkani.
Son, unknowingly you saved our respect.
May God bless you with what you desire.
You bless it to me.
Before going to Bukhara, I want to learn this art.
Who gives life to this mud.
If its possible.
Its possible, but its difficult too.
It will take time.
I m ready to spend my entire time in this house.
If you permit, then.
You can come from tom morning.
Mam, congratulations.
Young sir has returned back.
Thank God, you're alive.
Where dacoit Zara did took you and why?
She isn't Dacoit Zara, she's Zarina.
Zarina -Yes, in a mans attire.
Yes same Zarina.
Who because of you, killed her own husband.
Don't even remember her face -She would have killed me.
But a stranger saved my life.
Forget whatever happened.
I'll be sacrificed, on your return to home.
Whatever happened it happened cause of that girl.
Today I broke the engagement also.
Soni is bad omen for you.
Don't say like this, you're the root of the problem.
The one who saved me, its his innocent love.
Will marry her only, this is my final decision.
I never imagined, you both are so deeply in love.
I'll never go back to that house.
And no one other women will come in this house.
Yes mam.
Bring Tulla from village Gujra.
Yes mam.
"When will the sun rise"
"When will this night get over"
"Never waited for morning till yesterday"
"Tomorrow when will the sunrise"
"When will this night get over"
"When will this night get over"
You arrived so early in the morning.
No was afraid of being late hence arrived in night only.
Didn't sleep the entire night.
Even your eyes are red.
Father has finished his rituals, is praying now.
Whoever has you, why will he ask for something else.
You arrived son, please come.
Come here.
From today you'll be my student, may God bless you.
Fateh, -Malkani has called you.
Malkani -Yes its important.
What do I do about her.
Soni, now he's your student.
Yes father.
What happened, where are you going.
Malkani has called me.
Why sudden. -I don't know.
But where are you going?
To Chowdharys house, today is her daughter's engagement.
Ok, do congratulate on my behalf.
Salamat, please help your aunt.
Come on let's leave.
Aunty, please handover this plate to me.
What will you do there.
I'll also have few sweets.
Aunty you're ready -Yes let's leave.
Come on let's leave.
Come on even aunt is ready, make it faster.
It seems I know you since beginning.
I know.
Do you know that I came here to meet you only. -Yes.
Then you would know what’s there in my heart.
Yes I know. -Then.
What’s you answer?
You can't answer it in answers.
And even you've shut your eyes, I can't even read them also.
You've come here to read all this.
What does student know, that what his teacher will teach.
Is it.
So whatever I'll teach, you'll learn?
"Take God's name, and start the subject"
"You call it flowers or moon and stars"
"We all are made of mud"
"Please say sweet words"
"Please say sweet words, my love"
"Open your heart, my love"
"Please say sweet words, my love"
"Open your heart, my love"
"Its gold rated, my love"
"Made of mud, but "Unique
"Its gold rated, my love"
"Made of mud, but "Unique
"Please say sweet words, my love"
"Open your heart, my love"
"My heart says with this mud..
..I should make a pot of my heart"
"My heart says with this mud..
..I should make a pot of my heart"
"Should fill the pot with sweet water from Chenab river"
"Quench your thirst, foreigner"
"Sit near me, my love"
"Sit near me, my love"
"Please say sweet words, my love"
"Open your heart, my love"
"My heart says with this mud, I should make a statue"
"My heart says with this mud, I should make a statue"
"Keep praying him and let me change my religion"
"Be sorry, and never say such words"
"Be sorry, and never say such words"
"Please say sweet words, my love"
"Open your heart, my love"
"My heart says with this mud, I should make house for you"
"My heart says with this mud, I should make house for you"
"Should take you away from this world"
"No one should be able to see you, nor can touch you"
"Come stir the mud, my love"
"Come stir the mud, my love"
"Please say sweet words, my love"
"Open your heart, my love"
Ohh Tulla, when hearts are banded, even relatives meet.
Is it, please have a seat.
Jabru was saying this only.
That he'll get married to your daughter only.
Don't need to trouble yourself, Malkani.
Your brother's life will be endangered..
..after having her shade on him.
How can she come in this house?
Forget that.
Soni will never get anyone like my brother.
Let her not.
But my daughter isn't a doll kept in shop.
Whom you can buy if a child cries.
God blesses you.
Yes mam.
From today onwards..
..Gujra village should not get mud to make pots.
Yes mam.
Come on leave from here, you take agitation from our bosses.
Will starve and die.
You'll not get mud from this village.
Where's uncle? -Must be taking rest.
Where are you going?
You found me from Bukhara.
Do search, more.
If you got to the end of this world.
I'll reach there too.
You're made up like a bride.
Going to see a groom.
Then you doesn't need to go anywhere.
He's in front of you.
There can be someone else too.
Only those stars will shine on you.
Which I counted while waiting for you.
These eyes will have eyeliner of those nights.
Which I, while waiting..
..has spent awake & had sleepless nights
These lips will have only those colors..
..which my lips will give.
Soni, ohh Soni.
Not here, from that door.
Coming, mom.
How much time do you take to get ready?
Your friends have come to take you.
I'm ready mom, let me wear bangles.
Where is Mirza, today? -I don't know.
Must be busy in work, -Greetings aunt.
Have you come son? -Yes.
Your uncle is waiting for you.
Where? -Come.
Will see you later.
Here, he's on the terrace.
I forgot to show the place.
Hi Noor, may God bless you, even you've fallen in love.
- Why are you sad? - You seem to be very happy.
Have you found any treasure.
It's different with me friend.
I've treasures of treasure.
Whatever I want I get, and whoever I want will become my slave.
Friend Noor, may God bless, there's a girl in this village.
She's dying for me.
Full night she counts stars.
In day she remembers me.
Hi Salamat,
Ok, so nowadays girls are also dying on guys like you.
Yes, but where has the girls disappeared.
Has gone in the near by town for a marriage.
Why someone from them too is dying on you.
Yes like full mad.
I've some magic like.
If I wish then even for you not only.. but 1000 girls can die.
Hi Noora.
I'm not joking.
Dint you see, how soni is dying for my boss.
But after doing such magic, I m myself repenting.
Now my boss doesn't want to go back.
What to do, I don't understand.
Ok, so this is all done by your magic?
Not magic.
May God bless you, it's my wise and holy men's.
It's Hazrat Langur Shah's, Taweez.
Taweez, I want now.
Not now, and calling this taweez as taweez is an insult.
This is an arrow which is released from the bow.
Moment the lover puts in his lovers neck.
Lover will carry on with him.
This needs to be put in lover's neck?
Of course.
But whoever you want to make yours after that.
Have to recite this ritual 10 times.
Black stone, turn him monkey.
Black stone, turn him monkey.
Remember, if you forget this ritual, or if you recite more.
Then instead of her you'll wag the tail.
And then may God bless.
Please give me this taweez, give me.
Is the girl Soni?
Wise men had told me.
Even I want that soni shud stop meeting my boss.
Then me and my boss return to Bukhara.
Take this Taweez.
But remember, this should happen today only.
Oh yes, I'll leave right away.
What was that ritual?
You monkey.
Black stone, turn him monkey.
Black stone, turn him monkey.
Donkey you cross my way.
Should have pulled his leg more.
Why are you sitting sad?
I think she's also dreaming about marriage.
If anyone from this village is in your heart.
Do tell us, will call him right away.
The holy men is also sitting out..
..faster the engagement, and faster the marriage.
Keep quiet or else will give you one.
If you don't want to tell us then don't say.
One day will get to know.
Look he's here.
Noora, what happened.
I need to talk to you, please come here.
What has your brother come for?
About his marriage.
Everything is fine.
I can't talk here, come out, come.
Say Noora, is everyone fine at home.
Now everything will be fine, wear this.
Black stone, turn him monkey, -What are you doing?
Black stone, turn him monkey, leave me, what are you doing?
Look into my eyes.
Black stone, turn him monkey, -You scoundrel.
You doing magic on me -Black stone, turn him monkey.
Black stone, turn him monkey.
No soni, this is a blessing from pious man Langur shah.
Wait will make you monkey now.
Take this you scoundrel.
Beat him.
Beat him.
Stop it.
Ohh what happened.
Were you beaten?
God bless you, I think you said a wrong ritual.
You son of a fool, you fooled me?
What’s the problem? -You.
You think you can take my Soni from me.
Now I'll show you..
..that you'll forget the way to return Bukhara.
If I'll give you one, you'll forget to suck the sugarcane.
Now run from here.
It's very bad to be enemies with Noora.
Will see.
Put an eyeliner and then see,
And please suck the sugarcane before seeing it.
Aunty, the news is spread that Sonis engagement broke.
Yes son, bad of Jagru.
Best of Gabrus are there in this village.
Immediately call for another one.
Do you've anyone in your eyes?
If the ring does not recognize its finger, don't what can I do?
The boy is in front of you only from the beginning.
You talking about yourself.
Doubt me, if m lesser than Jabru.
And I'm from same caste, it's my right.
That's true, I'll talk to sonis father.
Please talk today only.
And if sonis name is bad mouthed..
..and then even I can do nothing.
Who is bad mouthing my daughter?
Uncle I was saying.
I was listening everything you scoundrel.
Say, who is bad mouthing Soni.
Why will I do it uncle?
It's this village folks were saying.
You think I'm a fool.
After bad mouthing Soni.
You want to play safe here.
And this will never happen.
If soni remains spinster for rest of her.. then also this will never happen.
You learnt form me, and ate my left over's.
You want to level with me, get lost from here.
Uncle, you've become greedy after looking at Mirzas money.
But even I m no less.
Get lost from here, or else I'll kill you.
Uncle you're selling your daughter Soni.
I'll kill him.
Please take care of our respect.
Please leave, where's soni.
"It's a beautiful pair, everyone's love is this pair".
"Both this lucky people, luck plays different"
"These happiness and this crowd, where else you'll find"
"These happiness and this crowd, where else you'll find"
"Whatever heart says will come-on lips"
"Let me sing brides song"
"Let me sing brides song"
"Let me celebrate the wedding"
"Let me sing the groom song"
"Let me sing the groom song"
"You are a queen"
"I am a pleader."
"This is my saga."
"Stranger in dreams"
"You may be a princess"
"May I be a pleader?"
"What ever may be my story"
"A stranger"
What people would know, reasons for meeting"
"What people would know, reasons for meeting"
"What people would know, reasons for meeting"
"Let the gathering be colorful"
"Let me sing the bride song."
"Let me sing the bride song."
"A stranger"
"A stranger"
"Let me laugh and make other laugh"
"Let me sing the groom song"
"Let me sing the groom song"
Weren't you ashamed of destroying my reputation?
Did you finish speaking father? -What?
You'll argue with me.
Do you know that scum Noora, is bad mouthing you.
That looking at Mirzas money, m to my daughter.
I m selling my daughter.
I'm I so shameless.
No never.
We can never bond.
Papa, Noora spoke bad words.
Why are you punishing me because of him.
Do think father.
This is a question of your daughter's life.
And this is question of about my reputation.
Greetings to you uncle.
Soni, go inside.
Mirza, come another day.
I'm busy today.
You can engage yourself in your work, Sony will teach me.
Soni won't show anything.
You can go.
But uncle.
Don't put dust in my eyes.
You say you're learning from us, but.
What subject you teaching Soni.
I very well know.
These things cannot be thought.
It's learnt from eyes.
And heart memories it.
I've a rule of my workshop.
If vessel of a vessel creator is bad mouthed.
They're broken.
Heart isn't a vessel.
Which you make and break.
You're my student? Right.
You take me as master.
More than a master.
Then come with me.
Student isn't called a student till.
Till he doesn't pay his rights.
Today I ask you my right.
Take a swear. -No I know what you'll ask me.
I can give you everything uncle.
But don't apart me from my life.
Soni is my life.
If you've a true blood Mirza baig.
Then leave, leave from here.
And don't ever come back.
As it's your command, I'll leave.
But uncle.
I swear on this holy book.
I swear on my master.
I swear on my love.
That without seeing soni in bride's attire.
Won't die.
Look he's going.
Where are you going.
To Zarra, go straight.
Come on.
Who are you? - I'm Noora, sir.
Resides in Gujra village.
Why have you come here?
Request sir request.
I'm harassed in your presence.
Injustice with innocent.
Who is harassing you? -Stranger from outside.
He snatched my love from me.
With his money power he has took away my love.
Sir I begged in front of him.
But he beat me, see sir.
Sir I know.
Who does not get justice, they come to you.
Please do justice with me too.
Please bring my love.
Bring him in front of me. -I know where he would be now.
Come on. -You stay here.
Show him the address.
Right now will tell him.
Brother. -Come show me the address.
Will tell you right away.
There's no place in the world?
Where love isn't took as sin.
There is, my house Bukhara.
If you wish..
..very can spent rest of our life in that beautiful place.
Like free bird.
If you ask me to leave now.
I'll come along.
But don't say like this.
Promise me.
Whenever you take me, take me in bride's attire.
Not like thieves.
I promise.
Whenever I'll take you.
Will take you in bride's attire only.
Or else won't go back.
I'll wait for that day.
Will wait for that day.
Come on, we've to return.
I m going Mirza.
You're the same young man, who had compete with me.
You decide too late to take revenge.
Whom I call a friend.
Can never even think of revenge.
Then why you brought me here? -On his complaint.
He's the same man, who took away my Soni from me.
Why are you lying? -Liar.
I'm lying?
You scoundrel, sir he called me a liar.
Wait, you wait.
Noora won't spare you, give me the sword.
Give me the sword, you give.
Sir this cannot be sorted on talks.. will be sorted with sword.
Do compete.
Whoever wins will have rights to marry Soni.
Compete with him.
No no no. Mirza, no.
Why did you stop.
Why don't you finish him.
One love cannot kill the other love.
However he's.
Is Sonis lover.
Even you want to cover your coward-ness with love.
Then take the sword.
And cut his neck.
You ungrateful.
You're killing the one who spared you.
But sir you ordered.
My order was a test for you.
In which you failed.
Get lost from here.
And never come back with false complaints.
Or else you'll not return on your feet.
Take him away. -Mirza will see you.
I'll see you.
So much you love him, that you spared your enemy too.
Lovers has no time for enmity.
Does that girl also loves you the same?
Have you ever tested her love.
Those take test.
Who does not trust their love?
Innocence of love only drowns it.
I dint understand.
Do you understand that these hands.
Always played with swords.
Once there was.
A time when I had henna on hands.
On my wrists.
Use to jingle with bangles.
Even I had dreams in my eyes.
To remain in my loves arm.
Rashid was my love, my life.
He was poor for world.
Who was a gardener in our garden?
But for me he was.
Only lover can understand it
Our loves storm.
Had broke all levels.
Except only one.
Our family.
Father, I couldn't leave Rashid.
Hence I left my family.
No one sang songs on my exit as bride.
Nor made me sit in bride's car.
Father who sacrificed everything on his self respect.
Burnt the house. And thought.
That his reputation was saved, by burning the house.
But there was one more thing which got burnt along in fire.
Our love.
You wretched, go back to your fathers house.
Who are you. -His wife.
Have you gone mad? -All lovers are mad.
He can bear everything..
..but not his betrayal.
And you..
You're betrayal.
But Zarina. -Zarina is dead.
Women in front of has lost everything.
Who is ruined for your name?
You'll have to wash the satins, Rashid.
You'll have to do it.
And theses stains can be washed with your blood.
With your blood.
That time I sweared.
That I'll ruin Malkanis happiness.
Which will be a biggest day of happiness in her life.
And then.
Zarra was born on Zarinas dead body.
Time healed wound.
But cud not erase the marks of wound.
Today also I keep remembering these wounds.
And I don't want that you also.
Whom I call a friend.
Will receive the prize for love.
Say, what can I do for you.
Shall send you back to Bukhara, or call Soni here.
No zarina.
Love decides their fortune.
No other can.
Come on.
Have mercy mam, our kids will die of starving.
Tell this to Tulla.
He broke engagement and disrespected us.
How does he there to.
I can never bear this.
If Tulla agrees, then will we get mud?
I've no enmity with village people.
Make Tulla understand, if he agrees for you.
Then let him give his daughter to us, and you may take mud.
Thank you.
Come on.
Anyhow we'll have to convince Tulla.
He'll agree. -What are you thinking..
..its a question of life and death of this people of village.
Agree with Malkani.
Agree Tulla.
Please give me some time to think.
Its a question of my daughters life too.
Soni, -Mirza.
Soni, -Mirza.
Whats happening Mirza.
Why are all becoming enemies of our love.
My father asked you to leave the house.
Noora is ruining my name in village.
And now village people want..
That I should get married to brother of Khadans owner.
I m not scared of Noora and Khadans owner.
I've strength in my arms, I can fight with all.
Main enemy is uncle's hatred towards us.
Mirza, my father doesn't hate you.
He's scared of his reputation.
You don't get scared Soni.
To put fence on the river..
Will have to wait till the storm stops.
Tonight Mirza Izzat Baig will leave this job and will go away.
What do you mean?
Still your lover will come to meet.. day and night at your home.
Mahiwal, take this and wear it -Bring your clothes.
Take this also.
Ohh the father was difficult to tackle.
Sir please take it and wear. - I asked where are you going?
Give me my money.
Give me my money. -Yes money..
Take this money, but remember.
You never show your face in this village. -Ok.
Or else..
Yes. - And then God bless.
Never. -Now this Mahiwal will never because seen here.
Give me my money.
Go men.
God bless sir.. not from eyes will have to recognize you from heart.
Be quiet. -I said Mahiwal.
Please take buffaloes across the river.
There grass is green.
Pay me for this. -Get lost from here.
"Soni my Soni, & no one else wud be.."
"I take your name more than God"
"May God forgive me?"
"And do justice to me"
"May God forgive me?"
"And do justice to me"
"Sona my lover sona, and one else can be.."
"I take your name more than God"
"May God forgive me"
"And do justice to me"
"May God forgive me"
"And do justice to me"
"Soni my Soni, Sona my lover sona,"
"No reason to live, no place to die"
Nothing without you.
"No reason to live, no place to die"
"Nothing without you."
"I always pray for you to be blessed."
"I always pray for you to be blessed."
"I take your name more than God"
"May God forgive me"
"And do justice to me" may God forgive me"
"May God forgive me"
"And do justice to me"
"Soni my Soni, Sona my lover sona,"
"Ohh you stranger."
"When I took your name.."
"How did you come to know, I remembered you."
"When I took your name.."
"How did you come to know, I remembered you."
"Winds are my messenger."
"Winds are my messenger."
"I take your name more than God"
"May God forgive me"
"And do justice to me"
"May God forgive me"
"And do justice to me"
"Soni my Soni, Sona my lover sona,"
"If m scared, I might do something."
"Will die before we get apart."
"If m scared, I might do something."
"Will die before we get apart."
"I'll hold your hands."
"I'll hold your hands."
"I take your name more than God"
"May God forgive me"
"And do justice to me"
"May God forgive me"
"And do justice to me"
"Soni my Soni, Sona my lover sona,"
"Soni my Soni, & no one else wud be.."
"Soni my Soni, Sona my lover sona,"
"Soni my Soni, Sona my lover sona,"
"I take your name more than God"
"I take your name more than God"
"May God forgive me"
"And do justice to me"
But what’s written in destiny, that no one knows.
Mirza, yesterday I read a holy book to find answers.
There wasn't a good answer.
Let me do same. And let me see how the answers are bad.
Then come with me.
Now you do it.
Put this pot in water.
If this floats and disappears in front of our eyes.
Then we'll get success.
And if this would sink then..
This has to float.
This has to float.
This has to float.
Ohh the blessed, please help me.
Oh no. What happened.
Its dead.
How did she die?
What's happening?
Mirza, look here.
I can't understand anything.
Mirza how did they all die.
What happened. -I don't know uncle.
The buffaloes are all gone mad, and some of them died too.
Come on.
What happened.
Village people are coming to kill you, run away.
Come people.
Look all our buffaloes are dead.
Uncle are buffalo's are dead.
Oh my God, all my buffalo's are dead.
Ask him.
Mahiwal, what happened to these animals.
Actually me.
What did you feed the animals, scoundrel.
Why are you not saying, how did they die.
What happened to them.
I m not lying, I dint do anything.
Tell the truth, or else village people won't spare you.
I'm not lying, I din do anything.
They died on their own.
God promise.
Liar, Mirza.
Look he's Mirza.
This is a false Mahiwal.
You planned this to take revenge from me, you scoundrels.
Shame on you.
Beat him, kill him.
Don't kill him, he did nothing.
Have mercy on him, don't beat him.
Papa, he's innocent.
He did nothing.
How do you know.
Even you were with him.
No Tulla.
He's the enemy of the entire village.
The court will decide for him.
What’s your decision -What decision we've to take.
Died animals are in front of us, fodder..
Were poisoned.
..and even Tullas statement we've.
That he removed Mirza from house..
..and he became Mahiwal and came.
And took animals to fodder.
So that he can take revenge of human from animals.
He's such stone hearted we should not have mercy on him.
We should kill a man like this.
We should kill a man like this. -We should kill a man like this.
He should be kept here without food and water till he dies.
No, no.
Uncle, have mercy.
Please have mercy on my friend and my boss.
Come on go back.
Don't kill my friend.
You're punishing for killing the animals..
But why anyone not punishing the one who wanted.. kill the entire village people. -Tulla.
Because of him, Malkani stopped giving us mud.
We all are starving.
What do you've to say Tulla.
In anyone's pressure.
I can't decide for Sonis life. -Soni isn't only your daughter..
..she's the daughter of this village.
We'll not take wrong decision.
I know, but..
Sarpanch you'll decide.
Then the court decides.
Sonis marriage should be fixed with brother of Khadhana owner.
Don't sell my Soni for mere mud.
Tie him.
Father, please don't make it happen like this, father.
Please stop.
"May God forgive you."
"May he mete out justice to me."
"May God forgive you."
"May he mete out justice to me."
"Wounds of separation inflicted me."
"Wounds of separation inflicted me."
"Love is under guard."
"People have accused us falsely."
"Come to this Soni.."
"Soni calls you at the bank of river Chenab.."
"Come to this Soni.."
Your mother said you didn't eat since last night.
This isn't right, Soni.
You commit mistake..
..and then you get upset
I know child..
..tender age is as delicate as mud.
Even a small force can shatter it.
Come, child. Come.
But now I've arranged..
..that Mirza won't think of deceiving you again.
You don't understand.
Let bygones be bygones.
Eat food.
You must be hungry.
He must be hungry too.
Coast is clear. Let's flee.
Wait, Salamat.
You're getting me wrong.
These ropes didn't tie me.
Even if ropes are cut..
..I can't flee.
My love will be defamed.
We'll become culprits.
If you don't come, I'll take you by force.
Or else..'ll die.
Lovers don't fear death..
..but they fear..
..that death might..
..come before beloved.
Master, come with me. Sun is about to rise.
My Sun isn't here yet.
Bring my Sohni.
I'll make her wear this.
..there is no such custom, Malkani.
Forget the customs.
Until I don't see the bride, I won't leave.
She's yours.
Come, wife.
No, father.
I won't wear this ring.
I won't.
Open the door.
Did you arrange for the burial, father?
What are you saying to your father, shameless?
What's there to be ashamed of?
Father is the first to give hold the daughter's coffin.
Did we pray for you on the Shrine.. that you'd defame us in your youth?
I didn't defame anyone, mother.
But you've called the people to defame me.
Wife, come with me.
Won't you open the door for your father?
When did you start considering us your enemies?
We're doing all this..
..for your welfare.
You don't know.. what lies my happiness.
If I hadn't known..
..I wouldn't have agreed.
..will give you all the happiness.
He has enough wealth.. darn you with pearls and diamonds.
Take this.
Change your clothes.
Malkani wants to put ring in your finger..
..for do the engagement.
Take this.
I'm already engaged..
What've you done, daughter?
You've wounded your hands.
No, father.
This is henna in Mirza's name.
I swear, child..
..if it hadn't been for the lives of villagers..
..I would've made Malkani go back.
I would've done what you want.
But..'s beyond my control.
If Malkani doubts..
..that you're not ready to marry her brother..
..then she won't give us mud from her land.
Then no house..
..will have work.
There won't be any pots made.
In this village..
..there will be destruction.
These pots aren't just our livelihood, child..
..but they're our lives.
And your stubbornness..
..will give you death.
Our death.
Do you remember.. used to recite a story to me..
..that in old days..
..when river Nile used to get flooded..
..then to please the Goddess..
..a virgin used to be sacrificed.
Am I that virgin?
Don't insist.
Don't insist.
Now my honor and village's happiness is in your hands.
Many like me get sacrificed for their parents' honor.
And their funerals..
..are called bridal palanquin..
..and bid farewell with grandiosity.
I'll wipe the henna of Mahiwal.
Now will you get Mirza released?
Take him away.
It's me, master.
Sohni isn't here. -We're free.
We'll go now.
Nobody is here.
Sohni. -Nobody is here.
You've to go, Mirza.
I won't go.
Now I belong to someone else.
You're only mine.
I'm getting..
..married to someone else.
You can't leave me.
No, Mahiwal.
This is our last meeting.
"O world.."
"It's your victory."
"Make merry."
"Love has lost.."-Salamat.
When he wakes up.. take him away.
"Since the inception of the world.."
" decide and blame the destiny.."
Forgive me.
" decide and blame the destiny.."
" decide and blame the destiny.."
" decide and blame the destiny.."
Don't take money for giving mud to Tulla.
You were with Mirza, right? -Yes it's me.
But where is my friend Mirza.
What happened to my friend?
He has high fever.
Cruel man tied him hungry and thirsty for 3 days.
Take him to my house. Call the doctor.
I'll send the medicine.
But he needs rest.
Who did this to such a decent man?
My master was falsely accused..
..of killing all the cattle and..
Yes, my friend.
You're at my house.
Who did this injustice?
The same..
..which is called love.
"In your memory.."
"..I forgot everything."
"I swear by God.."
"..I forgot God."
"In your memory.. "..I forgot everything."
"In your memory I forgot everything."
"I swear by God.. I forgot God."
"But I can't forget you."
"Come.. -Sohni from Chenab.."
"Sohni calls you from the bank of river Chenab."
"Come.. Sohni from Chenab.."
"There is complaint on my lips."
"There is complaint on my lips."
"I miss you."
"This heart pines.."
"Come.. Sohni from Chenab.."
"Sohni calls you from the bank of river Chenab."
"Come.. Sohni from Chenab.."
Master, I'll bring the horses.
You look happy as you're going to meet your beloved.
How many favors will you do on me, Jabru.
You gave me a new life.
You gave me shelter.
Your favors have made me indebted to you.
This isn't favor, but friendship.
Culprits should be punished and you should get your beloved.
Do you remember the path?
I can reach her house even with closed eyes.
Then let's go.
God bless you!
Strange.. this road goes to the village of my fiancée too.
You'll lose your senses on seeing her.
How can an oblivious one lose sense?
Who is the lucky one?
The most beautiful girl of this world! Sohni!
What happened? Why did you stop?
I came on the wrong path.
This path goes to your Sohni.
My beloved doesn't live here.
You said you can reach with closed eyes.
I could've reached with closed eyes..
..but how can I go with open eyes. -What is this joke?
I'm telling you the truth.
I'm a stranger in your country.
I lost my way.
Let's go back. -Wait.
Let's go to my fiancée house.
They'll be happy to meet you.
For your beloved's sake.
You've made me helpless!
Uncle! Mirza is coming back.
Mirza is coming back with Jabru. Now what?
What will happen now?
Greetings, uncle. -Greetings.
Come, Jabru.
What brings you here suddenly?
He's my friend.
Izzat Baig.
He's the angel..
..who fought Zara and gave me new life.
He did that.
Yes. And our people repaid the favor.. accusing him falsely..
..they tied him for 3 days without food and water.
They drove him out half dead.
I came to punish them.
But he doesn't even remember the name of the village.
Why are you standing?
Won't you welcome the guests? Please come.
So decent..
So kind..
I wish I had one more Sohni..
Come, son.
Come, Mirza.
Please sit, son. -Don't take the trouble, uncle.
Please rest for a while.
You've come from far.
I won't let you leave without serving you cold drink.
Take this, child.
Take it.
Buttermilk is here. Bring it, child.
Jabru, take it.
Don't cast spell on my beloved.
I was blessing her.
May God give her such happiness..
..that she forgets all the past sorrows.
Don't worry, child.
They're like family.
Do attend Sohni's wedding. -Sure.
The girl I wanted to see as a bride..
..maybe she..
..will be see in Jabru's Sohni.
I swear..
Madam, when Mirza saw that he can't..
..get Sohni at any cost..
..he came to you with story of atrocities.
Because he knew..
..that Sohni will come in this house after marriage.
And these villagers?
They know everything yet they didn't say a word.
Neither to you nor to Jabru.
Just think..
..under one roof..
..if both lovers are present, won't there be fire.
If Jabru finds out, it'll be bad for you, Noora.
But time is less.
Only 4 days are left for the wedding.
When will you be of use?
If you help me, you'll get what you want?
Got it?
Sohni is getting married.. landlady Malkani's brother Jabur. -And Mirza?
Under Malkani's pressure, villagers drove him out.
If you finish Malkani and Jabur..
You gave me the news.. go.
Malkani's men are all around the village.
I know what I've to do.
I promise..
..whenever I'll take you..'ll be in bridal dress.
Or else I won't go.
I'll wait for that day impatiently, Mirza.
Child. Sohni.
What did you do?
I'm responsible for it.
Today is my test, God.
Save honor of my love for Sohni..
..and friendship with Jabru.
Give me the courage..
..that the one who did favor on me by saving my life..
..I should give him my life.
I shouldn't stumble on this path on duty.
The head which didn't bow before anyone but you and Sohni.. should be held high like love.
Sohni's message for you.
Where is Mirza?
What's the message?
Open it!
You wanted to snatch my Sohni from me.
How will you snatch her now?
Tell me.
How will you snatch her now?
Sohni is mine.
Only mine.
For her, I can do anything.
Do you know...
..who gave poison to the cattle? Of the village? I did it.
I did it. -Scum!
You didn't die.
You'll die.
You'll die soon.
Do you know...
..who played the ruse? To kill you? Malkani.
You think Nora is mad. I'm not mad.
You think Sohni will marry Jabru.
How will I get her?
I'll get her.
I'll get Sohni.
I'll become a groom.
From Tulla's house Sohni won't bid farewell in palanquin..
..but Malkani and Jabru's corpses will leave.
Because I told Zaara..
She's about to attack.
"When my tresses will sway.."
"..dark clouds will be formed."
"There will be heavy shower in the waiting."
"Moon is waiting."
"Night is waiting."
"The jamboree of desires is waiting.."
"I am waiting to express my feelings."
"Moon is waiting."
"Tears have to be shed from eyes."
"I've to say something with a smile."
"I'm in a dilemma."
"Today everyone is silent like me."
"Moon is waiting."
"Night is waiting."
"The jamboree of desires is waiting.."
"I am waiting to express my feelings."
"Moon is waiting."
"It's an old saga.."
"..see how the prey gets targeted."
"Wait and watch the drama unfolds."
"What is imminent will happen?"
"Moon is waiting."
"Night is waiting."
"The jamboree of desires is waiting.."
"I am waiting to express my feelings."
"Moon is waiting."
Child Sohni..
Do you permit me..
That your marriage is allowed with Jabru.
Daughter Soni.
Do accept to get married to Jabru.
You just love me? Right.
Only me.
Be quiet.
I tried to give you..
What a poor father can afford to give.
Take this.
Last gift.
This is a memento of both the village.
In which there is mud from your in-laws.
And your fathers art.
Please take care of it than your life.
Shuldn't be hurt.
It's a soft clay pot.
It's enough Soni.
You'll waste all tears today itself ?
Hold on Soni.
Preserve some of your tears of Malkani's grave too.
Zarina.. this Zarina.
Don't move.
No one will be left to cry on your grave.
You're Zara.. please forgive me.
For which crime you're asking pardon?
For that..
Which you had done with me.
Or for this crime which you're committing now.
Is arranging my brothers wedding is crime?
Is it a crime?
It's. Pressurizing the people and marrying this kind of a girl.. marry your brother...
..who loves to someone.
Is indeed a big crime.
It's a lie -Your punishment is only death.
If the wedding is taking place.. It's only with brides consent.
Ask this bride..
Is this red wedding garment is her funeral dress or not?
Say something. -No.
No daughter.
I beg you with my life.
Don't say anything.
Don't say anything daughter -I'll speak out, uncle.
This is all done because of Malkani's pressure.
I beg in front of you Salamati.
Please allow my Soni to..
Depart with respect. -Don't hide the fact.
Every one knew that Soni and Mirza loved each other.
But in against the land..
You sold out Soni.
What are you saying Salamati. -She's uttering the truth.
And Mirza love each other.
And no one told me?
Why not.. why not?
Why didn't any one inform me.
If it's true then.
I betrayed my friend.
This cannot happen.
I'm to my wife..
To Soni..
Give divorce..
Your Mahival has arrived.
What happened to my Mirza.
What happened.
Last night..
On Malkanis command..
Please say where my Mahival -My boss is.
Near the river bank.
Please wait my child.
I'm coming Mahival..
It beckons..
She goes when love calls her..
Breaking all..
To meet life..
..she's off.
Leave me. My daughter will drown.
Leave me..
Together living and dying..
For the lovers, for the lovers.
Together living and dying..
For the lovers, for the lovers.
Will never separate, if met while drowning..
This is the result of the lovers in this world.
Holy man..
You caused them to die.
Every thing is finished.
Mirza and Soni..
Have passed away..
Carrying the light of love..
From this world.
The season of shade is over,
Spring came and went.
It will come back again.
Again the spring will arrive.
The love never dies Hashim.
No one can eliminate love.
The flowers of love..
Will always blossom.
God is great.
God is great.