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Jalebi is often liked by everyone but today we will paneer jalebi.
The special flavor will awaken your taste buds. Make these special paneer jalebi for any special occasion or party.
Let’ see what all ingredients are required for making paneer jalebi.
Paneer - 200 grams (1 cup) (crumbled finely)
Saffron - 25-30 threads
Maida - ¼ cup
Sugar - 1.50 cup (300 grams)
Ghee - for frying jalebi
For making paneer jalebi make a batter from maida.
Add little water at a time and stir until all lumps gets dissolved.
Don’t add too much water at a time as it will take time for dissolving the lumps.
Add some more water now and whisk for 4-5 minutes more.
It should have a pouring consistency like this.
Mixture is ready.
Keep it aside for 1 hour on a warm place so that it gets fermented properly and then add this mixture into paneer for making jalebi’s.
After 1 hour whisk the maida mixture once again and also mash the paneer finely.
Meanwhile make sugar syrup.
For this take 1.5 cup of sugar in any utensil and add 1 cup water.
Add 2 tbsp more water and turn on the gas.
Let the sugar dissolve completely and then check it.
Meanwhile mash paneer and also add some water in saffron so that it dissolves nicely.
Take paneer in a plate so that it becomes easy to mash.
Now with help of your palms mash the paneer like this.
Add 1 tbsp milk into it so that it becomes thin.
Sugar has melted completely; now check the consistency.

For this take 1-2 drops and check whether it sticks like honey or not.
Sugar syrup is ready; add saffron into it.
For giving color to the jalebi add 1-2 pinch yellow color into it.
Saffron enhances the aroma in jalebi.
Turn off the gas now.
Paneer is also ready; now mix maida into it and whisk really well.
Whisk until both ingredients blend nicely.
Batter for making jalebi is ready.
Place ghee on flame for heating.
Fill batter in a polythene cone.
For making jalebi there is a special cloth with a hole or milk polythene bags can also be used.
Place the con on glass like this and with help of spoon fill batter into it.
Hold from top and make a small hole at the bottom.
Check whether ghee is hot or not.
Push the batter in the cone and make round jalebi’s like this.
Fry on medium or low flame and flip sides when it turns brown from one side.
Take them out in a separate plate first and then dip them in sugar syrup for 2 minutes.
Make rest of the jalebi’s like wise.
Take out the jalebi from sugar syrup and keep in a separate plate.
Mouth watering paneer jalebi is ready.
We have crushed paneer for making these jalebi’s but fresh homemade paneer or chena can also be used for making paneer jalebi.
Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with us.
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