Will Neural Therapy or Acupuncture Help Me?

Uploaded by TheAcupunctureDoc on 10.01.2013

the question i get very frequently is will acupuncture and neural therapy help with X

and people list off a whole host of symptoms that they may have
pain is a pretty common one a lot of people thanks to oprah dr oz and those kinds
of people that are
talking about acupuncture
people are very familiar that
acupuncture can help with pain
what a lot of people don't know is that acupuncture and neural therapy
can help with a whole host of other symptoms
symptoms are simply a sign that your body is out of balance
that there is a dysfunctioning going on with how the
organs are working kind of like
kids playing in a schoolyard
they're not playing nicely with one another and symptoms show up over time
two kids or two siblings that grew up in the same household came from the same

environment had a lot of the same experiences and environmental
uh... issues around them same sort of diet experiences and things like that
they may have very different symptoms
our bodies process information differently process environments differently

symptoms are sign again
that something's out of balance and so
I treat actually people
I don't treat symptoms
that being said
uh... most every symptom that
one may suffer from can be treated by acupuncture and neural therapy
it simply is a matter
it simply is a matter
helping the body to communicate again and to help the body get back in balance
and when that happens when you treat the underlying cause of this disbalance the
symptoms go away
so all that being said some symptoms that we do treat
or chief complaints people come in with
a lot of digestive problems sleep disorders
migraines and headaches
pain again is a pretty well-known one
anxiety panic attacks
all sorts of things that run the whole gambit so it's more what we don't
treat than what we would treat
uh... is is a much shorter list than
what acupuncture and neural therapy can help with