Back-to-school smiles

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[Narrator] Good health helps make for good students, and Children’s Hospital University
of Illinois helped some 180 local kids on Aug. 4 get ready for the new school year by
holding its Back to School Health Fair.
Waiting room 2E of the Outpatient Care Center on Taylor Street opened its doors at 8 a.m.
It was standing-room-only by the time doctors and other health care providers started seeing
kids at 9.
Eboni McClain held her 4-month-old daughter Jayla while filling out forms for her son
Jamarcus, who starts kindergarten in September at Providence St. Mel. She learned about the
health fair online.
[Eboni McClain] Someone posted it on Facebook. So I asked for more information about it and
they told me it was today on Taylor from 9 to 2 and come on down.
[Narrator] McClain says you can't beat it for convenience.
[Eboni McClain] A lot of people don't have a chance to go to clinics or anything before
school starts. And it's just helping a lot of mothers out.
[Narrator] Student patients waited patiently as staff from medicine, nursing and dentistry
moved them among exam rooms for physicals, eye and dental exams and all immunizations
necessary to start school. The staff volunteered their time for the fair, organized by Pediatrics.
Dr. Usha Raj is the department head.
[Usha Raj] It's important that they get their physicals done, their immunizations up-to-date,
or else they can't go back to school. So we do this as a public service for our patients,
and the community.
[Narrator] After students get their required immunizations and health screenings to start
school, they get a certification form signed by a physician. Dr. Raj says the hospital
tries to make the process easy for both parents and kids. And all services are provided free.
[Usha Raj] They can come in and get everything done and leave as quickly as possible. We
also provide a lot of educational material for the parents. If they do not have a regular
pediatrician, we definitely tell them about all our excellent pediatricians available
to sign up with.
[Narrator] Parents also get educational materials about various disease and disease prevention.
Kids get goodie bags, treats and beverages and - if they want - a face painting. Among
the guest artists putting brush to face was Dr. Raj herself.
[Usha Raj] That's something that's such a joy to do. The kids are so thrilled when you
paint a flower or a snake.
[Narrator] As he checked out of the health fair, kindergarten-bound and fully-vaccinated
Jamarcus flashed a big smile - with just a little splash of face paint.
This is Paul Francuch reporting for UIC News.