2013 Calendar Contest

Uploaded by takisse on 28.12.2012

Hello from Temo and Bibirba and welcome to Calendar Contest winners extraction event!
Thank you so much for taking part at our calendar contest!
Today is also our first video as Mitsume Temo Season 3
so I would like to introduce ourselves before we start.
I'm sure our fans want to know more on us as well!
Let's go then! I'm Nyanchi, as Mitsume Temo! Nice to meet you!
I'm Kaoru, as Bibirba! I'm a dancer, from NicoNicoDouga!
I've a unit with my friend Sakura. Go check my videos when you have time!
I also have a channel on NicoNicoDouga, where I have live talks with my followers.
This year Temo has had her third anniversary and the design changed as well.
The new design line is called Temo Cube! Cute, isn't it?
Not only the design, but also Season members changed and their uniform as well!
Regarding the uniforms, the creators are still discussing which style to use...
so in the meanwhile we are using these cute hoodies!! Cute, isn't it?
Don't get excited and remember that we are here for the Calendar Contest!
You're right, fans are waiting for us!
So, let's start showing all the entries we have received!
Today we will show only one drawing for each partecipant, even if someone send us more than one.
The first one is Danielle-chan from the United States. Thank you!
- It's a really cute drawing of Temo! - Yes, she is… "I am" really cute!
The next one if from the United States as well and it's from KKMS13! Thank you!
- In this drawings we look like we are really close friends! - Because we are best friends!
Next one is Brian Robinson from the States! Thank you!
- Temo and Kurarin! - I really like the background of this drawing!
Next one from USA again, made by Sizab. Thank you!
- This Temo has a lot of personality! - There is also a message on the drawing!
Next one is from Blaze! Thank you!
- Temo as a rece queen! Cute! - Yes, but Kurarin is driving!! Are we safe?? - Don't worry, there won't be any car accidents!
Next one is Shnoogums, from Canada! Thank you!
- Rococo here! - Realy cute, thank you!
Back to the States! Next one is from Miraxe! Thank you!
- The colors are really cute! - They merge with the background perfectly!
One from Japan! Made by Hachi! Thank you!
- I really like this pose! - That's cool!
Next one is from Pen, from Japan as well! Thank you!
- It's Bibirba! He is surely one of my fans! - Do you really have fans?
Now it's Sakura's turn, from Japan! Thank you!
- Bibirba again! With a big onigiri! - Everyone here knows your love for onigiris…
This one is form Italy! Made by YukiOshi! Thank you!
- It's Yui! I like her kimono! - Background is cute as well!
Again from Italy, this one is from Gore! Thank you!
- Oh, but it's Temo Cube! - Yeah for Temo Cube!!!
One more from Italy, made by Sirmidnightea. Thank you!
- I really like her style! Kurarin is soo cute! - You're forgetting about me… I'm cute as well!
Next one is from Germany, made by Izayoi. Thank you!
- Gothloli Rococo! - Cute and with cherry blossoms!!!
Next one is Hyakkidour4n, from France! Thank you!
- There are all the characters here… and a big onigiri! - Yes, Onigiri it's a must, right?
Last one is from Poland, by Ewa! Thank you!
- Really cute Temo! - And there's the Earth too! Lovely!
Now that we have showed you all the drawings it's time for the extractions!
I'll do it!! I'll do it!!
- Bibirba, are you sure? - Leave it to me, please!
Ok, at first I'll take these drawings…
and put them in the bag!
Then I'll take these other drawings…
and put them in the bag!
Now I'll put all the remaining in the bag! Are we ready for the extraction?
Let me shake the bag...
And the winner is…
a super big Onigiri!!!
Onigiri is the winner! Yeah!!
WAIT!!! Now, please, do this extraction properly…
Today we are here to teach how to make onigiri, right?
No, we are here for the calendar contest! Give me the bag, please…
Now it's time t pick up the 3 winners!
Who will be the first one?
Blaze is the first winner! Congratulations!
We need to pick up 2 more…
You go next, I'll give you another chance…
Who will be the next one?
Sakura!! Sakura is the next winner! Congratulations!!
And the last one is… tan-ta-da-da-daaaaa
Gore with Temo Cube!!! Congratulations!!
These are the 3 winners!
Thanks to everyone who took part to our calendar contest!
We have received lot of lovely drawings! Thank you so much!!
And from today you can download our calendar in PDF! Go grab it!!
Thank you so much for your continued support!
Happy New Year and see you soon!! Bye Bye!