HHI 2012: WHHDC Varsity and Adult Semi-Finals, MegaCrew Finals

Uploaded by DanceOn on 04.08.2012

Yesterday, from Hip Hop International
in Las Vegas, Nevada.
After all the heated competition, only eight teams
from each division will advance to the World Finals.

Let's take a look at the Varsity division.
In eighth place, Lil's Dance, with a 6.91.
The Bandits, from Hawaii, in seventh, with a 7.09.
Freshest Nutz, in sixth place, with a 7.28.
The A-Team, in fifth, with a 7.40.
J.B. Star Varsity, fourth place, with a 7.42.
In third, Sorority, with a 7.70.
Zero, in second, with a 7.91.
And moving onto the finals and first place,
Sol-T-Shine, with an 8.22.
Congratulations to all the teams that advanced.

And now for the finals of the Megacrew division.
In eighth place, Team Recycled, with a 6.80.
Seventh place, Praise Team, with a 6.83.
Sixth place, La Salle Dance Company Street.

Fifth place, Academy of Hype, 7.21.
Fourth place, Academy of Swag, 7.27.
And now for the three teams that medaled.
UP StreetDance Club with a 7.56.
With the silver, GRV, with a 7.65.
And defending their title, The Royal Family will return to
New Zealand with gold with a 7.88.
Congratulations to all the teams that medaled, and then
to all the teams that participated.

And now, for the top eight teams that will advance to the
Adult division finals.
SNV Crew, out of India, with a 7.20.
So United Crew, from the UK, with 7.25.
Brooklyn, from South Africa, with a 7.26.
Rockwell Family, from Canada, with a 7.28.
In fourth place, the Electrolytes,
from the United States.
Third place, the Academy of Villains, with a 7.35.
Second place, Neutral Zone, with a 7.37.
And moving onto the finals and first place, The Crew, from
the Philippines, with a 7.52.
These eight teams will advance to the finals Sunday night at
Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Congratulations to the winners and a very special thank you
to all the crews that participated.
You are hip hop.
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