Ilha do Mel, Parana, Brazil - Southern Right Wales

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Who also switched home were the Southern Right Wales.
They exchanged the South Pole for the gorgeous Ilha do Mel, in Parana.
A wise choice!
A different noise.
It is caused by the peaceful swimming of the whales.
Mom and cubs let the view of Ilha do Mel prettier.
As the time went by they got closer.
Later on, with more confidence, they came near and became more show off.
The callus at the top of the head and the size don't leave any doubts.
It indicates that these are the Southern Right Wales.
These Animals leave the South Pole during the winter
to breast-feed in the warm waters of the Brazilian coast.
The cub, according to biologists, can gains 50 kilos every day.
Now, the little one needs some energy to get back to the South Pole.
An adult whale like that can be 18 meters of height and 50 tons of weight.
It's the second most endangered species of the world.
- Their visit becomes more frequent when they find a satisfactory and calm place,
so that they can breast-feed their cubs.
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