Avatar in real life - Nice makeup for college

Uploaded by KawazoeJapan on 20.05.2010

- /Reactions Marc-André?/ - What reaction?
/Your reaction/
-Who's that? -It's me...
-Who's Me? -Etienne
/So that's it, Avatar costume./
/Ok let's record people's reaction/
Oh my god!
/Not bad eh?/
/Ah! She thought it's funny!/
Very good job
/Let's go! Don't stop!/
/Who'll be the lucky one?/
That's very nice!
It's a lot of work
Did you see the movie?
Yeah, I've seen it in January.
/It glows in the dark/
It does?
/Like in the movie/
Is is glued ears like those elven ones?
Yeah, It's the same thing
/Ok, that's very good feedback/
/It's good eh?/
How much time did it take?
It took 8 hours
Can I take a picture?
Who did the makup?
She's my cousin, Marie-Blanche Marchand
Can I take a picture?
/Photo hug! Get closer!/
/You'll be happy with that eh?/