Interview with Edward @ DH Summer 2012

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on 17.06.2012

- Hello Edward!
- Hi, prb and all the rest!
- Edward, why do you wear beard?
- Why do I?
‘Cause I like it.
I do like the beard.
- You remind me of Salvador Dali and Viking
at the same time.
Has anyone told you about it before?
- No one did.
I’m pleased by your comparison.
- Ok. Let’s speak seriously.
How did you practice before DreamHack?
Did you bootcamp?
- No, there was no bootcamp.
We practiced at home. Practice was good.
It lasted for 10 days.
I assure you that we are ready for the tournament.
We are aimed at the victory.
- You had no victories since Techlabs, if I’m not mistaken.
- Yeah, SK didn’t fly to Moscow,
so we had to play show-match.
- Do you feel any lack of confidence
because of not having major victories?
Like, do you need confirmation of your power?
- No, I don’t.
I’m sure in our power.
We are ready to win, if each of us wants it.
All Na`Vi players are unbelievably strong.
If we find our gamestyle, we are the best team in the world.
I’m actually self-confident.
- How was your way to Jonkoping?
As far as I know you enjoy DreamHack
very much because of its atmosphere.
How did you get here? Where do you live?
- It’s like usually.
We flied Kiev-Stockholm.
Then we rented 2 cars to get to Jonkoping,
as there are two Na`Vi teams.
The second one is DOTA 2 team.
We traveled 350 km from Stockholm to Jonkoping.
The way wasn’t very blah.
We got more pleasure than tiredness.
It’s always pleasant for me to come here.
It’s very cool for every gamer
to feel this atmosphere.
Ñomputer game festival takes place
and different devices are represented herer.
You can always find all the newest and
the most interesting things at DreamHack.
You can always meet many eSportsmen from different disciplines.
I met here an old friend from Kharkov
who played Quake.
Unfortunately he was not able to pass the group stage,
but it was not a pity
as he didn’t participate in any tournament
for the last 10 years.
This year I’ll watch DOTA 2 with pleasure,
as our guys participate.
- Do you play DOTA 2 yourself?
- Yes, I do.
It’s my favorite game apart from CS.
- Are you keep up on new events?
- Yes, I’m.
I watch all the teams, not only Na’Vi.
Well, Na`Vi are certainly my favorites.
I’m very happy to watch their victories
and I always cheer for them.
- Recently ESL announced excluding CS 1.6.
from the official list of gaming disciplines.
What do you think about it?
Do you agree that CS is dying?
- Frankly speaking, excluding CS won’t kill it.
It’s not pleasant of course,
as ESL conducts one of the most prestigious
yearly tournaments.
Maybe CS 1.6.
will transform into CS:GO.
- Do you want to play CS:GO?
- It depends on the game developers.
It depends on their result.
If it’s unplayable, I won’t play it, of course.
- Can you judge on the existing version?
- It’s too early to judge.
The game has been constantly updating…
almost once a week.
So it’s hard to say something concrete at the moment.
I installed the latest patch,
so I tried it a bit.
CS:GO and CS 1.6 are totally unlike.
They are totally different.
CS:GO has totally different action.
It operates under the other rules and principles.
Nevertheless it doesn’t frighten me.
It makes an interest for me on contrary.
If CS:GO gathers good prize money,
I will play it, as I’m surely to succeed.
I don’t know… time will show.
- Have you prepared any new rounds
specially for DreamHack?
- Yes, we did.
- Will you show them?
- We will. Definitely.
- Great.
Let’s finish this short interview.
Any final words?
- First of all huge thanks to all of our fans.
You are the ones we play for.
And thank you SteelSeris, Antec, Alienware and Kingston
for sponsorship and letting us participate in such events.
Thank you all.
- Thank you for the interview.
Good luck.
- Thanx.