Team HASC Vignettes 2013

Uploaded by JACOBSTAHLER on 16.10.2012

Camp HASC is the most incredible place on earth.
My name is Josh Bamberg.
Hi my name is Tova Medetsky.
My name is Aryeh Spiegel. I was a counselor this year at Camp HASC.
Hi, I'm Ben Zohner.
Hi, my name is Sara. I was a counselor
this summer in Camp HASC.
This summer was my fourth summer at HASC and every summer I return home saying it was the most amazing summer of my life.
Every single moment there was awesome.
There's just something about Camp HASC that's so incredible you can't even put it into words.
One Shabbos afternoon my co-counselor and I were transferring my camper back into her wheelchair so she could get outside for some fresh air
when I noticed her headband was resting on the side of her wheelchair and I was about to put it on
to make her look nice
and my co-counselor stopped
and in the most
unassuming way possible
she looks at me and says
"Oh, I just took it off her head for a few minutes cause I know how headbands start to hurt
after they've been on for a while."
Camp Hasc really was the most amazing experience I ever had in my entire life.

For me this is what Camp HASC is about.
It's about headbands.
It's about becoming as attuned to
the individuals your working with as
you would want someone to be attuned to you.
HASC has really inspired me not to
judge people in such a narrow minded way.
HASC really is a piece of heaven on earth.
It definitely changed me as a person.
impossible to describe to someone who has never been there. The love
and devotion showed by each and every member of the stuff is just unimaginable.
These campers have really changed my life forever.
My top moment in camp has to be from this past summer when I watched Sruli, a camper that I had when I was a counselor,
get up in front of the entire shul on Shabbos Nachamu and recite
the brachos for his aliyah perfectly at his Bar Mitzvah.
The faces of the campers when they come off that bus, that utter
and complete joy that they show, they know they're coming home, they know
they're coming to a place
that is completely accepting of who they are.
The excitement in his eyes and the joy in his smile as he walked around the room
saying "I did it! I did it!" is a moment that I will never forget.
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