Na`Vi.Dota 2 meets carjacker at McDonalds @ DreamHack Winter 2012

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on 27.11.2012

Documentary film from the heart of Sweden.
You’re violating, Mr. Boss.
You carry 8 children at the same time in one car!
Here comes my child, I told him million times
Don’t drive in the car or do seat at the back
Your back will hurt, etc.!
Hello my drug-addicted fiends, how are you doing?
Oh, one guy is trying to get into the car
Look there, interesting picture.
Hey, man!
Any problem?
He wanted to get into the car.
He wanted to take Dendi’s place.
I told you there was something interesting there!
Can you believe the guy wanted to get into the car
Instead of you!
A stranger
So what do you think about Admiral Bulldog now?
Not the best moment to talk about it.