Video game pickups 30 games! (With gameplay footage)

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What's up ladies and Gentlemen I am Visualante and You're watching the Visualante effect.
And I've been planning a lot of things for my channel recently, uh one of which I am going to be dedicating an
Entire month
to something
which uh... I am not going to tell you now but I am going to tell you when everything is ready to announce it
uh... so
that's one thing about the use of the thanks a lot of reviews the reviews
older teens games are under review of the from putting focus on that
underage teens
cheap regained
murugan to swallow levels of been playing on cooling some of the retro
games that
i'll have a lot of them because i've been collecting back and be
i thought you know i think would be pretty quebec will dump channels full
especially cause reviews
so to accomplish all these plans and goals that i have for channel i had to
go out and shops abuse or chip some give back what most of these people are ten
dollars or under
freak section of the newbies reports on the school through right now
the first time i got was the amazing spiderman
i've been playing recently
and uh...
about four to buying a first came out saw the movie was great
uh... and uh...
the this being based on the game
actually plays
after the movie took place so
they basil story after movie so they don't have some schools venus in weak
but by now you can push it to you
now the combat brigades differ from other spider indians
i'd like to select a very much and took a lot of inspiration from
the or concedes
but also as for complete different twist on it spiderman is all different com
so i'm really don't think that's one of my favorite
spamming needs up to date
also i have sleeping boats
i did at opening yet
so not waiting for with newspaper the open this and start playing
effluent inputting review for this first firemen for
based mostly gets back
expect off the line
if yes checked up my video which was my personal
most anticipated he just went well ought to have put that up submitted you know
dislike your did say you know these are markings on it with my personal messing
definitive list of interest because my person to speak so one of them was that
off the line
and welcome reviews
from i_t_n_ which is the
miles departure reviewer then gamespot general
they they did a pretty good score for you know
for freaking idea
me looking at the deeply
uh... by myself and
look and others are reviews
read and accept but him looking for to play
it looks like to be a story that's in debate
uh... and
it's uh... it was standing on
you know important job
support for principle
i was able to treat this team
for job
a trade battlefield reacts with adults about forty
one of my god
uh... source in which we got back from three formats fifty unfortunately
uh... the guy can have
original case and uh... manual
northeast because eyes portland area where i'd like to keep it makes me
uh... but
before that date
not to some of the older teens
a recent picked up for a long gamestop
packing stuff itself
billboard conspiracy of looking up some of the reviews for his sins of the
gameplay look pretty interesting for a movie titled in look like actually
follow movie um... and
it has all the friends
deeply mechanic that conceivably some reports when this armor watching the
movie as well
notes on the the combat in the movie
was amazing so
hoping to see how they actually but since his approval d
thoughts about like six books right now so
but you can do it once it gets here
uh... i got trial pollution
works and what incorporate but uh... stuff
union sources peptide wifey for the music store music slash movies
but he would try which a i what it is about the skin but
what whatever else you want to be stopped
i was always attracted to some problems was curious as to how to be in place so
what's offered some bucks above it and pick it up it's you know if you go to
disney game people's based on a movie
thirty cents because often
ceo plays out
this game goes for bulk
white box
if you have uh...
open for parts for fifty since
a big deal
uh... but i got from gamestop
and it's uh... supposed to be a scary game
first-person scary
or rabin
and they had the flu has a unique
where uh... you'll be able to switch between
the members that you have one on t
sucks in a lot of mixed reviews but didn't see the more official reviewers
the bad news but i've seen some of the
the individual reviewers given
much better use
singh that's a very game it's it's actually
actions or
hassle frontal assault as for five plus jerry moves uh... i've been playing to
review it
and for something
different from mine consisting of birds of prey films about the dollars
i would say it's a looks at the world war two and actually search much but
discovery export
uh... even from i_t_n_ expo
it sold the game
amazing through
airplane na what
what and the rest of printed reflects
world war two
you know erica so will succeed
one game that
late double and light
and while consumers
very underrated is
let you-know-who what u
it's as opposed to beat
maybe it would still be third-person shooter but the same time
it's made out to be used to be seen
sleeve urine this uses this wall
where you want prison
we have to kill individuals as fast as possible supports a timeline
time given to the hardest where the better
bass guitar as we can get the sharma choice months on the better mutual based
on that
ethical concepts pretty unique so luckily none we give to stand trial as
uh... and it's only
twelves or two ninety nine
two dollars so
weekend coralville
uh... continuing a half
fracture account for about four bucks
another team that has unique tactics in it
he indicates
but intended that much attention from you
uh... incident these by the book
when i was looking at the uh... the gameplay i can't help but think i got
tribespeople stands for four blasts like lately parental except the get to keep
the rental so
police say let the games
try it out to the poor
less fracture
uh... that
to insure or simpson
in his vs predator
and overwork guys get together for ten dollars off somebody from craigslist
uh... interspersed fighters i've heard good things about the orthodox and point
on the uh...
the regular reviewers
and a lot of people
individual like that
uh... so alone for explain this one gets please predator
and would you please universal
uh... it's all working actually
palm the first of all the work
you know a lot for aids
and a single word basically told me
issue that will happen with it was who does not know difference between that
and the first one
you know i don't want to
we'll see how it goes
uh... stupid action potentials
is that you might see some games but
package for you
also another
bad gained poolcorp
uh... and this lab films should be bad
is damnation
and down here for about six dollars
there is not all prison that followed the cities but the game
and usually i never by a team
no one is the are
and i wouldn't write
but i don't know why did something by the scheme
just looks cool to me you know
something but the graphic something about the
you know sets the weapons that he has the environment
is not squads walked right out i want to play and see what was the socks
don't buy it
well actually it's not that that's not good
student right
uh... but you know the spanish dancer others
the guidance of the kind of a absorbed by drugs
bashar rosalia
all right so i also that prince of persia
use the complete redo
of spurs used
and knows the sole she'd want to the folks who are employed dot complaints or
so far it's uh... it's a
there's a fun gates a beautiful being
is s
it's very easy scl simply cannot about who came back
which i guess the track meet more realistic walpole
the sense that you know how to make it to the journey
with all these forms
if you don t
of chapter one out
so the man in a way that you have someone always be saved
uh... but
the it was pretty fun
climbing one and what not install one
so uh... production joins the right now
open siegel turns out to the finca
and there's also prince of persia for god sends
this falls this huge that's the pc purchases the out
nextgen password
uh... i think things for a while
tunes for bulk eight bucks support dot br
on cheap manage to get the case management for a pit stop
so yeah popped up
that's my collection
daisy matters tornado outbreak
and asking for about six nine nine used rare and i find anywhere
consulate select
ag doesn't jump on it looked like it was even brand new
or if they didn't play that much we're meeting starts
it's crystal clear nothing like
i heard a lot of things but the city
uh... tornado outbreak a lot of people said the scheme was very underrated and
left to pacify
and uh... it's a very funky so
if any please tornado in the long run make you happy
the whole types that you were the world
the reason you do me a sissy world
so i don't see how this is
that look interesting russell and that was very be so um sucker free keenzo
socrates the stop bottle
most of the miss
also another team that lots of good things about
but adhesive resin did see a lot of reviews on it
it's conan
and the reviews the word windows and a lot of these children the director of
his action pretty good biking spot
i'm looking for things like that for four dollars so
details causing the government
and actually
do much more boarded buses
to stop
acts boldly gives careful today footprint
of thing which is in addition to that one
that i have planned bundles box
if u_p_s_ is video
unifying allotments for with them not to be about
sale i got here batman w_b_ lego
mcmahon interview
unlikely we use them much
the last like was star wars they go
ferguson back date
when actually played action
pretty durable
but jodhpur made-for-t_v_ on the crime poverty
uh... but above equal checkup how be implemented
for back
and i heard some good things about this one is the first one the recently just
came out with lou back to army older spent six novel reading
freelotto needed spent when the halls of the game but
you know it's not so i don't know what dates support bucks
now for at least two games there's a lot of kids to get that picture
i picked up superman returns off four
five dollars
entitled to his most maybe make some of those unanimous firsthand and sixty-four
some rents with sixty four was
the worst
dean i've ever played my life
want you to appease and
you know he's looking towards the you don't want that thank you
allotment of manpower
so lots of returns this first one this too
useful units of making that
defies polish mate and actually is the one that were to speak so
but i got bad reviews
we know what
i got it just to review it still u_s_ marines and selection really excited
about his teenage mutant
mention struggles
things but this one
and teenage means charles three
united's all it's free
uh... piece of sorts
and c_n_n_ c ortiz means charles
these are the more recent meetings
all these games got some pretty good reviews action presets playing
to teach me mitchell
at war distributed
walls finished
submit show the apocalypse refused to
accused him up two days ago
and i have a full refusal to discuss exactly both reports
what i favorite games miles younger
xa walgreens revenge
i don't know why lunches gainsborough go i don't think i remember
it being that bad or that day
what use
this pretty gruesome for
uh... superhero gay
they have a lot of the villains
from experiment wall rings
reason why not
i really enjoy it is the everyday
uh... arnold was because of its on the dvd
look at reviews that wasn't purview type of person
father go online check of these whatsoever he was based on my personal
judgment axonal
informed or
uh... so iron burger kings but the macbook spleen again
can give me a review about it
again all these past couple of years are
as to
what does com was would sleep well
issue structure
magazine i have here for this tuesday weight too
this we must also submit your review
uh... because lead
uh... i i i forget
that uses technically is super hero
socks or is far more universal
which are bad things but the people ceo
hope that this
thanks i have
just three heroes
first i thought this game
copied marvel all life to the west is the worst to when this is really
somewhat more one more goal is reached
uh... i come to realize that
actually the sea to try to make it more like statesman legends
uh... but look more important than
particulates but i will see
also help most pleased and actually play it but people it's a pretty good things
about it is a poor pink slips approves of the pixels synopsis
does give my hair i regret getting it
uh... mrs
serbia residencies
this is kind of he
you know also by what's what
benefits are being forced out but you know why not try this one with o_s_ two
sets of parents the worst-hit muffled series
and i didn't play that's all
electors for time
ceo turn
five bucks
leaking from memories is batman begins right they just came back bay
expertise doable
is difference
so that means he's definitely
and uh... it was after the movie so
uphill forrest
is based on swords
as a movie title but i was not bad for me
tend to believe that not to do with the others
uh... going green
graves one of the best use of that they don't give students the first one this
one is the number two
it's basically i think is based on and in new york combo
uh... mcmurray familiar with that
what's between soft spots like him run around with
a coffin
use the competition so it's like that
it's a font font and finally
one of my favorite games of all time jamie rice obviously came out was
revolutionary my opinion
well the combat system or the fact that you'd be able to use combat
hand-to-hand and also the same time at sri mechanics
along the fed to infuse d
and what's there to fight
whose at the time it was
so married
bought out when i look back now with some of these would be of some bad news
i was surprised
i think that that allen provided weight again
and review its supporters
that's been my recently phelps uh... and these are all the exact or recently four
the channel
and for me personally
and definitely won't games look forward to a lot of refusal on conference call
coming out
and uh...
a lot more creative chin
you have to bits two clicks which was your pic and watch the video but make
sure you like it subscribe to channel annual regret follow my social networks
and you'll be all set
on vision wanted you've been watching the