KT Tape: IT Band Hip

Uploaded by LumosInc on 19.01.2012

I´m Chris Harper and with me is Makayla and we are here to demonstrate
an application for "IT Band Syndrome" at the hip. This is when you experience pain
on the outside portion of the hip.
Some causes of this may be overuse, training on hills or stairs,
muscle imbalances, over-pronation of the foot or gluteus medius weakness.
This also happens to be the application for hip bursitis.
KT tape helps with this condition by decreasing pressure to reduce pain
and may increase circulation.
For this application we are going to place the hip
in an adducted position, so shifting that hip out
I'm just going to place an orange dot right over Makayla's hip
just to indicate where your pain may be.
Your pain may vary slightly, but you can use this
application for over the hip.
We are going to take our first full strip and
we are going to fold that in half
And then we are going to cut rounded corners on the
folded end of the tape.
The rounded corners helps keep the tape from getting
caught on clothing.
We are going to twist and tear the back paper on this piece
and peal that paper back being very careful not to touch the adhesive of the tape.
So handling the tape only with paper.
Here we are going to stretch evenly, using our fingers and thumbs,
and we are going to place that with eighty percent stretch
over that point of pain, and we are going to peel off the paper just
laying the end with absolutely zero stretch.
And Makayla is taping over her shorts
but at home you're going to apply this directly to the skin
Ok, for our next piece we are going to again tear
the paper in the middle
and we're going to stretch that tape eighty percent so again if you take that out
one hundred percent and then back that off just a little bit, that's eighty percent
and the very ends of the tape you’re are going to
apply with absolutely zero stretch
That looks great!
Now, we are going to take an additional full strip of tape
and just like with the first piece we're going to fold in half
cutting rounded corners on the folded end of the tape.
Once again, this is to prevent any corners from getting caught on clothing
We are going to twist and tear the backing paper
peel it back being very careful not to touch the adhesive of the tape
as this may affect the adhesive quality of the tape
we are going to apply this again with eighty percent stretch
crossing over our first two pieces
we are going to peel the paper backing off on the ends with absolutely zero stretch
as we lay that down, give it a little bit of a rub, right here as well.
And for our last remaining piece, again just like the others, we are going to take
twist that backing paper, peeling that paper back
handling the tape only by the paper backing, then we are going to stretch the tape
to eighty percent, nice and even, crossing over the other pieces
and adhering those ends of the tape to the skin
with absolutely zero stretch.
Give that whole thing a good friction rub, while still in the position of shifting that
hip out.
That friction creates a little heat
which allows that tape to adhere to the skin much stronger.
Here are some helpful tips before applying
Clean the skin very well to remove any lotions or skin oils that may be on your
skin, so you have better adhesion. Also trim any excessive hair.
For the same reasons, so you have nice adhesion to the skin
Be careful with taking clothing on and off, as this may roll the tape.
Some complementary treatments include rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications such
as Ibuprofen, foam rolling, light stretching and massage.
Please seek care if you have severe pain or swelling or difficulty walking.
For more information see our website at www.kttape.com