Jacksonville FL Chiropractor Dr. Peter Adams discusses an important test

Uploaded by PeterAdamsDr on 12.11.2009

Hi, my name is Dr. Peter Adams and I'm a licensed chiropractor in Jacksonville Florida and
today I am here to talk to you about a very important test. In my opinion, the most important test or analysis
that we can do for someone in the Chiropractic office. That's a weight bearing chiropractic xray of the neck.
Here's a normal side view taken from the side - normal side view and you can see the normal arc there.
Neuro-scientists call that arc The Arc of Life.
Because when you have the normal arc, that gives your body the best chance to function and heal at 100%
And if we lose that normal curve in the neck, it adversely affects our health.
In fact, in a highly prestigious medical journal, called Spine, back in 2005, they published some research that
showed if you lose the curve in the neck it takes up to 15 years off your life.
So it's a very important test.
Now as you lose the curve in your neck, the structure weakens. And the head shifts forward, the posture distorts
and the spinal cord has to stretch like a rubber band to fit into that weak and distorted structure.
Now if you were to stretch a rubber band, would it get tighter? Well of course!
So when that spinal cord stretches like a rubber band, those nerves get stretched, and they get pinched.
Now energy can't flow through a system that is tense and being pinched.
So that's a very important test. Now my purpose is to serve as many people as possible.
To provide precise chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitation.
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And I do look forward to serving you