High Frequency trading Live Signals daily report 2nd Jan 2013 S&P 500 Emini Futures

Uploaded by WinningMoreTrades on 02.01.2013

Welcome To The Daily Report For The relevant order flow events
surfaced by sceeto and follow the bots for the S&P Emini Futures Contract
and the Spyder Etf
Trading Day January 2nd 2013 Market rallied as expected
and predicted last night after the house of representatives
fiscal cliff vote
this was quite clearly driven by high frequency pushing the market as well as retail investors
the hfts still tried here and there to scare small traders out by running stops
which you can see by pausing the video
it was obvious from early on from the order flow signals generated that the
market was going up
Wind the bottom pane on the chart which monitors overall trend was pretty much pinned
solid green all day long despite slight dips
macdaddy the middle indicator caught all the spikes with great precision
can you imagine harnessing the power of real time trading alerts with
the indicators you are already comfortable with
i am sure you'll see the potential for successful trades is very much in your favour for once.
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