Voicemail, the Google way

Uploaded by Google on 26.10.2009

>> If there are things that bother you about voicemail, check out what Google Voice can
do for you. With Google Voicemail you can still listen
to voicemails one by one on your phone, but you can also listen them on your computer
in whichever order you'd like. Voice messages will automatically be converted
to text, so you can actually read your voicemail messages in you online inbox, or via text
messages on your phone. Save voicemails for as long as you like, star
important ones and easily search through them, just like email.
Plus, personalize voicemail greetings based on who calls, like a different message for
your mom or for a group of friends. Getting started is easy; just follow our brief
instructions to set up your phone. And if you ever change your phone company,
you can take your messages with you. They are yours after all.
To get started, visit google.com/voice.