Islam Net's response to ''Burn a Koran-day''

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- Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.
May peace and blessings be upon you.
Our message is that Islam is a peaceful religion
and that the Qur`an is not meant to be burned,but to be read and understood.
Because when you go deeper in this book and learn what is written in it,
then you will understand what Islam really is.
We are not here to take over Norway, to spread terrorism or anything like that.
We have a message of peace,
which you can receive only by reading the Qur’an.
And you will never achieve that by burning the Qur’an.
- A pastor by the name Terry Jones, with his new church in Gainesville in Florida,
came into the world’s spotlight, after they announced ''Burn a Quran Day'' the 11th of September 2010.
The pastor had planned to burn 200 copies of the Muslims’ holy book: the Qur’an.
Several renowned personalities, including the president of the US, Barack Obama,
showed disgust towards such an indecent behavior.
The Islamic Network, Islam Net in Norway, chose to respond to the ''Burn a Quran-day''
by standing in the heart of Oslo, Norway’s most busy street Karl Johan,
with an information stall and hand out more than 1000 copies of a booklet about the Qur’an.
''You ask and The Qur`an answers''.
In addition to this, a number of Qur'an translations and other Islamic literature was handed out for free
to the stream of people passing by.
- Embryology. You are convinced by science, right?
We have people from the highest levels in science, for example in embryology.
What do they say?
They say that the people of that time, e.g. our Prophet, may peace be upon him,
he could impossibly know about the development of the fetus in the stomach of the mother,
as exact as it is described in the Qur’an.
- Yes, I will absolutely see.
But we can find out these things.
- I’m talking about those things you can’t see with your eyes.
When the fetus was in such a form which you can only see through a microscope.
What happens if someone cuts it open and takes a look? He will only see fluid there.
He can’t determine anything about it.
- Does it really say such things in the Qur`an? - Yes it does, I will refer you to a video.
- To say that God made a shortcut, is so easy that you accept it blindly, is an insult to Hawkins.
- It is not about accepting anything blindly. We have many strong evidences that shows that the
Qur`an doesn't have a human origin.
And if you look at these evidences from an objective perspective,
then a person without prejudices, who does not just want to deny the truth,
he will accept this as the truth.
For example, Allah says in the Qur`an: ''Wa Arda Ba’ada wa Zalika Dahaha''
The word ''Dahaha'' that is used in the Qur`an can be translated to ''a wide expansion''
But it has one more meaning,
which is ''egg-shaped'', Allah is talking about the earth.
He created the Earth in an egg’s shape.
And it is not referring to any egg, but specifically to an ostrich’s egg.
Today we know the shape of the Earth. Which shape does the Earth have?
- It looks a little bit like an egg. - It is geo spherical, right?
A bit flattened on the poles. It’s the exact same shape as an ostrich egg.
If you imagine a man in the 5th century came to tell the people about Islam,
If you look at it from a completely objective perspective, and if he wants as many followers as possible,
would he tell them something which they will accept
to be recognized as their ''ruler'',
or would he say something which goes against what they believe in?
If he wants to be recognized by them.
- He will say something which suits them. - Yes, he will say something they would listen to.
- It was a lot of traffic, and many people asked questions about the Qur`an and its origin.
The Muslims consider this book to be the Word of God, revealed to Man,
and this shows the value that this book has for them. This is not just an ordinary book,
but a recitation which over 1.6 billion people wants to dedicate their lives to.
If someone thinks they can hinder the message of peace in the Qur’an, which penetrates the hearts of people,
by burning some copies of it, they are mistaking.
If they were to burn every single copy of this book, this would not extinguish the Qur’an.
Because Allah has promised to preserve His book, and we can see this by looking at millions of Muslims
who have learned the recitation of the whole Qur’an, word by word, by heart.
Even men in alien costumes showed interest and were receptive to learn about Islam and the Qur`an.
I have read a little bit from the Qur`an, I`ve read about Buddhism, because I think it is important to learn.
- It is good for you to read the Qur`an, because some of the things in the Bible
you will find exactly the same in the Qur`an. - Yes I know that.
- If you have two or three minutes to come and hear about The One Who has created us,
we will be very grateful.
Muhammed (SAW) and Sahabah (RA) had many qualities.
I will now tell you about a few of these qualities, and if you practice them,
it will be easy for you to practice the Deen,
The first quality that Muhammad (SAW) and the Sahabah (RA) had, was the Kalimah Shahadah:
AshHadu An-la ilaha ill-Allah Wah-Dahu La Shareek-Ala Wa Ash-Hadu Anna Muhammadur Rasool-Allah
This means: I testify that there is no other creator than the Creator, and that Muhammad (SAW) is His last messenger.
If I were to put this entire world into a bowl, and everything that is created into this one bowl.
And if I just put the one word ''La ilaha ill-Allah'' in the other bowl,
then ''La ilaha ill-Allah'' would conquer everything.
- But you think that Jesus is the angel Michael, right?
- Yes.
- So Jesus is an angel? But the earlier prophets, what were they?
- They were only human beings. Jesus was the only one sent to the Earth from the Heaven.
- But where in the Old Testament does it say that God will send down an angel
Whose name is Jesus Christ? - No, Jesus Christ is not mentioned.
- There were many interesting conversations at the stall
and many people wanted to get involved in theological subjects in Islam versus Christianity.
Somebody thought that God gave birth to a human son on Earth,
while others believed that Jesus, peace be upon him, was an angel.
But the Qur`an teaches us that he was a human and a prophet.
Islam Net had the pleasure to meet Winnie the Pooh who was standing next to their information stall with his jar and a cheerful mood.
But this didn’t last for long after he was pushed by a man passing by.
You would think that Winnie the Pooh never would be happy again, but this changed drastically
when Islam Net offered him one of their booklets about the Qur`an.
You could see that the bear was happy and smiling.
- Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. May God’s peace and blessings be upon you.
We are here on the street of Karl Johan, the Islamic Network, Islam Net, and we are handing out free
books to everyone who wants to learn about Islam.
Today our concept was the Qur`an. Because as you know it is the 11th of September
and there were someone in the US who wanted to burn the Muslims’ holy book.
Our message is that the Qur`an is not meant to be burned, but to be read and understood.
The Qur`an has a message of peace, and you can't find it before you read it.
And you will never find that message if you burn it.
To burn such a book only creates hatred and xenophobia among the different religious groups.
And the reason for us to be standing here is to build bridges between the different religious groups
and all other non-Muslims.
This has been a great, successful day. Many people came wanting to learn about Islam.
They got a lot of free books. We had a big stall, a large table full of literature, which is now completely empty.
We had a full suitcase, and a bag full of literature, and now there is absolutely nothing left.
This only shows that there is a large number of people out there who don`t support
the burning of the Qur`an, who is against it, and who shows support to the Muslims.
Even though they're not Muslims themselves, they recognize that this is wrong
and should not happen.
And there are so many people who wants to learn about Islam.
- Hello, I want to learn.
- We had a stall here today where we handed out free literature about Islam.
Today there was a special concept: the Qur`an,
because they were planning to burn the Qur`an in the US 11th of September.
So our message today was that the Qur`an is not meant to be burned, but to be read and understood.
Because the Qur`an has a message of peace, and by burning it you will not get that message.
And it has been a great day, we had a huge amount of literature here, and it is all empty.
- It is empty?
- I would love to give you something. Do we have any business cards?
Can we have some business cards? - Thank you.
- Here you have the last business card.
If you have any questions feel free to ask, we are here to answer your questions.
- I would like to read and get some questions. Will you be standing here for a couple of days?
- We will be here again in two weeks, then you can come by and get as much free literature as you wish,
and DVD’s also if you want.
- Great, thank you. I`ll see you here in two weeks.
- The exact same place, from one to five on Saturday.
See you then, have a nice day!
- As brother Fahad talked about earlier, the importance of giving people
the information we have in the Qur`an, and that it’s not meant to be burned.
But something else which is important is to participate in this job to clear the name of Islam
Participating in working against incidents like the burning of the Qur’an.
We need people to join us in this work, because as you can see there is a need for this.
People want to learn. It’s not about forcing them. People are willing to learn.
so the only thing you need to do is to come and help us hand out pamphlets, answer easy questions.
It’s not so much. You don’t need to know a lot to be a part of this job.
And we are only here to tell people what Islam really is, and nothing more than that.