Who is in charge of this EU? Farage, Cohn-Bendit, others react to Barroso speech

Uploaded by EUXTV on 08.09.2010

FARAGE Who’s in charge of this EU?
Is it you Mr Barrosso?
Is it my old friend Herman Van Rompuy?
Is it the Belgian presidency?
Now that really is good stuff, isn’t it?
You still can't form a government in your own country
and yet you are president of the European Union!
Whichever way you look at it, the whole thing is a bit of a dog’s dinner really.
VERHOFSTADT We cannot afford to be one Union,
and at the same time have 27 different economic strategies, as today.
And it is crystal clear,it is crystal clear,
if we want,if we want
the growth and stability pact, and the new economic strategy to be a success,
we need a serious carrot and stick approach with proper sanctions.
You have talked about growth
but you have failed to say
that we need to change the nature of growth.
You have failed to say
the environmental catastrophe that we are facing
will force us to re-interpret our understanding of growth.
Nothing about it!
You have not talked about Cancun,we have three months until Cancun.
SCHULZ For too long you have been making concessions
to a Franco-German directorate, which is currently running the Council..
According to the Guardian,HSBC,Barclays,and Royal Bank of Scotland
made more than 20 Billion in profits last year,
then paid out 9 Billion in bonuses to managers,
at a time that governments in Europe are cutting pensions.
I want to hear from you how we can eliminate the gap between the “have’s” and the “have not’s”
DAUL We have three proposals. 0:02.21.500,0:02:25.300 First,reinforce our economy,and settle inequalities,
by a series of measures to bolster investor and entrepreneurial confidence and create jobs.
Second. We need to show more responsibility in our common foreign policy
and become a real actor,truly respected in the world.
It’s high time Europe gets it’s own resources.
Let’s not be afraid to say it : The question of a European tax should no longer be taboo.
VERHOFSTADT The aim of some national governments to reduce the budget by 20 or 30 percent
is ridiculous in times when more European solutions are needed today.
It’s ridiculous.
BENDIT This commission,
in it’s general statements,is Champion of Europe.
It makes the greatest statements.
But when it’s about pointing the finger,
about condemning a situation in a member state,
to name someone by his name,
to name a government by it’s name,
you are the champions of absenteeism.
You don’t exist!
You don’t exist!