Implantes AlienĂ­genas - Alien Implants (P 1/3)

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Since childhood Doctor Roger Leir has an interest in the subject of aliens and UFOs.
What Doctor Roger there did not know was that the interest later in life
would develop into Scientific Research followed by millions around the planet
and possibly other planets too.
I'm Doctor Roger Leir, and I've been doing research in the uh... alien abduction phenomenon,

regarding physical evidence aspects of the phenomena...

and although it's really interesting and uh... UFOs and
the alien life forms that since I was uh...
a young man.
In nineteen forty seven I remember quite clearly my father
bringing the newspaper
into our kitchen at home and laying it on the table and then emphasizing the
to my mother red
u_s_ army air force
captures flying saucer and he went on with that
uh... with great toleration explains
we certainly could be the all the intelligent life
and he was uh... very dismayed that with the cloning headline the next few days
which is said that that was not a flying saucer
it was one of these people
grew if you were engineered of some sort and you better know everything about
forces your force was the eliminate
of knowledge in reference to anything that was flying he was uh...
absolutely insolvent
that they will try to pass off to the public that they didn't know at the
between its mind saucer alone
than my surgical team has performed uh... ten surgeries
for removal objects from individuals who alleged alien abduction
reimbursement uses you in the
for both
biological and metallurgical
material into the public
well the testing that we did on these objects uh...
was two different kinds of testing one who's biological
who was metallurgical
at first we were only able to avoid mild
uh... first of all of the original objects at me removed
or metallic rods
that were covered in working with a very strange chart
they biological member and
surrounded bs medal winner
in such a tight form
and so we don't have reissued well-organized
possible believer
with justin
by the body
many yeah
had never seen
like this the other unusual thing we've found
in the living state we could not
individual the surgical way
surgical blade
very short
this is the case
to implant picture of
lake cell
spirit history
one of the other emotions interesting
portions of
results besides the fact that this is absolutely
limit your response was that the area contained a large amount of nerve cells
very specialized nerve cells called propria receptors
and the east uh... we're certainly not intrinsically through it
he really between the fact that there was no lenders bonds in right
there was a war cells
uh... proved to be a very very interesting findings
and these were the findings we so to initial entity used every since
and because of the biological findings other findings for example or milstar
uh... there was no noted portal of entry worthy women
today in them
uh... to mal and offered his first that we're going
uh... right now is pursued
okay these are two objects that came out of uh... video uh... murray
they said they were uh...
came to this services can when surgically removed
the metallurgical tests uh... them bothersome revisionists electorates
mexico chile
los alamos alaska
so it doesn't matter
primarily was a comparison
of these two specimens to meteorite
sales not yet remember that the laboratories
uh... we're not told with the origin of the specimens work
from the bottom of the oceans and
uh... displays or from the back of the cattle
so other ever chilling as best uh... to what they thought they compared to
courses for
his uh... meteorites weakened
concern early pointed out uh...
leave neko iron ratio
and arsenio
of the nickel and ratio
you rights missus history shisha
yes uh... these are all india melberg what really worried
and uh...
reseller small rods again wrapped with a very strange
this came out of the uh... bank about him
teachers st
pieces alert metallurgy engaged
contains a large amount of iron nicole and has uh... isotopic ratios that they
are not of this error
we're going to performer a surgery today which is the nine
series of surgeries
for removal of objects from individuals who believe that they have been abducted
by t
and also fill
does put me in this place to fill
you know if they'll cover them
betterment their work
but the growth of this error
the what they're doing
credit offers although there's a statement is
and wanted to send this case was
worthy of your considering and arranging amsterdam
uh... this case uh... i felt was uh... worthy personally because of the nature
of the statements that he had the communicated to me over a year ago
uh... he had xrays station
upon my request and then sent them to me they were reviewed by a radiologist too
verified the fact that there was an obvious metallic foreign body and his
left arm
you aren't as white right
if you are
i'm a registered nurse
through twenty
quite like to think about the ethics man
pretty amazing just that
hasn't gone away we're here
anxious to
financial analysis exactly what it is
you know when
interactivity california
uh... i was skeptical
i thought it would go away on its own man
didn't really focus a lot on it
tim ones i could you please describe
uh... i was coming home from a medical checkup in there with my wife and
interim back in the winter may have highway fifty nine
and there was
in several strange to me and then
when it is
encounter the u_f_o_ it's part of it than the rest of the night started after
that it was a
there was an awesome realization to maria to realize that we were
not alone in the universe and that there was other intelligent life out there was
uh... the the winter
coming up here
right now
from from your point how
okay well
trying i saw him
hysterical shaped lifestyle
many lives
the slides
right in front of her car
i believe the anchors
electrical wires
over hill and i with f_a_a_ rights taxpayers
which it wasn't maneuvering the car forwarding backordered and
trying to get a better look at it i was fearful that he is getting to know
as their are you to find out what they would counter quit before and after army
army return
seaworld health and and what else happens in this
and as we go on and what kind of questions and what kind of jazz can be
what solutions we have a what questions are beginning to me that uh...
i mean to say that concerning mister be cremated as you know
it wasn't like anything i can to see
myself it was an airplane that was a helicopter
either something
none of this world that i've seen complete and believe it wasn't that your
we're limited to get this done
the lord of the jurors
there's a lot of december
uh... my objective of the uh... is rooted in the fact that uh... that a
scientific background for over forty years
hydro the
really you have any opinion of uh... what this that might be anatolia
suspicions though that will have to do
waited till received what were the actually removed
recognizing acct paramount
you happy
tells me i was with him
at one time i just i was driving
disturbed lights
you how idea happened that mary
nineteen eighty
he said he's in the same area
i think i remember him telling me
that i wasn't with him
and basically her husband had a lot of
proposing tax break the contract
it's a site
course here
can you describe screened please
unique equipment are used today will be a c_r_ which is a
x-ray device
uh... that allows the uh... surgical team too
look at the object to in the body while removing it and the image appears on a
television screen
and uh... this uh... shortens the at time of surgery down
and uh... makes it very etc accurate with less uh...
interference with the uh...
surrounding tissues also away abused uh... couple sophisticated pieces of
equipment to
uh... look for electromagnetic fields or any
and scissors objective
happier so i don't know a lot more critical
welfare for or whatever
will get a lot of younger brother
what what
we're one
what you are
little discomfort
you know what
somalis know corridor michael
and are required to order a motorized water
will come out
you know
factor here
how do you think it would be great
i think the procedure worked very well today
greater pragmatic
i really didn't have a a surprise is the other than the fact that the object that
we would
moved or reserve or triple catalogs usually rearing