No Limit, 4회, EP04, #02

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Oh Yeon-Yi!
- What are you doing? - Looking for a four-leaf clover.
I found one.
- How did you find it right away? - I'm a very lucky man.
You found it.
You can keep it.
You're playing today. Take this with you.
I can score without this.
When something good happens to you, treat me out.
I gave you a four-leaf clover.
This is the tax evasion record and the M&A contract.
My client acquired a bad company through a fair and legal procedure.
Mr. Jang!
Mr. Jang!
- Hear me out! - I heard you in the courtroom.
I'm the one who showed you that document.
How could you use that to kill us?
You should've hired a better lawyer.
Jang Seung-Wu! You devil!
Stop hitting the goalpost!
If you get hit by my ball, you'll be carried out in an ambulance.
Go ahead!
You can't even block me!
Manager, we're ready to go.
Cha Bong-Gun…
Cha Bong-Gun!
Sun-Ok, tell Star that I'm playing today! Watch me on TV!
Oh Potato! I'm playing today.
You're my precious first player.
(Text message: Cha Bong-Gun)
It's time. Let's go.
Let's show them what we've got! Go, go, go!
Why are you sitting so far away?
I'll get nervous if I sit too closely.
I want you to be my girlfriend.
This is our first official date. Where do you want to go?
- I have a place in mind. - I knew it.
(Bong-Gun made the first team. Today's my first game.)
Already? Awesome.
What's going on?
Cha Bong-Gun made the first team. He's at the World Cup Stadium.
I have to go! My car…
Is Bong-Gun really playing today? Maybe he was lying.
My brother's not a liar.
She's taking her brother's side.
Why is this place so empty?
- Aren't you tired? - I'm okay. Stop asking me!
When is he going to play?
(F.C. Soul. Go, go!)
Excuse me. Can I…
Thank you.
(Go Cha Bong-Gun!�