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Today's feature:
Part 3 of a 3 Part Interview
Hey, I'm Jeremy Corray, Creative Director here at World Events Productions (WEP)

fault run four sets of place
superfans dudley
really a change
pace really fun to do
services like group trip which is one of my favorite which happened be written by
and how
who's one of the producers on comedy central only americans and a friend of
uh... bob couplers
uh... he did a great job just taking that along working with time
in the story of your dudley heroes like what if the whole from super fan
you know if that resolve the dark side of fandom rabidly takes it too far
actually met the cadets and we actually used
uh... some of the quote see things from face book but it's not merely based on
me being done you know
uh... superfans that and uh... uh... of old room for some time in the production
of so sells a lot of fun to do and i was pleased that
you know fans got a who watched it you know it'd be like we're not knocking on
we're celebrating in oval from van and we've all got a little bit dudley
yes at the end of the day
talks like that
and then there is an interesting at the cell where
you know i think it started with this time i don't think
back and forth when we started the season we really laid out these index
cards have just had every crazy idea we could think of a full-time injustice and
we're just seems like you know alliance in high grass like walking which later
i was actually thinking roadtrip episode with other in the water and then the
lines actually
you become sentient briefly great breakthrough um... so that kind came out
of that is like gold converses couple came on
type of legal uh... uh... monster like what if you contrast and then
ten years the other level where you know they can easily be some imagines the
shark but what if it was actually nor really fierce opponent from his covenant
here you are in his diary situation
a kind of a stay-puft marshmallow man from ghostbusters
uh... tones let's kind of
you know i think there were some looks and you know bob and like what are we
doing here but it turned out to be one of the best episodes in uh... the
ratings were great on as well and fans seem to really respond well
and get it and my son you know that's the one he was close to his own hearing
The cadets becoming members of the voltron force
was really a major
plot point
how did you decide
how to show that?
you know the evolution of
cadets too
move full-time members of the bulls from force was something that
product really weighing out the entire season
had to really think of
you know how could this
uh... come occur how organically where we you don't believe that these kids are
to attain that level and you know it's quite controversial months the fans who
who you know
deservedly so love
you know their regional
team members uh...
you know the basics of crime drama earned an inventor is conflict and
change and what i did so brilliantly was take that kind of mathematical equation
make it part of the narrative which was
he wait a minute five lions but you know there's three new cadets where they fit
in doesn't feel like that reflect a lot of our generation to the original
generation baltimore lot of us have kids not to
and so was a purposeful
technique that we
you know really made that competency between lance and daniel and where does
he fit and then down
and lovely unity and in the series where
at the annual wasn't ready
in the end and um... i love the contrast between this time
galaxy celebration with the fireworks but here is being reviewed and it's
moment where
he has to take back
the keys to the black line i thought that was a good message to the
entitlement generation and um... certainly we saw the events a later the
transpire that kind of uh... foreshadow uh... of those in the future about that
he had the cadets or something where we we tried to make this is the bargaining
buzzword circle viewing experience work
fathers and watch for their sons mothers with their daughters in just a family
sit around and and and the kids gravitate towards
you know the cadets in things as my son was the original series like quincy
reminding them and uh... so it's just a young and fresh feeling and
and to meeting with the was much more nearly interesting
there is this mysterious destiny that calls certain people too
the members of the vote from force that that is in this position that you
you know hold like a i don't know what and nice government job or something
brutally you know eventually have to retire that it would be this mysterious
thing that
called the original space explorers there in the first place no they weren't
with a destined to be that will never know you know what
captain involved in this
intergalactic struggle and made them the heroes com
and as karan says and uh... what episode to it's good to see the uniforms back in
action again so was there other pulled from force member since i've gotten to a
little bit of that
uh... with weighed in panic around it was kinda hinted it may be
you know they had been which was a big apology change uh... from the originals
wells alone
it was one of those things we have to kind of
you've all that we've gotten into the baby steps towards it but
although i feel that gives you
much more stories to tell rather than no simply how many
garbage stories can you do hooters you don't go back to his
home planet or whatnot which and i was destroyed in the original programming
but as we all know that was really are so through the internet
the origin and mythology okay
determined the season one of the
specially five four
we learn more in the season too
that was kind of unclear
the original series you know we know that out for him
a lot to do with
pringle comeback but this time would say is you know this is a steamship advanced
weapon here you know it shouldn't be more than you know my dad made killers
one generational
you know it was the little unclear what would happen with you know hagar and
certainly no goal line with the god is involved running
appeared to be sent into the news
plenty of split apart into five different lines which
we always joke like isn't really a punishment like
put you in the five awesome robot was being considered autocad and i'll do
that today will sign up for that surgery break
discussed it really one-line short of a fortune
but candidacy was talking about need to
and so i think that we we usually welded and and and what kind of come up with
you know this idea
it was revealed in the episode five floors of the different planets
collaborating which in the relief it with a defender of the universe
you know where wasn't just this thing that was kind of airspace that it truly
was the best
of the galaxy coming together and and and creating something you know magical
and an awesome
so uh...
as in which you would see in
you know future uh... adventures is
uh... we'd learn more about this plan is missed all seems to be some mystery
about that fits planet and what exactly each one
uh... contributes and let's just hope that you know the bad guys don't get the
whole of
that secret and are able to
maybe uh... work things and uh... and stand in their way so i think there's a
lot of stories left to tell about different planets and there's still a
lot of
uh... mythology to explore the origins of alter so we're just getting started
in on that aspect and where it is
you know things are calm and that's our tony awards as we call it
city and all that so uh... some cool stuff
for season two is the universe really safe slow to remain on its way it all
those guys really gone or is there something lurking in the shadows
well as you saw the last phrase season one
daniels still has some nigerian infection problem so i would say that's
an immediate
kind of uh... threat but uh...
as long as it's been hearing about there
that could be agar
out there as well so
uh... i think you might see
uh... you should be
and do some more tensions there would be a uh... some returns of some classic
villains in the will see there is a every time you think everything's well
universes we know uh... the defender must be called again so it sounds like
this can be some internal and maybe some uh... bigger reaching out external uh...
issues as well daniel thing would be the first
i mean mediate threadbare but uh... yeah there is a
it's pretty said people are asking you know a lot four of the convert the
normalcy no
when asking for things are coming from that and uh... maryland always uh...
fantastic uh... classic that once though a
will say nothing to official announcement yet but them
we'll see what's going to bridge fans in the mean time now to really check out
those discomforts 'cause they had some new villains in some new characters in
this really expanded universe of fans are missing
new episodes of all time for us well
there in the palm of your hand in a rather comic shop
and uh... tracy time everybody it is a huge fans of all time on the show itself
and just an amazing job and brian smith in jacob child live in all the artists
are just dario they did
a fantastic job in the
the really bhai
we've given the freedom we said look you know go off model of a bid on some of
these character designs you know it doesn't have to look like ah...
it we don't want just
you know to look at the show we want you to add your own
signature designed to it and that's exactly what they did sell arms really
fantastic were our problem
this comic books
do we have a startling she teaches
as for season two dozens nothing official to announce that we were
working on it's very interesting ideas
uh... happens that out but found just keep on full-time on adult turn into a
an official facebook page
as you know in advance as soon as we have something official
we will uh... announced there
join us tomorrow as well try we continue this will be interviewing laptop
executive producer of pope john paul's
probably talking about how cold front porches truck sinectis his favorite
moments in the shower and more
join us tomorrow
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