Accessorygeeks - How to save a wet cell phone

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 10.11.2009

Hi Geeks this is Miller from
Today we gonna be discussing how to save your cellphone from dropping it from water.
Well it’s a big theater. But what all we’s a cellphone and this case my blackberry curve.
To prevent yourself from from getting wet, I always use waterproof cellphone case. Also found at
It’s safe, it’s easy, it’s possible to defy aquatics.
First we need a wet cellphone.. glonk, uuh my phone..
Step one time is the enemy only seconds to spare. Get the phone away from water __
Step two remove the battery, any of your sim cards, remove that two before panicking. Than panick, ok stop now.
Electricity and water don’t make.. just keep that in mind.
Step three, try the phone, remove covers, dry underneath, dry between crevises.
Use the towel, you can shake it around. Shaking the water away from the cellphone. As the last resorts use the sun.
Please don’t use an oven, don’t use a microwave. This should take about six hours. At the best way about a day though..
Step 4 wait about a day, test the phone. And should work after that. But note if not working then quits the battery and charge the phone by itself.
If it works then maybe you just need a new battery.
Alright geeks… well that how you save your cellphone from dropping it from water.
If all of that fails and then that worse just go to the local cellphone store to gladly happy hour.
Well see you later geeks. My name is Miller at Until next time, have a good day..