Blue Ivy Carter: Celebrity Baby Naming Agency

Uploaded by DrCoolSex on 15.01.2012

Gentlemen, listen up!
Jay-Z and Beyoncé just called and they need us to name their child
so we need to come up with something awesome.
We're the premiere baby naming agency in the United States.
Celebrities come to us and pay big bucks to come up with unique names that they would never think of.
Simply favorite food plus occupation equals great celebrity baby name.
Let's get started, Greg, what do you have for me?
Let's get started, Greg, what do you have for me?
Uh, Cannoli... Astronaut.
Not quite, what about you Alex?
Uh, how about Chocolate-Cake Wrestler?
How about something like, Banana... Politician?
Sometimes the formula doesn't work, but we got a plan B.
We'll go to the dictionary.
Moon. Unit. Moon Unit.
Frank Zappa's kid.
I have, uh, Seargeoh, spelled weird.
I got... Sage?
I got Scarlet, Sofia, and Sistine.
You guys these are all Sylvester Stallone's kids.
You guys these are all Sylvester Stallone's kids.
It's getting late but we're not giving up yet.
It's time to bring out the big guns.
C'mon guys, lets do it.
P... O... M.... M.... E....
Yeah, Pomme. That's a pretty good name.
Yeah, alright! That is a great name you guys!
Wait a second.
That's apple in French, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow's kid.
And she speaks French.
I'm gonna be honest, this is the most stuck I've ever been.
But I still have a plan, I'd rather not share it with you guys so if you could just stay out here for this one.
Thanks, I appreciate your respect.
Everybody place your hand on the Ouija.
Spirit's guide us, spirit's guide us, spirit's guide us.
You're moving it. I'm not, Alex are you moving it?
I'm not moving it, are you moving it?
Spirit's guide us.
Blank. Blank, blank!
Blank, blanket, yes warm, it covers you.
It's nice, simple, it's short. I like it, thank you spirits!
It's Michael Jackson's son!
(Bleep) it, what do you say we just name her Blue Ivy?
Yeah that sounds good. Sounds fine to me. Good night.
Goodnight fellas. See ya in the morning.
Hey guys let us know what your celebrity baby name is.
It's your favorite food plus occupation.
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