Incursion - (2012 film)

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Planet Earth.
Home to 7 billion people... A species greedy for energy.
At the beginning of the 21st century, the demand for fossil fuels is greater than ever,
while the available resources are rapidly shrinking.
The climate seems to be running wild.
The economy is getting knocked off course.
Centres of power are shaken.
The old elites are finished.
Or are they?
Good morning, madam. My name is Geoffrey Nieuwendyck and I’m from the electricity board.
You rang us about current surges.
That’s right, we have had trouble all week. The fuse boxes are upstairs.
This man will guide you.
I hope we can trust him.
So do I.
What's he doing over there?
His job.
Okay, I’m online. The metal detector is off for the next 160 seconds.
You can go in now.
Thanks for letting us wait, Geoffrey. This took forever.
Sorry, but you know that hacking mainframes is a delicate process.
Just make sure we can get in and don’t bother me.
No problem.
Your appointment is on my list. I’ll take you upstairs, where Dr. Breen will receive you.
She's gone, you can start.
Nice collection of explosives. Sucker punch, I presume?
Sucker punch.
Good evening and welcome to ‘Focus.’
Since the price of a barrel of crude oil is once again heading for the 100 EURO
threshold, the debate on declining energy reserves has started up again.
Questions are asked more and more about how to balance economic and ecological needs.
Today at the University of Ghent, a conference was
held entitled “Fossil fuels in the near future”.
We have two of the protagonists with us in the
studio, but first, we take a look at short film.
In 2010, global energy consumption rose by 5%.
Now that the financial crisis is easing,
the demand for energy is apparently constantly rising.
Turmoil in the Arabian World is making supply from this region very unreliable.
The price of crude oil will keep rising.
Professor Putman, you are a known advocate of drilling for fossil fuel in the Arctic.
To quote from one of your recent publications:
Shrinking polar caps are not an ecological disaster, but an economic blessing.
Previously unreachable oil fields are becoming available for exploitation.
Your critics call you unethical and a cynic.
In your opinion, is it morally acceptable to drill in such fragile ecosystems?
Well Philip, I do have great sympathy for seals and polar bears
but I can assure you that a disappearing ice cap will cause them more trouble
than the industry that will take its place. If they’re still around by then...
So you take it for granted that global warming will completely destroy arctic ecosystems?
Perhaps they will move a bit closer to the poles.
Professor Pels, you see this differently?
I‘m sure, I don’t have to remind anyone about our
experience with the hole in the ozone layer?
Perhaps we should specify here that Professor Putman’s research
is funded by the Thermopylaric Corporation, which
has interests worldwide in gas and oil drilling.
Professor Alexander, my research...
-Of course, your research is completely independent and objective…
Dr. Breen hasn’t shown his face in public for the last 40 years,
but thank God for academics who are not embarrassed
to defend Thermopylaric’s interests publicly.
Right Frank, or not?
We already know that at the bottom of the ocean, a huge
amount of natural gas is locked up in ice crystals.
We call this methane ice. How much of it is there, we don’t know.
Estimates vary from twice to ten times the amount of all previously known deposits.
But professor, isn’t methane a powerful greenhouse gas as well?
Would large scale use not accelerate global warming even further?
That’s a very good question.
Recently a method has been found to extract methane from
the ice crystal and to replace it with carbon dioxide.
Water bonds with carbon better than with methane.
A company called Pallas International is now conducting drills
at different locations to test this technique in the real world.
Sounds promising, doesn’t it?
My young colleague seems to forget one element and that is the instability of methane.
Release of methane can lead to instability of the ocean floor.
When this floor is sloping, it can cause submarine mud flows,
which can put correspondingly huge water masses in motion.
This could result in huge tsunamis.
The one from 2004 will look like nothing compared to this one.
And another thing, prof. Pels…
Pallas International...
I’m glad you mentioned that name. Now at least the public knows who funds your research.
Looks like Breen has found his Oppenheimer.
Geoffrey, check out if there’s a laboratory in this building.
Okay, but why?
Just do it!
Okay, I’ve got some info. The R&D department is on the 12th floor.
They’re doing research in chemistry and hydraulics.
I’m looking for the rooms, but this is really weird. One number is completely missing.
What’s this all about, Adam?
-I’m not sure....
Drop your weapons!
I want to know the name of your employer.
Bring them back. They’ve taken crucial information!
Why are we going up?
We can’t leave now. I know where they’re hiding their project.
It’s on the 12th floor. Trust me.
It’s here. The door has no name plate.
Did you know that the Concorde’s nose can shift position?
Really? Maybe that’s what made it crash.
Adam, you look stressed out. Care for a drink?
No, I’m way too tired. I’m jet-lagged and my head aches. Just tell me about the mission.
Alright then, straight to the point. What do you know about oil rigs?
That’s a pretty controversial industry, isn’t it?
Indeed. The Deepwater disaster has damaged their reputation.
The no. 1 player in off-shore oil drilling is Thermopylaric Inc.
But their best-kept secret is that their wells are drying up.
So, the Greenpeace guys can take a break? b
No, not really.
They’re very eager to start drilling in the Arctic.
And this is what puzzles us: the costs are
gigantic and yet they keep on making huge profits
Even with mounting oil prices, something doesn’t add up.
You suspect sinister transactions?
According to American sources, they’ve received
10 billion dollars in a Cayman bank account.
Our job is to find out what that money is for.
Agent Emile Kensick was sent two months ago to check their accounts.
He was onto something.
3 days ago, he was found under a bridge, burnt alive.
For God’s sake.
This wasn’t an act of God, Adam. This was Thermopylaric’s work.
Kensick had discovered that they are making big profits with an R&D project called G45.
That defies all logic. R&D costs lots of money. Instead, they were making money off it.
I want you to find out what this is all about.
So you want me to find out what exactly a G45 is? Bring one back, preferably?
But you don’t start from scratch.
Kensick found traces of illicit trade. We suspect arms trade.
But we could be wrong of course.
We’ve been keeping a close watch on the Thermopylaric Tower.
You need to get into the building and find out what they are working on.
We know where they keep their files and we can handle electronics.
The only problem is that the place swarms with security guards.
So taking the lift and knocking politely on the door, is not an option?
Then we would have already sent in some fat cop.
Okay, I’m in.
Great! I’ve already taken the liberty of assembling a team.
Very good of you. Where are we going now?
To Ghent, you’ve got an appointment with your team. No time to lose.
This is the outer layer of a G45 shell. It’s made of acid-resistant stainless steel.
Any oil rig over an almost exhausted well can be used to launch them.
Pre-programmed capsules are sent through the pipelines and enter the ocean floor.
Thus it is impossible to trace the launching station.
Beneath the ocean floor the shell drills down to a methane hydrate exploration site.
Releasing the methane, destabilizes the ocean floor and causes a mud flow.
Where the floor slopes, the water volume above it falls.
This lowers the normal water level of the ocean.
On nearby coasts the water level falls, due to this effect.
Action is followed by reaction. A great wave rises above
the ocean level and rapidly expands in all directions.
The height of the tsunami will be proportional to the size of the displaced mud flow.
After the release of its content, the capsule is
sent into the Earth’s core, leaving no trace.
The eyes of the world will be on the exploration site, where the methane became unstable.
The problem is much bigger than we thought.
They’re going to release the G45 in the ocean, to cause tsunamis.
We knew this was coming. Corporations are getting more powerful than governments,
and nobody’s stopping them. They’re fighting for power. For control.
But we can stop them! I’ve got two bombs left.
If I detonate one of them, this entire lab will explode.
Well, what are you waiting for?
The bomb is ready.
Angelo, we’ve got to leave, now! We’ve been spotted!
What do you mean?
This lab is protected by a separate network, independent of the mainframe.
Let’s go!
Shit, what now?
I’m afraid we’re trapped. No wonder there weren’t any guards at the door.
I had a bad feeling about this. That’s why I’ve laid my last bomb against the wall.
And what about you?
I’ve got to distract them. If I don’t, they’ll keep chasing us!
See you downstairs!
Everything okay?
I am fine now, but until yesterday things looked pretty grim.
How come?
Dr. Breen is planning a hostile takeover of Pallas. Thank God I saw it coming.
85% of the shares remain in the hands of the family holdings.
No matter what Breen does, 15% is all he can get.
That’s a relief.
Breen won’t stop here. He’s definitely up to something.
Alexander, it is all hands on deck.
I’ve taken you to the top. Now it’s payback time.
I want you to use your contacts. But be careful with go-betweens; that is always risky.
Achille, you know you can count on me.
Who are you? Turn around or I’ll shoot!
Bonjour, mon ami!
I forgot, you two don’t speak French. Doesn’t matter.
You know what you could use? A glass of champagne and an apple.
I’ve got a wonderful drink for you here: champagne.
I’ve also heard your explosives and my guards’ screaming.
Very annoying when you’re listening to music.
-STOP! Stop and turn off that music!
As you wish.
I just wanted to set you at ease during the last 15 minutes of your life.
Champagne? No?
No, Mr. Fortunato. You don’t want to shoot me. You want to know the truth.
You want to know the reason why you’re here.
I’m not just some greedy businessman. I’m an entity that restores the balance.
What balance?
The balance of power. The balance which determines who is in control in our society.
You see, sir, you live in a world which has evolved
exponentially on every level, all thanks to technology.
Technology developed by big corporations, putting their
capital at stake to make those developments possible.
But are they respected for their efforts?
Not in the least.
At the slightest miscalculation the whole world turns against them, crowds
are incited by the envious gutter press and environmentalist airheads.
What sad times we live in, compared to the glorious days of
the Dutch East India Company, that even minted its own money,
commanded an army, and ruled over its fortresses and factories…
Success isn’t rewarded these days, but brutally punished. When politicians
find that companies are getting too big, they force them to split.
This sad imbalance will soon be restored.
You’re crazy.
No, I’m not crazy, sir. Believe me.
I’ve been studying this planet for more than a century and do you know what struck me?
How futile human life truly is.
Tell me, sir, when you die, what will happen?
A modest funeral? A few condolences on your Facebook page?
But nothing really worthwhile, true?
But don’t you worry, Mr. Fortunato. Some 98% of the world’s population shares your fate.
I also fear that you are not well briefed on our activities.
Of course Thermopylaric is heavily involved in off-shore drilling,
but an international holding has more than one activity.
Suntan lotion sells well in summer, but not in winter.
Therefore we operate in many sectors, such as the construction industry.
Worldwide we control 14 major construction companies,
and in every country where we are established,
we maintain excellent relations with the government.
It’s so useful to have a couple of retired politicians on your boards.
Most of them don’t even know that their company is owned by Thermopylaric.
You just shove a couple of other companies in between and a
figurehead, and every tie to Thermopylaric has disappeared.
When the waves of a tsunami hit the coasts, our companies are ready to rebuild the cities.
And this, my friend, brings in a lot of cash.
To tell you the whole story: it even pays twice,
because these days tsunamis can be produced to order.
You’d be surprised to know how much the Al Qaida company
is prepared to pay for a tsunami on the American coast.
But how we deal with religious fanatics is of no concern to you.
What should bother you, is that you have activated the silent alarm.
I wouldn’t stay here if I were you.
What a day!
What are you?
Something you will never understand.
I’ve got it.
Nice one.
It wasn’t easy. Many people died, I almost did too. Where’s the dough?
Oh, we won’t forget you, Mr. Ormonde. You definitely get what you deserve.
Do you want to count it?