Food City Kitchen On WVLT, Chef Walter and Jan Charles - Walter's Healthy Berry Cobbler

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bjbj Walter: Now, Jan ... Jan: Yes? Walter: ... you haven't been here earlier this week,
but I've already warned people that I'm off my New Year's resolution just to make all
of us eat healthy. Jan: Well, that's what you told me, and I've got to say, if we can
do it this way I'm all right with that. Walter: All right. This, we cooked about three-fourths
of a cup of Splenda. You can do sugar if you want to. Jan: Which I would, but... Walter:
But we use Splenda. We put a little bit of cornstarch in it, about three tablespoons,
and a cup of water, and we brought that to a boil and let it thicken. Jan: Splenda works
like sugar, right? Walter: Exactly like sugar. Measure it in equal parts. That doesn't feel
like sugar because it's so light, but it works the same way. Now here's what made this really
easy. Food City, Food Club frozen, unsweetened, and this is a berry mix. Jan: Okay. Walter:
It has strawberries and blackberries and all of that stuff. Jan: All the good stuff. Walter:
All that goes right into the pot, the glaze that we've made for it. Jan: Okay. Walter:
We put that into a dish, and then we make a nice top. The first thing we do is go from
a whole stick of butter to two tablespoons of butter. Jan: I know. You went... Walter:
We give up nothing. Jan: Are you sure about that? Walter: You're going to - you could
taste. Jan: All right. You're torturing me today. You're not giving me anything I can
pick at. Walter: Now that's the plan. I then added to this again a little bit of Splenda,
about a fourth of a cup, and then mixed in two-thirds of a cup of low-fat milk. Now I
don't use fat-free milk. You know, that's the carton boy in me. Jan: That's right. Walter:
But I do use 1% milk, and it's fine. Mix that with a little bit of flour, and you'll have
to get all these measurements. I would give them to you, but I don't remember them. This
takes a little mixing. It's got two tablespoons of butter in it, by the way. Just let that
come to room temperature, stir the Splenda into it, then alternate the flour that has
a little baking powder, and you put a little vanilla in that topping. Jan: I can smell
the vanilla. Walter: Then... Jan: That's beautiful. Walter: ...again adding flavor for the fat
and the sweet that we took out. This goes into a 350 degree oven. It will only need
to bake about 20, 25 minutes. Take a look at the centerpiece, and I'll show you what
the finished one looks like. That centerpiece at Food City in the floral department, each
month they have a color that they're featuring and guess what the color is this time? Silver.
See how good we are? Take a look at this. I just think it looks terrific, and by the
way what you see on this one is a little dab - not a dab, a dollop of reduced fat sour
cream. I like it better than whipped topping. Jan: That's a great answer. They said everything
was a little dab, a little dab. Walter: A little dollop with the sour cream, and it's
so easy and good. Get the recipe, Chef's Recipe 6450 Papermill Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee,
37919, sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope, or you could just go to and
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