How To Use Apple Aperture : Using Keywords in Aperture

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.02.2008

BRANDON SARKIS: My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'll be
showing you how to use Apple's Aperture program for the Mac. Alright, now we're going to work
with keywords. Good way to basically tag out your photo album so you can search through
it and find events or items or how ever you have it setup. So, first thing you're going
to do is you'll see down here, I've turned on the keyword descriptor in this bottom bar,
go up here to a window. Hide key word controls or show key word controls. I don't like using
that one because it's too small and too cramped. So what I do is I go up here and I do the
show keyword HUD, which is shift H. Now the neat thing about this is I can drag this anywhere
I want and I can scroll through and say okay you know these are the keywords that are assigned.
These - the ones you see now are all of the - the main keywords. You can also add subordinate
keyword below. So I can click on iPhoto for example and see birthday, family favorite
kids and vacation those are subordinate keywords. To add new keywords, I'll click here, I'll
add this and I'll call this travel. I'll hit okay. And I'll add the subordinate keyword
to it and I'll call it Texas, alright? And so, now what I've done is I made a new keyword
category. Since this was from a travel when I was in Texas I can actually grab a hold
of the keyword, drag it and you drop it right on the picture, simple as that. I could also
click on scene and drag that there, and let's see what else. I can also go into stock categories
and see what's in there basically. We'll call this culture, sure why not. So there you go.
And so now, anytime I will go over here the keywords that I logged and search for Texas,
you can see your keyword right there. So what I can also do is I can use that to search
for the photos. So I can type "Texas", hit return and you'll see that once it pops up,
that's the only picture I had tagged this Texas. So, truly in a way of sorting out your
whole library and getting through everything. I also recommend doing it as you go and not
doing it all at once because if you tag the photos as you import them it's much easier
than importing 4000 photos and try to get through that huge pile.