Thore Schölermann presents... Verbotene Liebe Valentine's Day

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Hello lovelies! We've got another special for you.
Soon we'll have February 14th. And what does that mean?
Yeah, right. It's Valentine's Day!
I will ask my colleagues what they've got planned for this day, and whether they know anything about it at all.
In case you need any tips, we'll provide them. So, come on!
Let's see if we can find someone. It's kind of funny,
whenever we do these kind of videos, everyone is trying to escape the camera.
But today we'll get them all. So, come along!
Hello? No one here.
Let's see who's here. Stephan.
I've heard that Stephan prepared something.
Stephan! - Thore!
Soon we'll have February 14th, what does that mean?
It's Valentine's Day!
I know that on Valentine's Day you give pleasure to others,
so I thought I'd especially surprise our very lovely female colleagues.
You brought roses for them? Isn't he a dream man? Our prince is even romantic!
Well then... - Shall I lead the way? - Here we go!
Well, look who's here! The most romantic guy in the whole company.
Say, Wolfram... - I haven't styled my hair.
Doesn't matter. Tell us, we'll soon have February 14th. What's happening then?
Uh, it's four days after February 10th.
I suspect you're talking about - what's it called - Valentine's Day. Valentinstag.
Yeah, and? What...? - Well, I've thought about you, honey!
Oh, you've already thought about me? Oh well, what have you prepared for me? Can we...
I've done handicrafts. You know I'm a huge friend of handicrafts,
and I've done something with paper. But I can't tell you more about it now.
No! Surprise me! That's the great thing about this day.
What's it like in your private life? Are you a romantic person?
Totally! Yeah. I mostly give presents to myself. Especially on these kind of occasions.
Valentine's Day is your kind of thing? - Totally!
Yeah, Jana!
You know, we'll soon have February 14th. What's happening then?
Valentine's Day, of course!
I know from a trustworthy source that you are the romantic type. - Yes, you can say that.
Really? - Yes.
And do you expect your boyfriend to...? - YES!
I thought so. - Yes, I expect it. - You expect it.
Do you have something for your boyfriend?
Yes. Well, if he deserves something, the person will get something on that day.
I've heard that your boyfriend is a pretty cool guy, and very nice.
I think he deserves something. So you're going to prepare something nice?
Well, of course that's a matter of opinion, but I think he's on the right track and will get something nice.
He'll be pleased. - Yes, he will. And I will, too. - You'll probably be pleased as well. - Yes? Really?
Well, you've got to go shooting, right? - Yes, we're shooting on location. Bye! - Bye!
What are you doing? You're writing 'Dear...'?
I haven't really cared for Valentine's Day so far, because I think every day should be Valentine's Day.
I've been persuaded by all of our colleagues to do something, too. Well, let's see what I come up with.
You're writing a lovely letter for him? - Exactly!
That's nice. Doesn't always have to be roses and all that.
A letter would be an idea for you, too. So, note this down as an idea for Valentine's Day!
There's Mr. Schlemmer. Mr. Schlemmer has prepared something, too.
What are you doing?
I'm cutting out labels. Is that what you call them? Labels? - Yes.
For my bottle of Prosecco, from my private vineyard.
Naturally, I've designed them myself. It's not a cheap computer designed pattern or something like that.
Then you put in on there.
I've already got some of them in my locker, but I'm practising every year. Oh, it won't stick.
This means you prepare several of them and give them away throughout the year?
When you decide it's Valentine's Day, you take a bottle and give a small present to your loved one?
Yes, sure.
Alright. - That's looking fine.
You see, the most important thing is to prepare something nice.
Maybe a bit more beautiful than what Sebastian did, but it's another idea for you.
Do you maybe have a tip for our viewers who don't have an idea yet?
Yes. Well, it's like this, I don't have all that much time myself, and I actually think that every day should be Valentine's Day.
This is a woman speaking who has experiences with relationships.
Ms. Zimmermann's name is actually no longer Ms. Zimmermann, but Ms....
Mrs. Bonato. - Mrs. Bonato is married now.
And her sweetheart will hopefully have something prepared for Valentine's Day.
Yes, I hope so. I really hope so. I will prepare a little something myself.
A small chocolate cake.
Unfortunately I couldn't bake it myself, because I'm filming a lot and don't have much time. But...
I will decorate it nicely.
What's going on here? That's Lutz's wardrobe, and he's singing. Just a moment.
[Your love strikes me, no matter where it is. Your love strikes me, wherever you are.]
Yeah, that sounds like he's singing a song for his girlfriend.
That's a good idea for you as well.
So, if you can sing - or you can't, doesn't matter -
write a song and sing it to your girlfriend, or to your boyfriend.
Well, these were our ideas for you.
What we've learned is that no matter what you do, it has to come from the heart.
It doesn't have to be something extravagant - just expensive - and then it's good.
No, I'm joking!
It's doesn't have to be expensive, it doesn't have to be extravagant.
Main thing is that it comes from the heart. This way it's right.
And: Every day is Valentine's Day!
Pretty easy, actually. So, enjoy!