Charms Update #2 Orchideina

Uploaded by OrChiDeiNa on 23.07.2012

Hi boys and girls, this is the second video of tag charms update
I will show you what i created since last tag video.
Let's start with two frappuccino of Starbuks
These candies made of translucent sculpey/premo
I made a big lot...... of candies in different colors.... Much more...
I made these macarons, the first one is made with new color of Fimo, it's like a quartz 00;01:50,00:01:54 And these other macarons made with cold porcelain
there are some mini icecreams made of resin and polymerclay
this lollipop was shown on charm update #1 video
there are some croissants made with my molds
Onother croissant made wit clay and colored with chalks powders
There are a big lot of donuts, and more donuths..... and more....... and more one... etc. [continued]