Lagaan (2001) w/ Eng Sub - Watch Online - 13/20

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Keep walking\NDon't ever falter
You are the journeyman\NOf the road
May you never be weary
He that rules you\NIs a tyrant
He that has destroyed us
His home is in the West
We will make sure\NHe will not remain
We will shake up this earth\NWe will show everyone
Who is king\NWho is slave
We shall show this world
What we are worth
What has to happen\NWill happen
Let's walk on
May no one bow his head
Let's walk on
And then the historic day dawned...
... when the first rays of the sun\Nfell on the cricket field.
Morning, Captain Russell.
-Morning, Colonel Boyer. This way.\N-Thank you.
Morning, Miss Russell.
-Hope you're confident, captain.\N-Yes, sir.
Decent crowd.
Hail Almighty!
Long live Your Highness!
Smash these foreigners!
Beat them to a pulp!
Crush Captain Russell's arrogance!
Long live Your Highness!
-Things are beginning to hot up a bit.\N-Yes.
Both teams will bat only once.
The game will be played\Nover three days.
Which team gets to bat first...
...will be decided by\Nthe toss of a coin.
For this, both the teams\Nmust enter the field.
To ensure fair play...
...senior officials invited\Nneutral umpires from Kanpur.
-Will you call, Captain Russell?\N-Heads, sir.
Heads. Your call.
We will bat.
-Good luck, captain.\N-Thank you, sir.
Good luck, young man.
The team that scores\Nthe most runs...
...wins the game.
Opening the batting for\Nthe English team...
...are Lt. Smith and Lt. Burton.
-Middle stump please, umpire.\N-A little to leg.
That's it.
What are they doing?
Well done!
Come here, all of you!
Come here!
What are you doing?
All running at the same time!
You run after the ball only if\Nit comes toward you. Got it?
Now go.
Well done, Bhura!
The ball crosses the boundary...
...and the English get\Nfour more runs.
No ball!
No ball!
What's he saying?
No ball!
Steady, Smith. Steady.
Deva crossed the line\Nwhile bowling... the batsman\Nwas declared not out.
lnstead, he got an extra run.
Damn!\NHe made me run.
That's over.
That brings us to\Nthe end of Deva's over.
Eight runs were made.
Now a new bowler will bowl.
A little forward.\NThe ball will spin. Catch it.
Kachra, spin it.
Oh, shot, Burton.
-Why isn't the ball spinning?\N-l don't know.
Catch it, Lakha!