Pinch Pruning

Uploaded by usefulplants on 01.07.2010

pinch pruning is often the most important pruning you ever do, and you don't need any
tools, except for a couple of fingernails
there's something called apical dominance in which the apical or terminal bud
bud is dominant
as long as that's on the plant
the lateral buds are often suppressed
when you break that terminal bud off
that gives the lateral buds a chance to grow
which means more branches
and in most cases more branches equals more fruit
so the bushier or branchier your plant is, the more fruit it's going to have
it's also a great way to keep the elderberries is a little more compact
because they can tend to get leggy
With tea camellias
this is a harvest technique
it's also
a good the way to keep them nice and bushy
and on vines like kiwi
we won't get these long
long leaders
It can slow plants down, it can
help with fruit production. And that feels complete to me.