Kommissar Rex-Marc(9x1)

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You damned mongrel. I'll kill you one day.
Six years later
That Huneck only got six years for killing the girl.
But mark my words, he'll be back.
Why did you come to me?
My cellmate said you always have good stuff.
What were you in for?
- I like young girls. - And they don't want you?
That's none of your business.
This is none of my business either,
but if you're planning a bank withdrawal
I've got something smaller.
This is perfect for me.
- Whatever you say. - Do you have ammunition, too?
I'll call Kunz over to show him something.
You get the ham rolls from his desk, okay?
People who run a lot must eat.
And you?
If people who don't run stopped eating
Austria's population would die out.
All Austria's murderers seem to be on holiday.
Yes, but where Niki is things are hot.
She sent us a video of her course. Look.
Hi from the course.
I got this, but you should see the other guy.
He's looking for his mobile. I've got it.
The anti-terrorism exercises are pretty tough,
but we're getting on well.
I hope you're missing me. Love to Rex. See you.
I'd have done that course if it had been around.
Really? I'd have loved to see that.
I hope Niki has a better trainer than I had. A mean dog.
Sorry, Rex. Mean guy.
Okay, Rex. I'll race you to the bridge.
- He's riddled with gunshot. - You too, I'd say.
Come with me. You can't do anything for him.
There may be shot in there. You must go to hospital.
You don't seriously expect me to leave?
You have to. You need treatment urgently.
You can do it.
- I'm not allowed to. - Then forget it.
All right.
- How's Rex? - They're still operating on him.
- And you? - I'm okay.
- Did you recognise the attacker? - No.
Some bastard with a huge grudge against you.
He wasn't aiming at me. He fired at Rex.
I was just behind Rex.
Not surprising I copped it.
Lots of people could have done it.
We must find out who wants revenge on Rex.
We'll get every one of them.
Your iced coffee.
Hey, girls!
Ice cream?
I'll buy you one because it's so hot today.
No, thanks.
If we were alone somewhere...
You'll make it, Rex.
Remember, we have to run again...
and play ball...
and steal Kunz's ham rolls.
We wanted to finish renovating the flat, too.
How's Rex?
They got the pellets out.
But it will be a while before he comes round.
And you?
Some grazes. I'll survive.
- What are you doing? - I have an idea. Come on.
- You think this will work? - Sure.
It's the quickest way to find out who shot Rex.
I have all the cases where Rex was at the arrest.
It would take us weeks to go through them.
He woke up half an hour ago. He wanted to get up.
But we'll have to keep him here for a while...
How are you?
I knew you'd make it.
Rex, look. You saw the guy who shot you.
You must help us.
Walter Huneck. I know him.
Imprisoned for murdering a girl.
That was before your time. Rex arrested him virtually alone.
- Huneck must be out by now. - Do we have his address?
Hartmann will know where he is. They were in the same cell.
- Know what he looks like? - I have a photo.
Are you crazy? I'll kill you, you idiot.
- What do you arseholes want? - Mind your language.
Only cops could be this bloody nice.
Let's do a deal.
I won't be nice to you and you won't be nice to me.
- You're coming with us. - Hey, my watch!
Hi, Rex.
How are you?
I've brought you something.
I'll tell you again. I did share a cell with Huneck,
but I really don't know where he's living.
I haven't seen him since he got out.
How do you know he's out? It's not in the papers.
I reckon he'd be getting out about now.
And you didn't happen to run into him?
Homicide, Hofmann's office. Kunz speaking.
That was quick. Thanks. Let's have a beer some time.
Bad luck, Hartmann.
Huneck has been seen staying at your place
since he got out of jail.
He had nowhere to go.
Tell me where he is
or I'll get you for resisting authority, making threats,
hindering an investigation and plenty more.
Okay. All I can say is...
he has an aunt in the 1 6th district.
She may know where he is. I don't know her name.
- Hi. - Hi.
Right. Let's have a good look.
There. He must have stood there.
Our colleagues found shoe prints there.
What happened about that aunt of Huneck's?
She's probably married and has another name.
- Parents? - Dead.
We haven't traced the gun yet. Any idiot can have one.
We can't even get him for possessing an illegal weapon.
We'll get Huneck.
You'll be better soon
and you'll be out of here.
I can't wait to have you back on your rug in our office.
Nor can Kunz. He keeps asking how you are.
I didn't tell Niki.
You know her. She'd worry.
Let's have a look.
It's looking pretty good.
I'm off. I have to catch the guy who shot you.
You can't take Rex. He's still under observation.
But you can see he's much better.
It's best for him.
Do you want it to be your fault if something happens?
You heard, Rex. You should stay a bit longer.
Come on, Rex.
Hofmann, Crime Squad.
Any results in the Huneck search?
Huneck, Walter. Yes, Walter Huneck.
Call me if you hear anything. Thanks. Bye.
- Been here all night? - Yes.
You must be hungry. Want a ham roll?
Not a ham roll. No.
You're right. They don't taste the same without Rex.
Here he is!
You could have told me you'd got him.
I didn't. He must have run away.
Well done, Rex.
Like a ham roll?
You've earned it.
Homicide, Hofmann's office. Kunz speaking.
Great. Where?
They've found Huneck's aunt. Her address is 9 käfergasse.
I'll go.
You stay here. He shot you once already.
- What's up? - I'll tell you inside.
Are you crazy?
What do you want?
That's what I want. That was for my dog.
Is something wrong?
I'm from the police. And you?
Can't you tell?
Besides, I'm just visiting.
I'm off.
He hit you. Don't you want to report him?
He paid for it.
Is that it?
You were jailed for murdering a girl.
You're just out and abusing a woman again.
You come with me. Forensics can check out your flat.
Fine. Thanks. Bye.
The guy who shot you is in the lockup for now.
Yes, but his lawyer's here.
He can't be busy if he was able to come at once.
You let Huneck make a call?
He's legally entitled to.
Good day.
- What can I do for you? - You can release my client now.
In your dreams. Huneck shot my dog.
That's no longer property damage
because animals are now legally fellow-creatures.
I know. You're referring to Section 222, cruelty to animals.
The sentence ranges from a year to a fine equivalent to 360 days.
But in practice it's reduced to compensation
amounting to the value of the dog.
Besides, my client just wanted to frighten your dog, not kill it.
- He's sorry. - Sorry, is he?
- Is he sorry he shot me, too? - It wasn't deliberate.
You'll try to get him on Section 83/1
but that would only amount to injury resulting from negligence.
Only a slight injury, because you're back on duty.
My dog arrested your client, so he wanted revenge.
We can prove it by the shoe prints.
He admits that. But he didn't want to injure you.
On the contrary. You'll have to prove that.
The misdemeanours he's accused of
give you no grounds to detain him in custody.
We'll think of something.
I'd advise against that.
You hit my client, Section 31 2 of the Criminal Code.
He suffered physically and mentally.
You can get up to two years in prison for that.
So I'll institute disciplinary proceedings against you.
Do you know what you can do...
I'd be careful if I were you.
- Out. - As I said...
I expect my client to be released.
Right. Here we are.
The rent covers parking in the yard.
You can drive almost to the entrance.
We'll use the room mainly at night.
Here's the key to the main gate. You can drive in any time.
The sound-proofing is pretty new.
The guys in the band had it done especially.
They practised every night and we didn't hear a thing.
There's another room. Do you play music too?
It's music to me.
I can't believe Huneck is free again.
- It's the law. - Bloody law.
I see your point. After all, he did shoot Rex.
It's not just that.
Huneck only got a few years for killing the girl,
yet an expert said he's probably a sex offender.
The court believed he did it in the heat of the moment.
If only victims could speak.
Then he pays to beat up a prostitute.
Next time he'll force someone. The next murder isn't far off.
Well? What are you going to do?
We'll keep on his tail.
Job Centre
I may have work for you.
What's your current job?
I don't have one. I'm a trained hairdresser.
My firm is recruiting people to travel around Austria.
What's the job?
Well... We sell magazine subscriptions.
You can earn a big commission.
You must be free to travel a lot.
- Do you have a family? - Not exactly.
- What do you mean? - I have a boyfriend.
But that's almost over. I could do it.
I see I'm late for an appointment.
I'm very sorry.
Hello. Hofmann, police detective.
What did that man want?
Yes, sir.
Yes, of course. I'll tell him when he gets here.
Of course.
Get out of my ear, you scamp.
I didn't mean you, sir. I said it to someone else...
He's doing it again.
No, sir. I'm not aware that I've lost my marbles.
I can't talk any more. I have to hang up. As you wish.
For a sick dog he's made a good recovery.
The boss said I'll have leave next time there are promotions.
I won't be considered. What does he mean?
Huneck's lawyer complained to the boss.
We have to leave Huneck alone.
No observations, nothing.
Is he crazy?
That's what the boss thought about me.
The lawyer threatened to tell the press. That always works.
Huneck was at the job centre talking to girls,
promising them jobs and asking whether they were free to travel.
What do you think he's planning?
And we can't even investigate.
We must stop Huneck.
No one can stop us investigating his past.
The judge got it wrong. Huneck is a sex offender.
We'll prove it.
What did the vet say?
I should have told him Rex was with me.
They looked everywhere for him.
But otherwise Rex is fully operational.
Good. I've found something.
Huneck and his family lived in Neuburg,
a small town in Lower Austria.
When he was 1 6
a 1 2-year-old girl went missing and never turned up.
There may be a link with Huneck.
So the Vienna murder wasn't the first.
When the first body wasn't found he thought he'd never be caught.
And we can't even watch him.
Niki's course is near there. She can go and ask around.
You'd sell newspaper subscriptions all over Austria.
I know it's not easy but you can earn good money.
Up to 3000 euros a month.
We'll cover food and accommodation.
- Will I be registered? - Don't worry about that.
Yes. I've been sitting here for weeks for nothing.
- I can start any time. - Good.
We'll meet near our warehouse tomorrow.
Is 9 okay?
Then I'll give you your employment papers,
show you what to do and off you go.
Police Station
There's no one there now.
They closed the police station a while ago. Other things too.
Has something happened?
No, I just wanted to ask about the Hunecks.
Old Huneck...
He had abattoirs and a butcher's shop.
He made the best sausages for miles around.
They moved away ten years ago.
There's nothing left in Neuburg now.
- Where did they live? - There.
Not much left.
They planned to demolish the house and butchery
for the freeway ramp, but it was never built.
Thank you.
Hey, Rex. I'm glad you're okay again.
And what about me?
- How's your eye? - Better. I'm mad at you.
You didn't tell me Rex had been shot.
- If Kunz hadn't called... - You'd have worried.
You were busy with the course.
This is all that's left of the Hunecks' butchery.
When the girl disappeared they searched the whole area.
The forest, the river... They even dug around a bit.
They lived here, too. Was the house searched?
No. No one suspected Huneck.
Exactly. He may have hidden the body here.
Maybe Rex can help us.
It's an old trail, Rex. A very old one.
- How's it going? - Well...
Officially we can't investigate Huneck.
He'll kill again for sure. If we find something, we can nail him.
So, they're already hard at work?
Oh, sorry.
I didn't mean to leave the door open.
As I said, you can't hear a thing outside.
Good. We'll be practising every night now.
I was going to ask you...
The group that used to practise here sometimes let me listen.
Would you let me? No, thanks.
Sorry. The others are sensitive. They don't want an audience.
Just asking. All the best.
Good luck.
The girl vanished ten years ago. Who knows where he hid her.
I was almost certain.
Maybe we should...
There's not much left after 1 0 years.
It will be hard to prove he killed her.
Have her taken to Dr Graf. He's the expert.
Hi, Kunz.
We've found skeletal remains here.
Exactly. It should be enough for an arrest warrant.
And now, go and get Huneck.
Is it much further to the warehouse?
We're almost there.
At the end of the tunnel, on the left.
Michelmeier Property Management.
Kunz, police. I need your help.
We're chasing a suspect who called you on this phone.
He's about 1 80 cm tall, with brown hair,
piercing blue eyes and sharp features.
A cellar? What's the address?
Buried in the earth with well-drained soil
and at a depth of 1 to 3 metres,
the skeletisation process takes about 7 years.
The shallower the grave, as often in the case of murder,
the faster the body is skeletised.
The girl went missing 1 0 years ago. That would fit.
What about her age?
There are several ways to establish the age of a skeleton.
Girls have their growth spurt when they are about 1 1.
At 1 2, their leg length is longest,
48. 1 % of their height.
At 1 4 their arms are at their longest,
43.3% of their height.
So on the basis of our bone measurement,
the girl was between 1 1 and 1 3.
That would tally with the missing girl's age.
Most importantly, what did she die of?
Well... that's difficult in this case.
Strangling would have been almost impossible to prove.
But... May l?
On her costal arches
I found several jagged notches
that indicate that the girl was stabbed.
Numerous times.
has a special advantage.
You concentrate totally
on what's happening to your body.
No... No, please...
I've always wanted a girl
to be with me for a long time
so I can do what I like with her.
I killed the first two much too quickly.
Huneck! Police. Open up.
- Let her go. - Drop your gun, or she's dead.
Push it over...
To me!
Now we'll go out together.
Keep your hands up!
Come here.
Can you do me a favour and go inside?
Rex! Come.
Go to the car.
Stay here. You stay here.
Damn! Where's yours?
- Outside. - Okay...
Keep going.
Keep going.
- You'll regret this, Huneck. - Keep going!
Keep going.
He won't get out as quickly this time. I promise, Rex�