YOY Purim Rap 11th Grade 2012

Uploaded by simchanator on 05.03.2012

>>here we go again 11th grade is on the scene with a novel routine that sure to make you
scream we plot and scheme when we do it as a team
let you follow along to our rap regime
>>we control ur money cause we pay for tuition that means we the boss and we pay on commission
today I learned nothing so I want I refund yeah, u won’t be laughing when I sue u just
for fun
>>ya’ll know me as the school’s vegetarian wanna hear something? I’m carryin’
packin heat, I’ve got my ipod up my sleeve it’s all good, so long as nobody sees
>>Whilst in the beis, I lose my place Now I start to stare into space
My rebbe glances at my face Omg what a total disgrace
>>all these haters gonna hate; man that’s a bad trait
all that does is wind you up…. at a fast rate
all you need to do is chill and just let loose and if your daddy lets, lets have a grey goose
>>straight up out of jersey; all because of rabbi brian
pretty good reason to make a l’chaim temima girls in Kroger, always stalking us
but they way too frum to even talk to us
>>I play basketball about once a year I stay off the courts to try and keep it fair
Should I hang around for yeshiva next year Don’t really know, cause it aint clear
>>Ya’ll know me as yaakov’s little brother Ya need to let go and accept me as another
And just because I’m tan don’t mean I’m latino
cause i can throw a football like dan marino
>>I like playin poker in the basement I make so much, don’t care if I waste it
And yeah my canteen tab is still at thirty bucks
Ya’ll Don’t believe me? You can check the books
>>hit up teen wolf, sneak onto the set say hi to crystal reed now I’m the new lead
sneak into the lab and play some halo if i get caught, bingo is my name-o
>>fire marshalls here; everybody stay calm can’t let them know about our homemade bombs
but if u ask me, it’s suicide mission once they get a look at the rats in the kitchen
>>Every single break, I’ll be skateboardin When I land a trick it’s really rewardin
For internet protection, I prefer to use Norton But what am I saying? That ain’t important