Happy Together korean drama Episode 1 해피 투게더

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(Episode 1)
Pop sensation Kim Hyun-jung will throw out the first pitch
Please welcome her with a big round of applause
It's Kim Hyun-jung!
Kim Hyun-jung!
It's her!
Why, I ought to...
Get your act together, all right?
At least throw your salary's worth, bum
Your eyes just for show?
What'd they ever see in him...
Hey... you're the one who should prove yourself in uniform, numskull
He'll play in the J. League next season...
but you might be out of a job then, clown
What's the matter at home now, Mr. Hippo?
The slow wife or the chickenhead daughter?
You think you can mess around just because I'm doing so?
Keep at it and I'll throw you out
No, I mean... OK, I get it now
You paid the tab last night
Of course I did
Pathetic losers hanging around in a drove...
Man, you guys stuffed yourselves like there's no tomorrow
You can tell you're minor leaguers just by the way you eat
Look who's talking... and you're in the majors?
Stop whining and keep your eye on the ball
You call like you're cross-eyed Play ball!
Listen to you talk, punk
- Quit hitting me - Punk
Let's hurry up!
OK, you guys. Play ball!
Did I ask to come here?
I'm the one who wanted to come
Then why're you acting like I dragged you here by the nose?
You came to work through the game?
Your father's orders Don't mind me and enjoy the game
You said you wanted to see a ball game
How can I enjoy the game...
when you're reading robbery, rape case files right next to me?
Am I asking you to run the track? Am I asking you to throw a pitch?
You can't spare three hours?
Chill out
(Criminal Investigation)
Just one swing, Dad
Just a big one and your oldest son is off to Chamsil Stadium, Dad
Just lend me a hand this once
If I make it to the majors I can find everyone
I'm going to find them no matter what, Dad
Didn't I tell you those who are destined to meet ultimately do?
Tae-poong is in that stadium, Happy
You know Tae-poong, too, don't you?
If he doesn't recognize me at first sight...
that means he's forgotten about me
If that happens...
we'll just turn right back and walk out
I don't want to be a burden to him I did fine on my own till now
Leave it there. Let's watch the game
There he goes. Yes!
Just stay and watch till the end
Can't it wait a couple of hours?
No, it can't. Sit back down and watch
You just got off work! Isn't there someone on night duty?
Today's our 10th anniversary. Ji-seok!
Ji-seok, seok, seok...
I'm not asking you to commemorate our 100th or 1,000th day...
You can't spare a mere two hours?
Not now, I can't. It's not like you don't understand what I do
I don't even have time for this conversation. I'll call you later
DA Seo of Seoul Supreme Prosecutors' Office
Detective Lee, please
Let go, hoodlum! I'll go on my own!
Who are you calling a hoodlum? Repeat it! Hoodlum?
Can't you see the TV cameras all over the ball park?
You trying to embarrass me on a national scale?
Let go for a minute I won't make a run for it
You're a guy and a thug I'm too scared of you to run
Thanks. Hey, thug, give me a cigarette
I'm dying for a smoke right now
Thanks. Hey, I don't have anything to light it with
Sheesh, she wants the red-carpet treatment...
There you go
Cut me some slack
We have three catchers now Give me a break or I'll get the ax
Stop blathering and hit the ball
Just walk me. Four balls, all right?
I'm not even gonna look
I said four balls, dufus
Just my luck
Play ball!
Let's rally, Tae-poong
We'll meet when the game's over
You praying for rain? It ain't gonna rain
It's supposed to be sunny all day today
All you ever want is a big break by way of miracles, dimwit
For the love of God!
Sir, I'm off to Chamsil!
Get in!
Is her monthly salary a grand or ten grand? What a dunce...
I volunteered to come She can't get off work whenever she...
Did I ask her to work? Did I starve her? Do you starve?
She says she's working to share your pain
She feels awfully guilty for having cosigned Uncle's loan
The oaf...
No one thinks of two decades ahead...
when people even cancel the insurance plans they already have
Mom says the higher the insecurity the more safety nets are bound to go up
Running around like that all day is to no avail
Better not get sick and whine or I'll break her legs
He must have serious injuries, with him out cold like that
Who's out cold?
Oh, him. He's sleeping now
He's the only guy in the country who snores in a paramedic unit, that clown
This is all on account of that buffoon, what an ordeal at my age
Tae-poong, I'm here, your sister, Yoon-ju
You don't know how I waited, how I waited for you to seek me out
What am I going to do? I came to see you...
but what if you've forgotten about me? What am I going to do, Tae-poong?
- Is the lead solid, Sergeant Lee? - As solid as a rock
If Ma Cheol-ju leaked it intentionally...
it'll do nothing more than expose our strategy
I'm telling you it's foolproof, sir
The syndicate is holding a meeting at 9PM for certain tonight
Let's take off at 8 o'clock sharp
You're coming along, Prosecutor Seo?
No way, it's too dangerous for you
I had a knife lodged in my back in the blink of an eye
It's no place for you
You just field the phones in the office playing chess with Chief Hwang
Detectives' and DAs' jobs are different...
Commanding investigations is a DA's duty
I'm the commander of this operation
On-site experience is as important to me as trial
I can't condone a murder-instigation felon running around rampant...
as if mocking the law of the land
Detective Lee, I'm bringing down Ma Cheol-ju with my own two hands
Go get ready for the dispatch
Yes, sir
Why, you... Come here
Get over here
They're blind mice without the cane
No kidding, boss You're sitting here rosy and cozy...
and they've got some innocent guy locked up in the big house doing ten
No wonder detectives are blockheads and prosecutors steelheads
What's that? Steelhead?
Contracted to brick and steel for the sake of economy, boss
Brick and steel? That's downright hilarious!
Boss, I fetched the dame you asked for
Come on in
You witch...
Why, you...
- Why, you... - Why, you...
Who are these clowns?
DA Seo Ji-seok of Seoul Supreme Prosecutors' Office
Well, I'll be darned It's one of those days...
complete with brick and steel and a bloody nose on top of that
What's wrong, Mr. Prosecutor? You don't look too well
Looks like you're here on official business...
Why not try to be a little more open-minded?
Ma Cheol-ju, you are under arrest for instigating murder...
engaging in illegal criminal activity, and organizing crime syndicates
What kind of crap is that?
Who instigates murder in this day and age...
not to mention organizing crime syndicates, Mr. Prosecutor?
Chang Ki-ho blew the whistle on you
Who the heck is Chang Ki-ho?
Ma Cheol-ju!
Whoa, a DA pointing his pistol at a civilian's face?
Just where is this country headed?
Don't just stand there! Cuff them all!
Why, you...
Bring them in
Get up. It's safe now
You can leave. Go
Are you a minor?
We didn't come for you so relax
Lift your head up. Where do you live? Are you a runaway?
Give me your parents' phone numbers
- Detective Lee - Yes, Prosecutor Seo
Take her home. I'll hold you accountable
Yes, sir. Get up, let's go
Get up before I step all over you!
Do your parents know you're going around half naked in front of scumbags?
What lousy parents Hurry up and get up, let's go
Do you know this girl?
Cuff her
I said cuff her!
It's not a new title You can keep it over a week
Just don't tear the pages
I won't. Besides, coated copies look much better than torn originals
OK. Get going. Be careful
- Goodbye - Bye
- Ji-seok - Go on ahead
Sure. Bye
Why did you come home in a patrol unit? Are you off for the day?
- What good are you, Chan-ju? - Ji-seok...
What do you do at home? What?
How can you let her run wild like that?
I have to be concerned about what's going on at home?
Who do you mean? What...
- Why'd you step out of a patrol car? - Isn't it obvious?
What's going on?
He thinks a DA can do anything
Did I kill someone or steal something? Why's he treating me like a criminal?
Did I commit a crime? Am I a minor?
Just look at yourself What are you going around doing?
Are you a hostess at a bar? Do you serve drinks?
You're right, Chan-ju, I work at a hostess bar
I even get a tip lending my breasts and behind...
sometimes larger than what you make here in a month
That's right, I serve drinks Ji-seok knows and now you do, too
Ji-seok raided the joint while I was serving some thugs
Now all his subordinates know
Too bad they found out about Mr. Bigshot DA's dirty laundry
What perfect timing...
Wonder what made my graceful sister blow her top senseless
Why was I there? Why did it have to be that particular joint...
putting our star DA smack between a rock and a hard place?
Isn't that precisely why you two are going off at me like this?
I know full well, don't you think I don't
I should've pretended not to know him even if they...
threatened to put me in solitary confinement
If I'd acted like a stranger, you two wouldn't be...
denouncing me like this even if I'd sold my body for a living
Let me come in
Did she put you in a bind? Heard your subordinates know as well
You're going in for another all-nighter?
What's wrong with Moon-ju?
It's nothing new
You knew all along and tossed it aside?
You slept and ate and manned the store knowing that?
I had no idea it was that serious
It's your fault. You deal with it
Sorry to have made you concerned
What the heck is the reason? Just why is she acting like that?
She thinks we're not related to her by blood
She's no longer a teenager
It might be a lifelong issue for her
Childhood traumas don't subside easily
That's how our Moon-ju is, Ji-seok
We were one family long ago
We became siblings overnight
A lowlife thug and the widow of a slain police officer...
that's how Mom and Dad met
Dad brought Tae-poong with him and Mom, two daughters and Ji-seok
Then I, Seo Yoon-ju, was born
But we were torn apart after seven years
We all went our separate ways
Ji-seok, do you want to be a star?
Don't you think the world is full of stars but no heroes?
If you're referring to last night's club crackdown...
What do you think the law is? Let's go back to legal fundamentals
The Chinese character for "law" comprises the 'Water" & "go" characters
Law is allowing water to flow Water flowing per se is also the law
I understand but law also frees clogs and keeps water from rotting
Unfortunately, our society is full of clogs and rotten puddles. I...
The unattractive trees are the ones which guard the forest till the end
You should be careful in order to be a competent prosecutor
Seo Ji-seok speaking
- It's me - Hey
Why do you sound so down? Anything on your mind?
- Yes, there is - Must I have something on my mind?
Forget it, I don't want to hear it this early in the morning
That's enough for now, I'm...
a bit tied up right now
I called to tell you something
I'm at a hospital right now
- Dad was admitted here - What happened to him?
Some dumb batter tripped over him...
instead of touching home plate
His right arm is in a cast
Will he be staying for long?
Mom, my balloon...
Why aren't you answering?
Su-ha, Jin Su-ha
What's the matter, Su-ha? Su-ha?
The balloon...
Hello? Ji-seok...
What's wrong? Take my hand
- Huh? - Here
- You'd better brush off the grass - Yeah...
Guess tripping over is your specialty
Oh, right, it is. Pretty unusual, huh?
Your leg...
Oh, my leg, don't even mention it
There's this crazy umpire
He looks like a hippo What does he think he is? A catcher?
Why does he stand on home plate?
If only it weren't for him, it would've been a homer...
and I'd be in Chamsil by now
I'm a pro baseball player I'm in the minors
People don't know but minor league franchises play games, too
Whatever happened to that hippo umpire?
What do you think? He has a cast on his leg and right arm...
and he can't even feed himself
Then he wasn't able to eat at all?
Nope. All he did was drink water nonstop...
Wait, wait a minute! Wait up!
I'm Seo Tae-poong! What's your name? At least tell me your name!
He didn't recognize me
Tae-poong doesn't recognize me
What's up with that expression on your face?
I'm losing my appetite Either leave or get under the sheets
Is this beauty the chickenhead daughter 'Who looks like a sick chicken"?
That fool...
She is
Sick chicken? Chickenhead? Is that how you describe me to others?
You see, if not, you'll be perpetual fodder for these creeps
I can't let them do that to you, so I told them a lie
What's your name?
Why do you need to know that?
What's with that gaze of yours? Don't look at her like that!
My name is Seo Tae-poong What about you?
I'm Seo Tae-poong. What's your name?
It's Su-ha, Jin Su-ha
Su-ha... Jin Su-ha... I fell for you at first sight
What's that? What's this clown going on about?
I love you, Su-ha, no, I'll start loving you from now on
I will love you till I die
Forget it, I said forget it!
I'm leaving without it. Don't bother
Half of your life is mine Don't tell me not to interfere
You and Ji-seok were my life since I was 17
I raised you two I'm a surrogate parent to you two
I sacrificed my life for you guys
I deserve to be treated like one
Are you rubbing it in?
How well did you raise us?
What? Surrogate parent? Dream on
I've never regarded you as a parent
When did you ever love me like your own child?
Don't talk to me that way I'm not your equal
It's about time your refined ears had an allergic reaction to me
I'm your big sister Don't talk to me that way
Since when was I your younger sister?
Since when? Since you two...
Shut your trap!
Why are you acting like this? Growing worse everyday?
Why did you take me with you?
Why didn't you just abandon me with Tae-poong at that house back then?
I didn't abandon him. It wasn't me
OK. It was Grandma who took you guys and me...
leaving Tae-poong and Yoon-ju as they lay asleep
But you were 17 then and fully capable of making a rational decision
You abandoned Tae-poong and Yoon-ju
You're abandoned your 3-year-old baby sister!
Moon-ju, it's like that That's not true
You know full well that's not the case Stop being so stubborn!
Why don't we forget about it?
It's time we let go of the past, Moon-ju
You let go, you two go ahead and let go
Not me. I can't forget
I'm going to find Tae-poong and Yoon-ju
I swear I will
If something happened to either of them...
I will curse you for the rest of my life
I won't forgive you
Cherries Juvenile
I'm sorry?
Cherries Juvenile
You mean Cherries Jubilee?
Down it smoothly, nice and slow, sir
That's more like it
How about a drink for me?
A measly bottle's barely enough for one
Pour me one
Nice and slow, sir
Just a single shot, all right?
Thank you, thank you, sir
- Take your mind off my daughter, OK? - Take me off yours
She's seeing someone They're getting married in the fall
She's not married yet
Not all goalkeepers end up with the ball
They don't switch goalkeepers for missing one goal
Let's talk about baseball
One single error and they switch pitchers without mercy
I'm the manager You're never stepping on the mound
None of your business This is between me and Su-ha
This is not only none of your business but you've never heard of...
"No solicitors allowed"?
Just you wait and see
We'll see who you hand over your daughter to in the fall
- Chan-ju - Oh, Su-ha... hi
Happy birthday, Chan-ju
Thanks. You never miss it
Enough looking after siblings Be considerate to yourself
Oh, I ran into Moon-ju at the subway station
She looked pretty upset
Chan-ju, you feel down lately, huh?
Ji-seok and Moon-ju both give you a hard time
But I'm sure that's not how they truly feel
This family's notorious for being stoic
Aren't you getting ready? Need any help?
There's nothing really to prepare
Ji-seok won't be coming home tonight either, and Moon-ju's...
I think it slipped Moon-ju's mind that today's your birthday
She realized right away when she saw me with the cake
And Ji-seok can drop in for a short while just for dinner
It's your birthday, after all I'll call him
Chan-ju, here's the seaweed
Will this be good? Or this one?
Is this the good kind? Is it?
DA Seo Ji-seok, please
He's away from his desk Who's calling?
His sister. When did he go home?
He's not gone for the day yet He's just away from his desk
Oh, right. I'll call back then. Goodbye
DA Seo Ji-seok speaking. Hello?
- It's me, Ji-seok - Hi, Chan-ju. What's up?
When are you coming home? Are you swamped?
I am. What is it? Chief Hwang, have a seat
Is Chang Ki-ho standing by? Sorry, Chan-ju
No problem. Have you eaten?
Be quiet! Ma Cheol-ju... where do you think you are?
Let me repeat the question
On Feb. 11, 1999, 7:35 PM...
what orders did you hand down to Chang Ki-ho in Itaewon bar "Raamses"?
Sheesh, I'm famished! Where's the beef soup?
You sure you ordered it?
Don't tell me a DA's fibbing a racketeer about a mere bowl of soup
I'll show that delivery boy what timely delivery means!
Sit up straight! Wanna have your 60th birthday party behind bars?
How does 20 years sound to you?
Screw procedure Record exactly as is, Chief Hwang
A criminal devoid of any inkling of...
remorse or intent to rehabilitate
Yes, sir
Bring in Chang Ki-ho for interrogation
- Seo Ji-seok speaking - Are you home, Ji-seok?
I'm still at work I won't be able to go home tonight
What about Chan-ju's birthday? I told you it's her birthday today
Oh, no, she must've waited all night
At least give her a call You mean the world to her
She must be really disappointed
All right. Talk to you later
Press 1...
You're always leaning against my window with a hopeless glance
You gaze up silently, emptily at the distant sky
I never knew love was so sad
Yeah, all right. I'm game
They're not already married
He's a candidate, I'm a candidate We're equal contenders
Is being a prosecutor such a big deal?
If he's a prosecutor, then I'm...
I'm Seo Tae-poong, mister, OK?
Mister, don't you know Seo Tae-poong?
What? I do, of course... I know real well. Don't you?
I love her. I'm going to love her
So what if he's a prosecutor? Ha...
All right, bring them all on, even the judges
I'm never budging an inch
Chickenhead angel Jin Su-ha... She's mine
I'm going to make her mine
Don't you have any family?
Why don't you have any visitors? Not even siblings?
Of course I do Everyone's got family
I have an older sister and younger siblings too...
I do have a family
You do? Then why didn't you say so?
Chan-ju... Ji-seok... Moon-ju...
And our baby sister, Yoon-ju... I, too, have a family
Older sister, younger siblings...
Chan-ju... Ji-seok... Moon-ju...
And our baby sister, Yoon-ju...
If you don't call me till I count to ten...
I'm dumping you for a guy who's crazy about me
One, two, three...
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, jeez, ten!
- Su-ha! - Su-ha!
Don't smile, you cheesy, oily goon
It's much faster than I'd expected
It's a couple of days ahead of what I planned as well
Mr. Jin summoned me
What's with the scowl? Lighten up
When? He asked you to come and visit him at the hospital? Really?
Where's his room?
Over there
Odd... He didn't mention anything when I told him you'd show up in a few days
Wonder why he wanted to see you
We'll find out
You didn't get any sleep, did you? Here, I'll carry it
That's heavy... Su-ha!
Wait up, Su-ha
Do you know him?
What are you doing? What do you want?
It's heavy. Let me carry it for you
Ji-seok! Wait...
What do you mean, engagement?
Doesn't have to be anything fancy...
Just a family meal at a Chinese restaurant
An engagement out of the blue?
Even rich people skip such ceremony these days
Get the rings ready, the cheapest ones you can find
What about Sunday night?
They're telling you they don't want to!
You think you can make me give up on Su-ha?
All right, I'll make concessions
Su-ha, go ahead...
get engaged. Go ahead, I don't mind
But as for the wedding, it's going to be you and me, OK?
What? Who are you? Why do you keep sticking your nose in?
Don't you have any manners?
I'm Seo Tae-poong It's fair game, no hard feelings
I said let's play fair
What are you doing? Are you nuts?
You... it's you, Ji-seok, isn't it?
You're Ji-seok, aren't you?
You are. It's me, Tae-poong
It's me, Tae-poong Don't you recognize me? Ji-seok!
Seo Tae-poong...
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