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we're glad that you're just a kid officially the number one selling in the jury selection
for users of did you tell you a fishbowl inventory
the discover how fishbowl overseas your whole film distribution process
cracks all your parts across several warehouses streamlined you're purchasing procedures reveals
the health status of your business so you can make important decisions into everything
from creating a quote
to shipping the product up to our door better than any other system
his price range
it does all this and even integrates with great books so you can continue using the
number one economic package for small to medium-sized businesses
and while this fall to be used as a stand-alone inventory system
most of our clients also use great books
we integrate with great books
because it is that kind of book other counting packages
however there are many drawbacks for those who also want to use it for inventory control
and that is why using both fishbowl and quick books in tandem
makes good business sense
any data required by quit books to fulfil its accounting function
his exported to quit books after inventory changes are made with in fish bowl here are
some of the advantages
the scandal
fish bowl incorporates variable pricing and discounting not only by a percentage but you
can't get a specific dollar amount for any product
pricing rules to be applied across the board or it can be based on individual customers
for customer groups
you can track your inventory in multiple locations so if you have multiple warehouses stores
or even if you use various service tracks that you want to track separately fishbowl
makes it easy to do
with fish bowl there are virtually no limits to the number of parts customers for vendors
you can have
we have customers who were successfully using fish bowl inventory with well over one hundred
thousand inventory us
quick books enterprise want you to know more than twenty nine thousand items
quick books pro
only allows up to fourteen thousand five hundred inventory facts
fish bowl includes a robust work order Michael which allows you to do things so that you
can assemble products before they go out the door
the best part is that you can choose variable amounts for optional items not taking lesser
also include because fishbowl allows you to use been locations picking lives aren't you
simply as list of items depicted with rather when you utilize picking winners you were
told where in the warehouse your hands are located
then was one incident picked they're committed to that customer so that no gives them to
another point
fish bowl offers great bar coding printing and scanning solutions
this option is not available in part for too long
fish bowl also offers a unit of measure conversions
in other words
you can purchase and one unit of that year
store can do
another punitive measure
and so in multiple
units of measure
now quick notes only allows you to sell in one unit of measure each
fish bowl also determined sophomore reorder levels for each part
based on using history
this helps you to automatically generate purchase orders or to automatically create new work
to keep up with demand baseball even allows you to fax or e mail pianos to multiple vendors
it really takes the guesswork out of managing and insurance agent hours of work for your
inventory in manufacturing resource plan
let's take a peek at the fishbowl in the jury some poor
wouldn't it be great to see the status of your business processes just by looking at
a single computer screen way you can do that with baseball
the today spring allows you to see open sales orders and estimates you also see items that
still need to be picked in the picking mindful the items that are ready to be shipped out
your customers
it also shows to which items on our are yet to be received from your vendors
sales orders are snapped to create virtual it's as simple as pressing the new blood
in fact the new governor peers in just about every Michael making the entire system he's
eighty years
after clicking on the new bond
type in the name of the customer and their information appears
President Mike garrison choose the product a place on the sales order and double click
on it
if you have a customer that orders the same items each time select equipment can insert
the items that they need right onto the sales war
fish bowl also has a robust plan is so much more for retailers who want to stay items
using a bar code
you can even create an infant amount of pricing scenarios
for individual customers or customer groups based on any individual product item or group
of products your customers or customer groups
my purchased
so suppose you have a product
that your customers want to customize to their specifications now
it's not a problem with fish bowl inventory fishbowl allowed to create infinite bills
materials that are standardized
or unfavorable in fact you could have
multiple levels of troubled families in each the libertarian
you can configure it from several different parts you have an inventor
for example if I were customize in a bicycle for customer
I'm simply choose to put the bicycle
in new York
fish bowl allows you to set up optional items
very polite
and standardized on its military
optional parts are great if you want to choose between similar types of part you have an
inventory like a bicycle friend
variable parts are needed at the quantity few years
might be different from work order to work or so you can choose from zero to any number
you predict fight
an example would be
the number of reporters who might use to assemble a bicycle
variable optional parks would be used if you choose between
different types of parts to use your sampling with the quantities
could also be different for example if you choose whether or not to give the customer
either a bicycle pump or a water bottle as part of their bike assembly
after creating the customized bill
simply say that or issue it
handed automatically create a work order for you in the work order module
if you say the sales order it creates an estimate for you
once you issue it
fish bowl creates a sales order
those products are now reserve were allocated for that customer
now that the cells order has been allocated it shows up in the the King live
as you pick the sales order
the picking take it turns out
now you can use our bar code solution to take inventory if you have serial numbers no problem
fishbowl of detractors as well
once the item has been picked and commit the part of those initiative Michael
and you can shift directly a fishbowl or you can utilize ups world chess for federal express
is shift manager
to create labels on tracking numbers just type in the sales or number
and world ship worship manager will bring in the customer's checking information
and do the rest
now of course if you would like a global view of what is happening with your inventory
fish bowl allows you to see the status of anyone part
for example
you can go to the inventory Michael to look to see if the parties on hand
allocated to a sales order
committed to be shipped out or
whether or not it is a backward
or on order
now of course this will also has a myriad of reports to give you inventory information
as well
well as you can see fishbowl comes with a number of reports to help you make important
business decisions
these reports hoping to get a handle on your fastest
angeles moving into our adams
reports on understanding your profitability
reports that reveal your sales
inventory value
and profitability
there were even reports to help you measure the success of working with your customers
and vendors
and if there is a report you don't have
well you can create your own customized report using I report software the ships with every
purchase official inventory
these reports contain the access within fishbowl every time you need them
if you'd rather unit also utilize crystal reports or access to create kast reports for
fish bowl
one of the most daunting positions in the company
it's not a purchasing agent
the agent must know what the purchase
a proper quantities to purchase in order to have enough on hand when the islands need
they also need inventory ballots
so that they are not over stock on any items as over stocking waste needed capital that
could be utilized in other facets of the business
many of our clients feel that their investment in fish bowl is worth a lot
justin how it manages your purchases
the program since the optimal reorder point and to order up to the level for each part
or group of part to decline
now any item that falls below the level of the pure pork
automatically shows up on the reward of report along with items that had been allocated to
the sales or or a work order where there wasn't enough inventory on hand to fulfill the order
as long as you have a default under selected you can automatically create any purchase
now receiving is simple officials as well
you can receive inventory of a default locations
using the receiving mindful or by using our bar coding solution
either way we designed it and make your job easier
we even allow you to receive everything off of your piano so that you don't have to receive
items line by line
well as you can see fish bowl and inspirational several business problems you face every day
if you needed inventory package the tracks every facet of your inventory
one that turns raw materials and the finished goods one that helps you make some purchasing
and one that manages sales an inventory information this integrated with quick talks
give us a call