Nike 2012/13 Inter Milan Away Jersey Review -

Uploaded by SoccerProVideo on 11.01.2013

Hey I'm Caty with and I'm here with Wesley
Sneijder to introduce you to the new Inter Milan away jersey.
So Wesley,
I know you're going to be wearing this all year against teams like Juventus and AC Milan.
And I've noticed it looks really awesome, it's got that new crimson red color. It's really different
from the white from last time.
Also, I'm seeing some blue and black tubing down here, really tying it in to the home colors this
Crest on the left, Nike swoosh on the right, Pirelli front and center.
And I know you're going to stay cool and comfortable in this jersey.
It's 100% recycled, 100% polyester with the Dri-Fit
You are going to stay cool and comfortable also
in this jersey. Check it out at,
support Wesley.
We will see you
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