Windows 8 Pro Media Center x86 - x64 FINAL - Build 9200 - MultiLanguage - All Versions -=code3h=-

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TRANSLATED By Ricardo Gehlen
Hi guys, how are you??!
I will show you how you can install and activate your windows 8 professional 64 bits (crack all versions x86/x64)
using a virtual machine, or if you prefer you you can install directly in your computer as the principal operating system
First, you have to download the files of video description.
Remembering that for this 64-bit system, is necessary to change to enabled Intel Virtualization option in bios, right?
So, I already installed here and I just will to show the basic features (and how to crack it)
Let's start the virtual machine, I'm testing also. This is the boot screen of Windows 8
Initializes a little bit faster than Windows 7, but the complete desktop area load may take 40 secs,
almost the same time of Windows 7.
You have the option to login with your Microsoft account if you enable it (live, hotmail, microsoft...).
This is the start screen. basically what changed Win8 is the center of the system,
that is no longer the common desktop as you are accustomed. The center of system will be that.
some programs here, the common desktop already known. The difference is we have no more the start menu.
This screen is the start menu screen now.
This is the people app, where you can connect your social networks (twitter, facebook, linkedin)
Is confused for those not familiar with new start interface
Then, these are the applications of 64 bits version with Media Center.
Here we have the calendar, showing the birthdays of your contacts.
Can be viewed by month, day and week.
You also can use the calendar to note appointments, or use as diary.
This is the crack software that now is open that activates your windows 8. Is very simple...
You will download and run it. Then, click in "beginner mode". Will appears these options.
The last option activates Windows 8, the others are for the evalution versions and Windows 7.
I already installed on this machine, so it will not be necessary for me.
Will appear a pirate working, wait.....
Will appear a success message and reboot. After reboot your system will be activated.
and you can install the updates from Windows Update without problems.
to change the language, you can go on the control panel and change/add a language.
Here you must click on Options.
ADD a language, in this area.
Above click add a language.
Click and select your prefered language and install. I will show with Italian language for an example.
Double click upon it and click add. Click on the right side, in options Set->> make this the principal language.
Will be downloaded and installed the language pack. when reboot all the system will be in your language.
Another significant change in the operating system windows 8 is the new task manager,
redesigned and much more complete, shows more about the system resources. let's access it.
Here we have historical of applications. A considerably variety of information,
with colors, easy to identify which proccess are using more system resources and performance graphs too.
Here is the startup programs, was incorporated into task manager (msconfig you can use too),
to enable/disable startup items. This much better Windows task manager.
Now, let's see internet explorer. IE from desktop runs independent of this IE, from start area.
this one runs in full screen, a big differential , to gain screen space.
to switch between tabs press the right mouse button. In the sides you can back/advance the page.
Internet Explorer has improved a lot in this 10th version.
That's all, folks!!
I hope you enjoy and I hope you can install to take a good advantage of this cool system