DIY Gun Props - 1€ tutorial - PROlike #2

Uploaded by JKProduktion on 11.03.2012

Hey everybody, welcome to PROlike gear where we make builds for your set looking and working like professional products but being inexpensive!
My name is Jano Kaltenbach and I’am very proud to present you the second episode of this little tutorial series.
This time I want to move from behind the camera in front of it: we will build this (guns).
Check out the trailer!
Did you see that? Okay, nothing special right now... they look in it's way realistic maybe more in the distance than in detail but the keyfactor is the price!
This pistol costs me less than 1€ at all! Yes! Simple mathematics: one euro, one pistol. two euros, two pistols! 10 euros, 10 pistols!
Actually I think with this price I would be the cheapest weapons dealer world wide?!
So, maybe you realised it already if not it shows how realistic it can look: These weapons are simply made out of paper!
This leads directly over to our shopping list:
We just need paper sheets, some black and maybe silver paint and a hot glue gun as well as some sellotape. Basically this is everything!
If you check the internet for paper guns, exspecially on youtube, you will find a lot of great builds, of complex weapons with technical perfection and so on.
In this tutorial I will simply give you an idea what is possible and show you in an example step by step how I made a pistol like this. So, let's go once again!
As a template for measurements I used an airsoft gun. You could also use data from the internet.
So we take the first paper sheet. Mainly the weapons are made out of simple tubes and boxes.
After making a tube, we start folding a rectangle paper which we could separate in three sections that we can lay around the tube’s half.
These two parts, glued together, form the front stock of the gun. All the measuring later on rests upon it.
Next step is to make another tube, same radius, and a tube with a slightly smaller radius that fits in the first one. This will be the slide of our pistol.
We cut a loading chamber into the outer tube. It should be something like the half of the slide in length.
Then we can hot glue the slide on top of the stock.
Now we fold the next rectangle paper with a width of the slides heights and top, so that we can cover the whole slide with it.
Again we cut a little rectangle whole for the loading chamber.
Then we can glue the cover on top of the inner slide tube, so that it is still moveable.
On the sides we have to secure the slide with some paper stripes, taped to the cover.
Next big thing is the back stock, where we fold a big tube, cut it in a right length and glue it to the rest of the pistol, after filling it out with some paper or/and other stuff.
So we finished already the main model. The final step is to add details, like a trigger, of course the barrel!
You can make iron sights, ammo clips and engravings.
Also you have to cut out 2D elements for every open side.
If you’re done, you can use the paint to color the pistol. For example main body in black and the loading chamber with the barrel in silver, like I did.
Now we got a great diy gun prop for our next project. This papercraft like method gives you the possibilty to build nearly every weapon you want to. Be creative and add accesories like a silencer.
Take a look at this: It's rifle I also made just out of paper - looks real from the distance and I already used it some time ago in a short.
By the way this a good example for the last things I want to mention:
First: Sound really sells the effect. With some handling, loading and bullet sounds you can make the perfect weapon scene out of this paperwork.
Also rember to tell your actors that they have to simulate a certain weight when they are holding the guns!
And last but not least I suggest to buy a airsoft if you are planning very detailed shots.
But for every setting, best in the background this is the most inexpensive way to equip a whole army in your films!
So that's it, I hope you liked it and are already curious about our next episode's topic!
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See you next time and thanks for watching!