Junajpu y Luna - Episode 1 - Grandes Visiones

Uploaded by 3RADamigos on 27.12.2009

A long time ago, long before you or your parents were born;
A very wise man existed who could see the future.
This wise man could see through the ages, and what would come to pass on our planet.
The man saw wars, fires, cruelty and violence,
but luckily he also saw a possibility to conquer that wickedness.
The man took his paintbrushes and drew his vision on the temples stonewall.
In the painting, the following prophecy could be read:
With great powers, One will be born that are two.
Bringing light and happiness, shadow will fall and good will reign.
As the wise man predicted, a great evil grew in the Earth.
Magana was its leader and in his evil laboratory he created mutants that enjoy destroying humanity.
Your Evil Majesty!
The bat is ready, Sir!
Your Evil Majesty!
Welcome Siseo.
Give us a demonstration.
Excellent, keep working!
And thus, the women, men and children have lived many years with the fear of Magana and his partisans.
Nevertheless, we hope someday, in some part of the country, the rest of the prophecy will be fulfilled.
Tata, come quick! The babies are being born.
I'm coming.
Children, go home, we will continue tomorrow, and do your homework.
Good. Good. Here we go.
Daughter, how do you feel? Breath,
That's it, breath. Push now. Push.
Push. That's it. Keep pushing, it's coming. it's coming, keep pushing. Push.
It's a Boy.
Wait. Another one!
Two Boys.
No, my son. A boy and a girl!
They have the right to a name.
The boy, we name Junajpu', for Pop Wuj.
The girl, Luna. For in the night we met.
Twins! A boy and a girl.
I need to build another cradle then!