[TUTORIAL] LINK DISC entre DJMAX Black Square y DJMAX Clazziquai Edition

Uploaded by KatsuiNyaw on 03.01.2013

Ok, we are about to start this tutorial to do the Link Disc between DJMAX...
DJMAX Clazziquai Edition and DJMAX Black Square
to have the songs of
Clazziquai Edition in Black Square with new
how it's called around here... The manly DJMAX.
First of all, we got to turn on the plugin in the recovery menu (added in the description) must be
it's called "gamechange.prx". There is, enabled.
I dunno if the camera can can see the screen very well.
But it doesn't matter, you have to turn on the plugin.
And once you have the plugin enabled...
you can put the game

But first, you have to rename the ISOs
it works with ISOs and CSOs
Rename the games. Look the image for what name you have to put to every game.

If you don't do that, the plugin can't work.
Once you started the game,
obviously you have to go to Link Disc.
Let's continue.
Here you choose "DJMAX Clazziquai Edtion".
Let's continue.
Here the game
ask for the UMD to do the Link Disc.
Here comes the plugin's work.

Press the HOME button
And the exit screen is displayed.
Don't exit the game.
You have to
Press L, R and START,
The PSP restart for a little moment, and when it turns on...
there you go.
It's simple.
Very simple.
So simple, the only thing you will need is a Memory Stick with at least 4 GB
Data Install are no needed. (except the Link Disc data install, 34 MB)
Only the 2 games and the plugin.

There is
the "new songs".
With new patterns.
More hard than the others, for example, First Kiss in Lv. 10 MX.
There are not many new things... but the new things are
the 6Bfx mode.
All new patterns.
This mode is new for this songs.

Enjoy smashing your hands with this new patterns.
That's all.