General Hospital 02/24/11 Part 2/3 with subtitles

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Steve: Check it out. I think the kids are about to make a toast.
Olivia: Oh, I wish Dante could be here for this.
Steve: You ever wish you had one more?
Olivia: Well, sure. You know, I was a single working teenage girl.
It just wasn't in the cards.
But Dante had his cousins and his aunts and uncles all around him. So it was nice.
Steve: And there are now three more siblings.
Olivia: And he is loving every minute of it.
What about you? Ever want to have a kid?
Steve: Uh... I-- I don't know.
I get the feeling that it's probably a lot tougher than looks.
Olivia: There's nothing easy about it. But it is so worth it.
Molly: Ahem. Attention, everyone. Attention!
We'd like to make a toast.
To Uncle Sonny and Aunt Brenda, whose love has stood the test of time
Through triumphs and tragedies
Much like the greatest romance novels of all time--
Cathy and Heathcliff in 'Wuthering Heights'--
Kristina: Thank you, Molly.
Kristina: Um, Michael.
Michael: Oh, uh, um... Brenda, we--
[Molly giggles]
Michael: Uh, we're all very grateful to you for making our dad really happy.
That's... all right.
Morgan: Dad... I-- I know you've loved Brenda for a long time. Um--
I'm really happy that she's back and that you guys have gotten married.
Kristina: As Mignon McLaughlin once said
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times
Always with the same person.
Brenda, I'm really happy that you're my stepmom.
Welcome to the family.
Brenda: Ohh... What about these speeches?
These are the best speeches I've ever heard.
Kristina: They're just for you.
Brenda: Thank you.
Brenda: Mwah!
Sonny: Okay, I guess I gotta say something.
Brenda: Oh, you mean you're gonna make a speech?
Sonny: I guess.
Molly: Yay.
Sonny: Michael, Morgan, Kristina and Dante, wherever-- I don't know where he went.
Um, I love you, and I'm very proud of all of you.
Molly, even you. I'm just kidding.
[All laugh]
Sonny: You're a great niece.
And to Brenda, I have to say, you do-- You look beautiful tonight.
Molly: Oh! Come here. Oh!
Sonny: I guess they've-- they had a... um...
You really do make my life complete and...
I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
I love you very much.
Brenda: I love you, too.
Lulu: I can't do this.
We can't magically erase what happened and get back to where we were.
Dante: Don't-- don't give up on us.
Lulu: I did everything that I could to put my faith in you
Even when I sided against my friends and my family.
Dante: I know you did. I know that. And you were amazing and you were--
Lulu: No, I was naive. I was building you up to be perfect.
Dante: Well, I guess you know that I'm not perfect.
Lulu: Dante, in my heart I know that I'm not going to be able to trust you, ever.
Jason: Hey, Spinelli, yeah, listen, I'm back at the apartment.
Theo and Shawn got away. I need you back here now.
I need your help.
[Car pulls up.]
Carly: Are you hurt?
Shawn? Shawn! Shawn.
Shawn: Where-- where am I?
Get me to cover or I'll blow your head off.
Carly: Okay.
Uh...can you get up? Can you get up?
Can you push yourself--
Shawn: Do you want me to pull the damn trigger? You want to die?
Carly: No.
Okay. That's my car.
I can get you to safety. Come on.
I'm gonna help you.
Robin: Excuse me. Lovebirds?
Okay, it's time to cut the cake.
Sonny: Cut the cake?
Robin: Yes. Will you do the honors, please. Thank you.
Sonny: Yeah, all right.
Tracy: Okay, I'm leaving before I go into diabetic shock.
Luke: Well, the evening is still young, wife.
Tracy: Ha ha! We got through the ceremony
And half the reception without killing each other.
Do not push your luck.
Luke: You know that Interpol dropped the charges against you, right?
Tracy: Ha! Am I supposed to be grateful?
You're gonna have to go a long way before we sleep under the same roof
Much less in the same bed.
Luke: Well, thank you for hanging with me through this.
I miss you.
Tracy: I miss you.
Luke: Enjoy sleeping in that big lonely bed, Mrs. Wile E. Coyote.
Tracy: Mr. Coyote.
Nikolas: I'll get us some more champagne.
Tracy: So, if you are looking for a reason to duck out
You can always walk me to the car.
Brook Lynn: I would love to but I'm having a lot of fun
So I'm gonna stay here with Nikolas.
Tracy: Really?
Why is it all the lovely young women that I like
Are with men that don't deserve them?
Brook Lynn: What the hell was that? Why did you just say that to me?
Tracy: I don't know. Never mind.
Just watch yourself and don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Brook Lynn: Wow, you have nothing to worry about
Since you've just given me a lot of leeway.
Nikolas: There you go.
Edward: You look absolutely stunning, my dear.
Brenda: Oh, thank you, Edward.
Edward: And I wish you every happiness in the world.
In spite of the crime lord that you married.
Tracy: Well, it was a lovely wedding and no one got shot.
Come on daddy, we're leaving.
Edward: Wh-- so soon?
Tracy: Yes, well, you know we've been here a long time.
And, daddy's tired and I need to feed him. Goodnight.
Robin: Okay, everyone, it's time to cut the cake.
Molly: Cut the cake, cut the cake.
All (chanting): Cut the cake, cut the cake.
Sonny: Don't give me this.
Put your hands right there.
1... 2... Grab this...
Brenda: That was perfect.
Sonny: You like that?
Brenda: Will you do me a favor and not-- Honey, don't. Sweetheart...
Sonny: Ready?
Brenda: No. You're gonna smash it in my face, right?
Sonny: All right, all right.
Brenda: Don't do it.
Don't do it, Michael.
Sonny: Hey.
Molly: Aww!
Lulu: I can see how in your mind you're keeping a promise to Brenda
But it just confirms to me that love doesn't work.
Dante: Love works all the time. It's worked for us.
Lulu: Not from where I'm standing.
Dante: That's because of my own screw-ups, okay?
But think of what love has gotten us through.
It will get us through this, too.
Lulu: What I know is what I see from my friends and family.
When it comes to love, something goes wrong.
Dante: Well, then-- then let's try to prove your theory wrong. Starting now.
Lulu: I just don't think that we work. Okay?
You made a mistake. I can't get past it.
It's as simple as that.
Dante: You're right.
That is simple, because you're afraid to love
And you're looking for a reason to bail and I've given it to you.
Robin: Okay, all single ladies gather around for the bouquet toss.
Abby: Oh, I think that's my cue to leave. Would you mind if I...
Michael: Oh, that's fine. I'll walk you home.
Abby: Okay.
I have to get going. Congratulations.
And your reception was just beautiful.
Sonny: Oh, thank you. And everything that you've done for my son.
Abby: Oh, he's done even more for me.
Michael: I'm going to walk Abby home.
Sonny: Hey. I'm proud of you. Okay?
Michael: Back at you, dad.
Abby: Thank you so much for inviting me.
Brenda: Bye, sweetie.
Abby: Thank you.
Brenda: Thank you for coming.
Sonny: Whew.
Jason: Hey, anything new at the wedding?
Spinelli: Uh, hard to say. I left a little bit early.
Witnessing all that nuptial joy was...
You appear ready for action. Any new leads on our elusive adversary?
Jason: Um, Diane's actually trying to track him through the law firm records
But she's coming up with nothing.
So I need you to help me find Theo right now.
I'm guessing he's still in Port Charles.
Spinelli: That's a logical assumption
As his primary goal was to abduct the Divine One.
Jason: Yeah. Theo already tried to get to Brenda.
His guy Shawn was supposed to grab her at the wedding
But he never got a chance.
Spinelli: Did you apprehend him?
Jason: For all the good it did.
Shawn walked me into an ambush and he got away.
He's probably talking to Theo right now.
Shawn: Where the hell are we?
Carly: My house.
Shawn: If this is a setup, I'll use you to...
Carly: It's not. It's the safest place I knew to bring you.
Come on. Careful.
Shawn: Who else is here?
Carly: No one. My kids are with my ex. I'm gonna get you to the couch. Just come on.
How did you get hurt?
Shawn: You think you can get me to talk?
Carly: I have a first-aid kit upstairs. It has everything you need in it.
I can help you.
Shawn: And the second I let you out of the room to get it you take off, right?
Carly: No.
Shawn: No is right. Why the hell should I trust you?
Robin: This doesn't look like enough single ladies to me.
Brook Lynn: Yo, Bensonhurst! She said all the single ladies get up here.
Robin: Bensonhurst.
Olivia: Yeah.
Robin: Yes, all of the single ladies.
Olivia: Ladies first really.
Alexis: Who are you calling a lady?
I haven't had enough to drink. That's a barbaric custom.
Nikolas: Alexis, just get up there already.
Luke: Take your tatas to the toss line.
Alexis: Only if you go with me.
Molly: Oh, come on, mom, if we can do it, you can, too.
Sonny: Get your puppies and get over there.
Alexis: I'm so glad I wore this dress.
Only if you go.
Olivia: Oh, I don't think we're gonna escape this.
Steve: Come on.
Alexis: Let's go, let's go.
Robin: Turn around.
Brenda: Turn around?
Robin: Yes. You can't see them.
Brenda: How am I gonna see where I'm throwing it?
Robin: Then you can pick who gets it. That's not fair.
Brenda: You guys ready?
Molly: Yeah! Go!
[All cheering]
Sonny: That's my girl.
Kristina: You know what this means, don't you?
Sonny: All right, you're not getting married until say so.
Kristina: How long's that gonna be?
Sonny: Uh, maybe 1, 2, 3... decades.
Kristina: Ha ha ha.
Sonny: Oh, look.