Star Wars - How to make a Chewbacca Domo Plush

Uploaded by allhailskippy on 25.09.2012

Hi! I'm Paul. You're watching That's PS! And this episode I'm going to make a Chewbacca Domo. Check it out.
To make a chewy-domo you will need the following:
Brown hairy fur material
A piece of cardboard
Red and white felt
The pattern printed on paper
Some cutting utensils
A hot glue gun and glue
Silver squares with a hole in either side
Buttons for eyes. A ribbon for the sash. A sewing needle. Grey, brown and black thread, and a sharpie.
First you'll need to cut the pattern out of paper
I had to write my own labels, but by the time you get it, I will have added it to the pattern
Trace the pattern onto the fur and cut it out. This was crazy messy. It left tufts of hair everywhere.
I also worked in a room with a ceiling fan on, so I now have small pieces of fur everywhere in my apartment
Cut out the cardboard and felt pieces
Sew the left leg to the toe
Close the left leg loop
And then sew the left leg to the foot
Repeat for the right leg
Sew the left and right arm pits to the back
Starting at the pits, sew the side to the back
This shouldn't happen to you. I fixed it in the pattern
Glue the mouth onto the cardboard
And glue the whole thing to the front
Glue the teeth on
This adds a real Domo look to it
Stitch on the eyes, just above the mouth
Hot glue the cardboard to the feet. This helps it stand better
Stitch up the left arm
Repeat for the right arm
Sew the left arm into the whole made by the pit and the side
Repeat for the right arm
Time to sew the front on. Start at one pit and sew about half up
Then switch to the other pit and sew the rest up
This will ensure that it lines up nicely
Flip the arms inside out
And add some stuffing
Sew just the front piece to both legs
Turn the whole thing inside out
Popples anyone?
Stuff both of the legs really well with polyfill
Sew the back piece to the legs. Take your time, and try not to stitch too much hair together
And make sure to keep the crotch open
Stuff the rest of that Domo like a christmas turkey
And the trickiest part
Sewing up the crotch
Trim off some foot hair so it stands better
Wrap it around, and cut the sash to size
Take your silver gems, and add them to the sash in two rows
Sew the end of the sash in a loop
Put the sash over his head and enjoy the Chewy-Domo
All said and done it took about 6 hours which means you won't be
finding any of these on etsy any time soon. however if you'd like to make your very
own Chewbacca Domo, the link is over on my website
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